Greyhawk 3rd edition material.



Apr 17, 2007 20:52:09
Ok, i know that all source material is generically geared for Greyhawk.
My pcs however are interested in running a campaign here....soo i have some questions.

1) What official material exists for Greyhawk in 3rd edition?
Ive heard of the gazateer or something, what is that about?

2) Supplement books like 'frostburn' are the places prestend in those books, actually official places in 'greyhawk' etc.

3) is there any particular supplements that would be a great idea if running a greyhawk game. Thanks in advance everyone.


Apr 17, 2007 21:44:56
There is the D&D Gazetteer and the Living Greyhawk Gazeteer as far as 3e materials go. The former is an abridged version of the latter. Neither is much for game mechanics, however, so they are pretty much edition free. They are also out of print.. You can track them down on ebay or a deep catalogue style game store (if you have one in your area).

If you want to run a campaign in Greyhawk soon though, you would be better served picking up some of the 2e sourcebooks in pdf format from or or one of the other places that sells them for about US$5 a pop. Greyhawk has never been really rules intensive in its sourcebooks, so adapting them isn't hard.

As far as books like Frostburn, some of their examples using GH names. Sometimes they are even reasonable representations of the GH place they claim to be. Othertimes, they are not. Its really on a case by case basis.


Apr 17, 2007 22:40:38


Apr 17, 2007 23:08:29
fluff is what im looking for, after all in a sense every supplement book is 'crunch' for greyhawk.

The gazeteer details the world then? its on sale at a local store.
What, if any, are great greyhawk novels?


Apr 18, 2007 3:08:08
Get the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. Definately. It sells for only around $ 10 on ebay and is definately worth it.

If you're into fluff mostly the 2E stuff is the most juicy. You can get them as pdfs for around $5 a pop on As for what to buy there have been some excellent threads about that question, for example
(esp check out iquander's post and later mine)

There aren't many Greyhawk novels out there. Check out this thread on canonfire for a listing

Now about which ones are good there's always great controversy around this question. I personally liked Gygax' Gord the Rogue novels immensly. They capture the 1E feeling of GH imo. The newer novels were mostly ok, yes even incl. the ones by Paul Kidd.


Apr 20, 2007 20:17:51
Don't forget the Ivid the Undying Word Document available on Wizards' Previous Edition Downloads page. I can't recommend the Greyhawk Gazetteer enough, even the abridged version is well worth picking up.


Apr 23, 2007 2:41:41
There's an even cooler pdf version of Ivid the Undying available here:


Apr 23, 2007 16:08:38
Very cool. Thanks for that link.


Apr 24, 2007 12:04:44
Grab a copy of the Official History of the Greyhawk Wars. There are no mechanics presented in it, just fluff. I actually used that as the background history for my players in my 3e Greyhawk campaign. It was just enough history for them to spark a significant interest in the setting to create rich character backgrounds.


Apr 25, 2007 2:14:12
As for web content there is plenty out there. Check for the forums, articles, the Oerthjournal netzine and other pdf publications. (Just new: GH magic items pdf updating 2E GH items to 3E. Way to go Duicarthan!)

Maldin's site is also great. There are many more...