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Apr 18, 2007 7:47:09
Perhaps we can continue our discussions here without being locked out.


Apr 18, 2007 8:18:48
Yeah, they've closed two of our threads already, what's with that? That's crazy.

Later, this thread's going to be closed, I just know it. They'll do it simply because they can.


Apr 18, 2007 18:00:44
im confused, who closed these discussions out?


Apr 18, 2007 20:26:10
The moderators.


Apr 18, 2007 21:54:43
Yeah, they've closed two of our threads already, what's with that? That's crazy.

It's because the two of you have been acting wildly off-topic, posting numerous irrelevant messages, derailing the threads, and generally being nuisances. If you'd like to continue your discussions in that manner, take it to private messaging.



Apr 18, 2007 22:03:15
Sounds a little harsh Cam. Yes the postings might have been off-topic and maybe even irrelevant, but I don't know if I would go so far as to say they derailed any threads or were nuisances, unless of course you're saying that this your opinion.

Which in that case, o-kay if you think so.


Apr 19, 2007 6:29:44
You are entiteled to your opinions Cam.


Apr 19, 2007 9:22:29
Yeah Cam, we just try to have fun is all.


Apr 19, 2007 15:13:44
I just think that a warning shoudl be given that the trhread will be closed if something like that continues in the thread before it is locked down. I mean yeah there were a few non-topic posts, but we still seemed to move the thread along and nobody semm to be complaing that it was annoying or even nuisome until after the thread was closed. Any way I don't know.

Anyway, what do you guys think Mina should be if she is a god. Deity of light, god of grey, or master of darkness?

I have my pantheon set as far as for who goes where and what domains they have. I am just deciding on how to write their description, and whether or not I need descriptions for all the gods or just those who have changed.

After that I will move on to Regions and fine tune that section. Will try to get it out as soon as it is done Trey.


Apr 19, 2007 16:09:24
Sounds a little harsh Cam. Yes the postings might have been off-topic and maybe even irrelevant, but I don't know if I would go so far as to say they derailed any threads or were nuisances, unless of course you're saying that this your opinion.

No, in both cases it was the Wiz_O's opinion, which were the only opinions that mattered.



Apr 19, 2007 17:42:56
I considered them a nuisance. Glad to see the mods doing their job.


Apr 19, 2007 17:53:45
Sorry Cam, but that is not true (at least according to their posts). Not once did either WizO Sith, or WizO Paradox state that the posters were nuisances. The reasons they stated the threads were closed were spam, spam, and off-topic. They even kept the reasons clear concise and short, and did not post personal opinions. Cam you were the only one that had stated they were nuisances (after the fact) and you did not even take the hit and say that this was your opinion (when you posted it), like Wolfengugend did (take the credit I mean). If you thought they (and I will include myself if you would like) were a nuisance then say "I felt or I thought" they or the posts were a nuisance. Don't try to say that somebody else said this when they did not.

Wolfenjugend if, as you say, you thought the postings were a nuisance, then I apologize. The last thing I want to do is to offend a fellow dragonlance fan.

By the way, anyone heard from Rooks?


Apr 19, 2007 19:59:02
Of course, Cam, I feel says what ever he wants, even when he is a nusiance and the I know more than you do attitude, but we wont deign to speak about that.

Darth, I think it would be neat if she was a grey god.


Apr 19, 2007 21:22:29
Any reason why?

What would she be the patron of? Domains? Portfolio?


Apr 20, 2007 8:38:40
I considered them a nuisance. Glad to see the mods doing their job.

I'm not complaining, but why did you feel that we were being nuisances?

Mina does sound like she'd make a great neutral god.


Apr 20, 2007 9:19:03
Of course, Cam, I feel says what ever he wants, even when he is a nusiance and the I know more than you do attitude, but we wont deign to speak about that.

Glad to hear it!

Everything I say here is my own opinion. That's why I put the disclaimer in my signature.



Apr 20, 2007 12:35:04
I would think that mina is a evil god.
with the domain: decieve or tyranny.
I still don't love her (a little bith of hate I think) for what she did in the War of the Souls. Killing Dalamar, Goldmoon, Silvanoshei en Palin, I really liked this persons. It was a relief that Dalamar and Palin came back.
Buth I must admit that she is very powerful. She will only think at her own needs and not of others, AND that isn't something for a good god even not for a neutral god. So the only thing that remains is a evil god.

