How do other books fit in DL



Mar 30, 2007 14:07:08
ok i'm a huge DL fan and have been reading the books for over 10 years now. I'm also a huge fan of some of the non-core d&d books. So here is my delima how do i incorporate the things i like in these books into a DL game without corrupting the setting with things that wouldn't make sense.

things i'm talking about:
Tome of Battle, awesome book for those who like melee love the system used.
PrC's and stuff from the Complete series. (currently working a Daggerspell mage as part of a group within the tower but not linked to daggerspell shapers)
Reserve feats: these are great but i have a hard time reconciling them with the rules of the tower and general low magic flavor of DL.
and more that i can't think of or don't have time to get into.


Mar 30, 2007 14:25:28
Funny you should mention Tome of Battle. I too am tabling a charcter from that book in my DL campaign. As far as i'm concerned there really isnt any issues with the Martial Adept classes or their maneuvers. As it is detailed within the Tome, all maneuvres are "extrordinary" unless otherwise noted in their descriptions. These maneuvers are no different than a monsters EX abilities.

Where you may run into some issues is if you are playing during the war of the lance period. As is the case with the campaign I am playing in. To remedy the issue....we decided that I could select maneuvers that were supernatural. But their "magic" (I know its not really magic, but lack a better way to describe it) effect wouldn't actually function until the gods return.

Hope that helps


Mar 30, 2007 23:33:47
Fitting in the Tome of Battle shouldn't be too difficult. Crusaders are most certainly not an available option while the Gods are absent, but should otherwise fit fine. In fact, it would be even logical to see a notable rise in crusaders at the times following the return of the Gods (emphasis on times near the War of the Lance and the War of Souls). Swordsages and warblades have as much place in the setting as monks and fighters do.

You can adapt most of the PrCs from the Complete Series as you see fit. Classes that improve or grant arcane spellcasting might be a bit more difficult to manage, depending on whether you want practitioners of the class to be endorsed by the Orders of High Sorcery or not. Daggerspell mages seem like a logical fit for the Orders, as the dagger is one of the few manufactured weapons conventionally allowed to wizards of High Sorcery (this dates back to the time of Huma and Magius). It shouldn't be too surprising to see a number of wizards of High Sorcery to adapt their magic to the use of daggers.

Reserve feats shouldn't be too much of an issue. The Orders place a strong emphasis on producing responsible wizards because of the raw power magic can offer. The thing is: the wizard cannot use a reserve feat without preparing spells, so he cannot escape the inevitability of spell preparation required to regulate his magic.


Apr 01, 2007 18:23:10
I like the Spell Compendium. Not too hard to put in Dragonlance. The Nexus also has some ideas on how to place the Complete books, PRCs and classes in a Dragonlance world.


Apr 01, 2007 18:36:17
Generally, spontaneous arcane spellcasters are seen as using primal sorcery, and thus renegades. That rule of thumb can be used to figure out how to handle Complete X spellcasters. Warlocks and hexblades, for instance, make excellent alternates to the PHB sorcerer base class.


Apr 01, 2007 18:38:02
I am not sure about that Clark. Dragonlance doesnt have all that big of a history of demonic or diabloic activity so I dont see how a warlock, in this vein, fits well within the world.


Apr 01, 2007 19:41:37
Easy, just ignore that bit of fluff. Or alter it so that the influence is Chaos, not demonic stuff.


Apr 02, 2007 3:16:29
I am not sure about that Clark. Dragonlance doesnt have all that big of a history of demonic or diabloic activity so I dont see how a warlock, in this vein, fits well within the world.

Outsiders (both good and evil) exist in the Dragonlance setting. They're not very active in the mortal realm but they do exist. So a warlock "sponsored" by demons or devils is within the realm of possiblity.



Apr 02, 2007 19:29:11
I never said that they did not exist, only that they do not have as large of a presence in DL as they do in say Greyhawk.


Apr 02, 2007 19:46:59
Originally posted by Treymordin
I never said that they did not exist, only that they do not have as large of a presence in DL as they do in say Greyhawk.

Or perhaps they are just better at covering their tracks in DL than in GH. :D :D

After all the best Spy is the one that you never know is there.


Apr 03, 2007 0:17:01
Demons let everyone know that they are around. Chaotic and stuff.


Apr 03, 2007 8:08:27
Not the ones who don't want to be banished.

Babaus are cold and calculating only striking when the time is right, because they are assassins and the best assassins are never seen.

Succubus would take the form of themortals around her and try to never let you know what she really is.

Quasits are those pesky little imp that sometimes serve as familiar for powerful wizards.

Not to mention the fact that Rannoch used demons to destroy the interrupt the knightly tournament held during the time of Peldinas.

And let's not forget that "Tales of Uncle Trapspringer" accidentally summoned a baby demon who was there almost the entire book.

And Lord Toede who had those two demons trying to see if Lord Toede could be mortal and their boss who came in at the end.

Like I said, I think the demons of krynn are just better are hiding their tracks. So there.


Apr 07, 2007 9:25:18
Don't forget about the Shadow Demon that Fisty summons to kill the Kingpriest, and all the little imps that the black robe mage summons in the Kingpriest series. Oh! and the demon that Fisty and Raistlin fight for control of in the Legends triliogy... Man where Fistandantilus shows up so do demons.. huh?


Apr 07, 2007 10:14:16
Maybe he was a demonologist.:D :D :D


Apr 09, 2007 16:41:31
use the chaos war as a justification for warlock-demony sponsored n/pc's


Apr 12, 2007 23:05:13
The Nexus has several articles on how various books, classes, and so forth fit into Krynn. Check it out!


Apr 13, 2007 7:33:29
There have not been entire wars of demons or devils fought for control of Krynn.


Apr 15, 2007 11:20:10
Warlocks can also have a fey connection. Basically, work with your DM to come up with appropriate fluff for anything in any of the books. Or, if you ARE the DM, go nuts. I included psionics in my old 2E campaign. They were very rare in my world, and came from one of the other continents other than Ansalon and Taladas. In one of the old guidebooks, Tracy Hickman states that there is room on Krynn for 3-5 other continents the size of Ansalon. I had the Neutral gem dragons remain in hiding on the Dragon Isles. They worked for Gilean in maintaining the balance. They were watchers, for the most part.


Apr 15, 2007 20:24:31
I thought that the Orthlorox dragons were supposed to be the Neatral dragons in DL?


Apr 15, 2007 20:43:55
They are. But they are mostly only found in Taladas. Gem dragons have the neutral alignment as well in their description. As psionics have never been officially accepted I beleive that RedRobe was simply stating how they might be used in the world of Krynn should they ever exist in a campaign.


Apr 15, 2007 23:00:33
But are the othlorox still apart of the world or have they been taken out?


Apr 15, 2007 23:14:26
They have not really been used much in either novels or supplements (Taladas is sort of the b*****d child of krynn). The dragons are their but we haven't heard much about them and their activities.


Apr 15, 2007 23:52:17
Perhaps in the next Taladas book?