About the closing of the threads, I don't find it oké. WizO Sith, or WizO Paradox must first give a warning and punish the persons that do something wrong and not everybody that worked on the thread.
I don't think someone have done something wrong, I found it really funny (sometimes not all the time), to bad they directly closed all the threads.


Apr 20, 2007 19:26:47
Glad to hear it!

Everything I say here is my own opinion. That's why I put the disclaimer in my signature.


Even if you put the disclaimer on your sig Cam what you say has more weight than other people becasue you work for Margaret Weis Productions.


Apr 20, 2007 19:33:35
I would put Mina probably as the goddess of deception, which is not always an evil thing. I would give her trickery, nobility, and maybe death.


Apr 21, 2007 16:53:27
I honestly hope she doesn't take a seat in the Krynnish pantheon at all... I mean she will just end up being like the evil St. Cuthberd (or whatever his name is) of the Dragonlance world.


Apr 21, 2007 20:24:12
Well see that was my whole point. Mina got involved with takhisis because of teh stories that Goldmoon told her about the true gods. She was then fooled into believing that the One God actually cared about her. After Takkhisis died all the gods thought about using her for their own. She finally was seduced by Chemosh so she isn't really evil, she is just mislead. I think that when she finally finds out who she was then she will be mad as all get out, and will want to gith against the evil gods. Remember she has not done anything so far that she wanted to happen, she has just been doing things that others want her to do. Even when she decided to raise the tower out of the blood sea she only did it so she could present it as a gift to Chemosh.


Apr 22, 2007 9:02:03
Well keep in mind Darth, that other gods... Gods more powerful then Chemosh came to Mina aswell before she choose The Lord of Death. I really do think that Mina is evil and if she becomes a god she will take the empty spot on the dark pantheon. Not the light or grey. But that is my own opinion.


Apr 22, 2007 9:52:00
I hope that she does not. No one can replace the False Metal.


Apr 22, 2007 16:49:37
Originally posted by Bandit_Raist
Well keep in mind Darth, that other gods... Gods more powerful then Chemosh came to Mina aswell before she choose The Lord of Death. I really do think that Mina is evil and if she becomes a god she will take the empty spot on the dark pantheon. Not the light or grey. But that is my own opinion.

Okay Bandit_Raist, I can see your point. Who would you have take the empty place of Paladine in order to maintain the balance? Or would you create a new deity of light?

I would also say that she was seduced by Chemosh, who invoked in her the desire of the flesh, something that the other gods had not tried to do. The other gods had basically tried to invoke (in one way or another) the same sort of faith from Mina that Takhisis had induced and therefore failed to interest Mina (as she had already walked that path once). Where as Chemosh basically seduced her by appealing to her flesh, and arousing her bodily needs rather than her religious needs. But again I can see your point.


Apr 22, 2007 17:22:11
Maybe she will pass on to the High God at the end of the series?


Apr 22, 2007 20:48:36
Something wrong with your icon Trey? Why the change?

Nah, she will probably turn out to be Takhisis's sister and was supposed to be paladine until she was charmed or ensorcelled into forgetting her true self. I say thsi because it had to happen before the other gods cam along otherwise more gods than Majere would have known about her. Majere probably stumbled upon her existence after the all-saints war, and he questioned Takhisis about it and agreed to keep it secret to maintain the balance that was decreed during that time. Or something else like that.


Apr 23, 2007 8:21:16
That would be interesting if she, of all people, replaced Paladine at the end of the series.


Apr 23, 2007 15:20:24
I don't know who I would have to replace Paladine of Takhisis... I honestly couldn't fathom any mortal becoming a god (I know mina is a god but at the very least we know she can bleed), It kinda sounds like a Forgotten Realms thing to have a character become a god.

But on a side note about Chemosh seducing Mina by the flesh... Isn't it amazing the power of an orgasm can have over a person :embarrass


Apr 23, 2007 17:14:12
Well, we men, have done stupider things for less.


Apr 23, 2007 20:16:39
The last book seemed to hint that Paladine knew about who Mina was/


Apr 24, 2007 8:04:22
Well, we men, have done stupider things for less.

No comment.


Apr 24, 2007 14:01:42
Is there a domain or portfolio for being duped and lame since those are the domains I'd give her, as well as lawfully stupid.


Apr 24, 2007 17:40:31
Originally posted by Koranith
Is there a domain or portfolio for being duped and lame since those are the domains I'd give her, as well as lawfully stupid.

I don't know Koranith, I mean if a god can't seduce and charm you, then you must be truly savvy.


Apr 24, 2007 18:57:01
Come on! She's a god that's been duped into believing she's a mortal. OK I can buy that. Being a god of Good and being duped into becoming a cleric of evil. That's a stretch, considering that gods are incapable of violating their ethos. As far as I'm concerned the main characters of the DD trilogy are Rhys and Nightshade. Their the only ones with any semblance of an Int score.

Hopefully we see Mina developed more in the conclusion of this series. My angst with her isn't her character but the lack of the character's development over the course of 5 books.


Apr 24, 2007 22:13:43
I wonder if Mina ever channeled the powers of the One God or were they just her own powers?


Apr 25, 2007 6:05:19
I think they were her own powers. Remember the book mentioned something about the dark knights putting their faith in Mina rather than the One god, and she enjoyed. Deep down inside Mina wanted them to shout her name rather than the name of the one god.


Apr 25, 2007 7:48:29
I didn't read any of the new novels of mina (amber and ash, ...)
But about her powers, she could charm people with her eyes and could heal people. Does she still have this power after the dark queen was killed???
If she have than it are her own powers and not the channeled powers of the One God.


Apr 25, 2007 17:24:24
None of the novels have really gone into what powers Mina has as a god, remember we just found out she was a god at the end of the last book. Of course novel do not normally go into great detail as far as game stats go, so I am not sure if we will ever really know what her powers are by reading the novels rather than sourcebooks.


Apr 25, 2007 20:14:49
Did she really charm them or was she just that beautiful?


Apr 26, 2007 2:16:25
I think it was a charm. When she cut off her hair to lock more like a male, I don't think she was very attractive after that. So I suppose she used charm-spells, and not her natural beauty. She could also see into the minds of people with her strange brown eyes, and that is definitely magic!

Maybe the elvenprince really loved her because of her beauty.
But it will always stay a secret I think, only W and H know the truth.


Apr 26, 2007 22:37:44
Hmm, the attraction from Silvanoshei is a bit hard to explain without magic.


Apr 27, 2007 7:25:37
In my opinion it was her super high CHA.


Apr 27, 2007 20:59:32
Maybe even Lance Reaver would fall in love with her?:P


Apr 28, 2007 2:36:52
When is the wedding Lance Reaver :P

Does the horse of mina return in the amber trilogy???
What happend with that horse?


Apr 28, 2007 7:36:26
I dont remember the horse being in the story after teh War of Souls trilogy. Perhaps it was something given by Taki.


May 02, 2007 21:52:37
Any new work done Darth?


May 03, 2007 8:30:47
The wedding is in three months, and you are all invited. I just have to get over this poison ivy I got thanks to Trey.

Here's a funny story: so I'm walking around the Amazon with Trey's geas still on me, right? Well, one day, I wake up really itchy. I think nothing of it. Then I get a rash on most of my exposed area (which, as you all know, was alot). So, I go to this healer, who says, "You got poison ivy, don't you know what that looks like?" and I say, "I'm a warrior, not a druid, can you heal me?" He says, "For a price". Unfortunately, thanks again to Trey, I have no pockets to keep money, soooooooooo......Right now, I'm just getting over it.

Now, I got a question concerning Mina: Do you think Takhisis knew Mina was a god?


May 03, 2007 11:02:18
See Lance, if I were a force for good what a powerful good I would be.

I do think that Taki knew and that is why she did what she did.


May 03, 2007 22:27:28
For those of you who are newly joining us, the following stats that I am posting are for a campaign that I have set at the year 1000 AC.

The Gods of Krynn
Bearer of Light, The Blue Lady, Skymistress (Kender), Empress (Minotaur), Healer in the Home (Kharolis\Tarsis), The Healing Hand, Ka-Mel-Sha, Ke-en (sea elves), Quenesti Pah, Queen Illumni (Elves), Light Bringer (Solamnia), Mesalax (Thorbardin), Meshal (Icewall), Mishas (Ergoth)
Home Plane: The Dome of Creation
Symbol: Blue Infinity Symbol
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation Infinity
Colors: Sky blue
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Healing, mercy, the home, compassion, fertility, beauty
Worshippers: Healers, midwives, herbalists, ambassadors, artists, scholars
Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff (“Merciful Strike”)
Preferred Vestments: Sky blue robe or possibly tribal clothing, silver medallion of faith
Mishakel is essentially the mother of all that is good. She does not recognize chaos or order when it comes to healing the wounds of the world. Her one commandant to her faithful is that they may not withhold healing to any who ask, they may ask for payment if it is possible for that person to pay and may not ask an exorbant amount. They may withhold healing from one who can pay but refuses, but from who cannot pay because they have not the means. Her priests do actively struggle against the minions of Chemosh and Morgion as they attempt to poison the world through disease and plague or to disrupt the rightful cycle of life by creating the walking dead. Clerics of Mishakel can be found anywhere, whether it is a plague ridden village, a region rife with the undead or even a small village.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Mishakel one must serve as a healer or midwife for a period of three months demonstrating their knowledge of the healing arts. Each member of the church must make an annual trip to the Citadel of Light on the Schallsea isle in homage to Goldmoon and her efforts to return the faith of the gods during the War of the Lance and to maintain the traditions of the true gods during the age of mortals. On this trip they must render aid to any who are in need without asking for payment, even if they would normally.

Corij (Ergoth), Emperor (Minotaur), Jolith (Kharolis/Tarsis), Kijo the Blade (Thorbardin), Krijol (sea elves), Qu’an the Warrior (Uigan), Sword of Justice
Home Plane: Dome of Creation
Symbols: Bison’s horns, horned battle axe
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Bison’s Head
Colors: Brown and White
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: War, courage, honor, solidarity
Worshippers: Fighters, Knights of Solamnia
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Longsword (“Sacred Defender”)
Preferred Vestments: Gold or bronze scale mail armor with brown surcoat and a copper medallion of faith
Kiri-Jolith is the righteous defender of the weak and oppressed. While he may be the god of war, he does not condone slaughter or war for its own sake. War must be taken up only when it becomes necessary and conflict cannot be resolved in any other manner. While most people believe that the priests of Kiri-Jolith are quick to jump into a fight or to suggest warfare to resolve disagreements between nations, this could not be farther from the truth. As experts on what horrors armed conflict can bring the followers of Kiri-Jolith do what they can to prevent battle and warfare. They act as mediators and negotiators between warring parties attempting to come to a peaceful resolution, but should it finally come to warfare they are more than prepared to fight for what is right. Kiri-Jolith has taken up the position of the patron of the Knights of the rose left open by his father.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Kiri-Jolith an applicant must successfully negotiate a resolution between two conflicting parties. If a resolution can be reached through a physical trial or through champions, without death matches, this is acceptable. All priests of Kiri-Jolith and Rose Knights must be trained in the art of diplomacy and must attempt to resolve conflicts without bloodshed, and hopefully without combat. While Kiri-Jolith understands the necessary of a military retreat when necessary he frowns upon cowardice, as such his priests and knights must be the last to retreat in order to protect the others. As part of a Rose Knight’s initiation quest they must peacefully mediate a resolution between two conflicting towns or governments. All Rose Knights and priests of Kiri-Jolith must maintain their armor, weapons, and vestments in peak condition.

Abbuku the Fisher (sea elves), the Blue Phoenix (Ergoth, Elves), the Fisher King, Skylord (Kender), Sea Lord (Minotaur)
Home Plane: Dome of Creation
Symbol: Blue Phoenix
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Phoenix
Colors: Deep blue and white
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Animals, hunting, rebirth, water
Worshippers: Rangers, sailors, druids, farmers
Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
Domains: Animal, Good, Restoration, Travel, Water
Favored Weapon: Scimitar (“Kingfisher’s Helm”)
Preferred Vestments: Hoodless robes of light blue with a hooded stole of deep blue, silver medallion of faith
Habbakuk is the embodiment of all animals both on land and in the sea. He seeks to ensure that animals prosper and continue to roam the land and are not brought to extinction. He is also the patron of the order of the crown and supports his brother in the efforts to protect all those who cannot defend themselves.

Duties of the Church: All those who wish to become a priest of Habbakuk are taken out to a remote and isolated natural area, typically an area they had not previously been, where they are abandoned by their mentor to fend for themselves and find their way back home. All followers of Habbakuk must at some point partake on a quest with nothing but the clothes on their back and a walking stick. This journey is meant to remind the follower of the true ways of nature and ends only when the person has received a vision or sign from Habbakuk, usually following some great service or act for the betterment of nature. Even the Knights of the Crown must abide by this decree, but they embark on this quest when they are attempting entry into the ranks of the knighthood as the trip is incorporated into their initiation quest.

Beacon (Minotaur), God’s Eye (Thorbardin), Ivory Disk, White-God (Kender), Mighty Hand, Solin (Ergoth)
Home Plane: The Dome of Creation
Symbols: White circle or Sphere
Celestial Symbol: The White Moon
Colors: White and silver
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Good Magic, abjuration, divination, guardianship, knowledge
Worshippers: Wizards of the white robes
Cleric Alignments: LG
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection
Favored Weapon: Dagger (“Wizard’s protector”)
Preferred Vestments: White robes with a silver medallion of faith
Solinari is the patron of all good magic. He actively promotes the use of magic to protect the world and its inhabitants form the minions of evil. He seeks to bring more and more wizards and sorcerers to the cause of good. In ages past he and the other gods of magic actively sought to suppress the use of primal sorcery, in today’s age the gods of magic have adjusted their views on sorcery. He supported this view as he believed it was necessary to protect the existence of magic. They now seek to teach and support the proper control and use of magic whether sorcery or wizardry and as such has re-established churches to help teach young arcanists to use their magic powers for the protection of all.

Duties of the Church: All those who wish to become a cleric of Solinari must have at some point sought to learn the arcane arts and must be able to cast second level arcane spells with at least one abjuration and divination spell for each spell-level. All priests of Solinari must serve as a bodyguard for at least a year’s worth of time at some point in their life, generally the first year after becoming a fully ordained cleric.

Aurora (Mina)
Home Plane: The Dome of Creation
Symbols: Amber sunburst
Celestial Symbol: The sun
Colors: Amber, Yellow, and Orange
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Kingship, redemption, sun, intrigue
Worshippers: Nobles, politicians, spies, information brokers, fallen heroes
Cleric Alignments: NG, CG, LG
Domains: Charm, Good, Nobility, Purification, Sun
Favored Weapon: Heavy mace (“Beacon of Redemption”)
Preferred Vestments: Yellow robes with an amber and orange sash and a silver medallion of faith
Aurora is the newest of the gods in the heavens but she has steadily come to understand what it is to be a goddess. She has taken up some of the areas which were previously in Paladine’s purview such as the portfolios of sun and nobility. Aurora learned a valuable lesson in manipulating people as she had been charmed by not only Takhisis but also Chemosh, she therefore teaches her followers to use a person own desires to accomplish the churches goals. She emphasizes that those in a position to help and lead others must do so for the betterment of all and not to be used for one’s own selfish needs. The greatest lesson she bestows on her faithful is that nobility is a concept of behavior and not a divine blood-right.

Duties of the Church: All those who wish to become a priest of Aurora must expose a corrupt leader whether a ruler, politician, or some other figure in a position of influence, in a community or town. Priests of Aurora must serve as an advisor to some form of government whether this is a ruler, a council or some other form of government for at least one year’s time. Followers of Aurora are responsible for bestowing light where darkness prevails, whether literally or figuratively. If a village, town or region is being oppressed by those in power then it is the priest’s responsibility to correct the situation.

Balance of the scales (Minotaur), Silver Master (Thorbardin), Walking Liberty (Ergoth), Winged One (Elves), Winged Victory, The Silver Mistress
Home Plane: The Dome of Creation
Symbols: A Griffon’s wing
Celestial Symbol: The Planet Shinare
Colors: Gold, silver and brown
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Wealth, commerce, travel, communication, enterprise
Worshippers: Merchants, traders, dwarves, mercenaries, dwarves
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: Commerce, Good, Law, Luck, Travel
Favored Weapon: Light mace (“Jeweled Delight”)
Preferred Vestments: Fine robes of cloth-of-gold, a brown ermine-trimmed hood, jewelry and a gold medallion of faith
Shinare is the goddess of wealth, industry and commerce. She inspires many towards hard work and persistence in their labors and endeavors. She loathes laziness and sloth as she believes those who are idle and unproductive are already slowly dying. She calls to all people to work hard and rebuild Krynn to its former glory and she actively recruits followers in order to promote industry and progress. She is also the patron deity for the Knights of the Sword who she encourages to seek out those who work hard at restoring the lost glory of Krynn.

Duties of the Church: In order to become a priest of Shinare an applicant must help restore the commerce of a community through hard work and toil. Knights of the Sword must recover a lost object sacred to a community, the knighthood or another knight’s family as part of their initiation quest. Shinare’s church is charged with restoring the lines of trade and commerce throughout the world. Her followers can be found as on trade caravans, in port authorities and as advisors to various guilds. Her clerics must work to amass wealth and prestige but must use these resources for the betterment of the community. Her priests must always dress in the finest clothes they can afford this also translates over to the knighthood of the sword in that they must possess the best possible armor and weapons in order to better defend the community.

The Anvil (Elian), The Forge, The Weaponmaster (Minotaur), The World Smith, Tamer of Chaos
Home Plane: The Dome of Creation
Symbols: A smith’s hammer, forging hammer
Celestial Symbol: The planet Reorx
Colors: Slate grey and red
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Creation, gambling, artisans, engineering, mountains, metal, luck, pride
Worshippers: Dwarves, gnomes, kender, blacksmiths, artisans
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, CG
Domains: Earth, Fire, Forge, Good, Strength
Favored Weapon: Warhammer (“Reorx’s Strength”)
Preferred Vestments: Slate gray tabard over red robes and a steel medallion of faith, a gray apron and red trousers are worn when working or discussing their work.
Reorx is the god of technology, metallurgy, and manufacture. He is the very hand of creation. He tamed chaos to make the world of Krynn and again captured a piece of the essence of chaos when he made the greygem. Reorx promotes the steady advancement of technology, he keep s a close eye on both the gnomes and the dwarves. He recently has taken a greater interest in humans as they have become aware of the many uses of alchemy and especially the idea of the bombard created during the raids of Ankhar the half-giant. He is dismayed that so many of his favored dwarves have withdrawn from the world and hidden in the bowels of Thorbardin again, the gnomes however have been released from the curse of the greygem and have greater control over their mental facilities.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Reorx one must create an item of masterwork quality woprth no less than 300 steel. Every member of the Church of Reorx must complete an artifact of renown with his own two hands and must exhibit the finest workmanship possible by the priest. As part of the priest’s ordainment they must announce what type of artifact he will create which must be completed by the time that the priest reaches middle age. Members of the church are also responsible for the creation of new buildings, tools and ideas on how to improve the quality of life of their fellow mortals.

The Gate of Souls, the sage, the void, the gray voyager
Home Plane: The Hidden Vale
Symbol: An open book
Celestial Symbol: The Constellation Book of Souls
Colors: Grey
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Knowledge, balance, freedom, learning, watchfulness
Worshippers: Sages, historians, teachers, bodyguards, scholars
Cleric Alignments: LN, N, NE, NG, LG, LE
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Liberation, Planning, Rune
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff (“The Sagestaff”)
Preferred Vestments: Hooded gray robe and a silver medallion of faith
Gilean is the patriarch of the neutral gods, the guardian of the book of all knowledge and true names, the Tobril. He guards all secrets written down by the high god, as directed by the high god he leads the fight to maintain the balance between good and evil. He also attempts to maintain the balance between order and chaos, but he himself is bound by these very laws and cannot act in a chaotic manner so the world is sometimes more orderly than maybe it should be.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Gilean one must embark on a journey of no less than six months and then write an essay on the lessons they have learned on this journey and present it to a priest of Gilean. Priests of Gilean have many duties when it comes to preserving the balance of the world. They must serve the public as a historian, counselor, judge, or arbiter for at least one month each year. Ever four years they must write a thesis addressing some metaphysical or philosophical conundrum that must be presented to the organization that the priest currently resides. If pleased, Gilean magically distributes the thesis to the library of every temple of Gilean on Krynn, if displeased the priest must write it again. Priests of Gilean are also forbidden from burning any book or literary work.

Tree of Life, Wise One (Minotaur), World Tree, the Tree of Life
Home Plane: The Hidden Vale
Symbols: A great green and gold tree, or a stylized tree with branches mirroring roots below
Celestial Symbol: The planet Zivilyn
Colors: Green, brown and gold
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Wisdom, foresight, prophecy, enlightenment
Worshippers: Philosophers, mediators, counselors, sages
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N NG, NE
Domains: Insight, Knowledge, Meditation, Oracle, Time
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff (“Cane of Enlightenment”)
Preferred Vestments: Brown robes with a green hood and leggings and a ironwood medallion of faith
Zivilyn is the tree from which all wisdom sprouts, he is the master of prophecy, time and insight. While he advises Gilean on matters of wisdom, he is moved by the dictates of his heart rather than by his mind. He also works closely with Chislev as his sees nature as the cradle from which all wisdom is born. He is tethered neither by good and evil or law and chaos.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Zivilyn an applicant must spend at least a year in an enclave dedicated to Zivilyn. Like the clerics of Gilean, followers of Zivlyn act as advisors, councilors and judges for the various civilizations of Krynn. The only dictate that all priests must abide by is to act wisely in all matters and to not commit any foolish act. To ensure this, many clerics hesitate and take the time to consider all consequences before acting even when the correct action might seem simple.

The Beast, Kisal the Mother of sea creatures (sea elves), Wild One (minotaur), World Mother
Home Plane: The Hidden Vale
Symbol: A feather of brown, yellow and green
Celestial Symbol: The planet Chislev
Colors: Brown, yellow, and green
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Nature, wilderness, beasts, the seasons
Worshippers: Druids, farmers
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Air, Animal, Chaos, Earth, Plant
Favored Weapon: Shortspear (“Green Protector”)
Preferred Vestments: Brown robes with a green hood and leggings and a wooden medallion of faith
Chislev is nature incarnate. The land and the goddess are one, so any damage or destruction brought to the earth is a pain inflicted upon the goddess. She encourages the mortals of Krynn to follow their instincts and the call of their heart or primal side. She does not want to see nature overrun the world but she does wish to see it revered and allowed to grow into something beautiful rather than used merely as a tool.

Duties of the Church: To become a cleric of Chislev the supplicant must raise a wild animal from birth to the age at which it can care for itself. All clerics of Chislev must become intimately familiar with the land in which they live, and protect it from any depredations of industry, fire, or other hazards.

Luin (Ergoth), Maid of Illusion (Minotaur), Night Candle (Thorbardin), Red-Eye (Kender), Veiled Maiden
Home Plane: The Hidden Vale
Symbols: A Red Circle or Sphere
Celestial Symbol: The Planet Lunitari
Colors: Red or Magenta
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, arcane knowledge, illusion, transmutation
Worshippers: Wizards of the red robe
Cleric Alignments: LN
Domains: Alteration, Law, Magic, Trickery, Liberation
Favored Weapon: Dart (“Lunitari’s sting”)
Preferred Vestments: Red robes and a silver medallion of faith
Lunitari is the embodiment of magic used for neutrality and is the patron for the red robe wizards of high sorcery. She promotes the use of magic for freedom of expression, curiosity and to maintain the balance. She also promotes the theory of mystery and as such instructs her followers to ferret out any mysterious plots whether good or evil.

Duties of the Church: All applicants who wish to become a cleric of Lunitari must have studied the arcane arts and must be able to cast second level arcane spells with at least one illusion and transmutation spell for each spell-level. All priests of Lunitari must at some point uncover a scheme or plot by the time they reach middle age.

Mantis of the Rose, Master of Mind, Matheri (Elves), Manthus (Ergoth), Nadir the dreamsender (Minotaur)
Home Plane: The Hidden Vale
Symbols: A single rose, copper spider or praying mantis
Celestial Symbol: The constellation rose
Colors: Red and copper
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Discipline, loyalty, thought, meditation, industry
Worshippers: Monks, scholars, clerks, theologians
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, LE
Domains: Competition, Knowledge, Law, Meditation, Strength
Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike (“Merciful Discipline”)
Preferred Vestments: Red robes with copper trim and a copper medallion of faith
Majere represents the divine power of discipline. He seeks to prove that with the coming of discipline then one’s goals may be accomplished without distraction of the mind. This discipline comes from the understanding of oneself and he encourages his followers to shed themselves of the desires of the heart and body, and to ignore material goods on the path to enlightenment.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Majere, an initiate must give up all worldly wealth and possessions for a period of one year. Each year priests of Majere must hold a meditative fast for one month drinking only water, at the end of the month the priest will feel a renewed sense of peace. Every five years a priest of Majere must embark upon a journey throughout the land for a period of six months spreading the word and teachings of Majere.

The Bard King, Bran (Ergoth), Song of Life, Songmaster (Goodlund), Astarin, Astra (Elves), Bardilun (Thorbardin).
Home Plane: The Hidden Vale
Symbols: Bard’s Harp or silver flute
Celestial symbol: The constellation harp
Colors: Yellow and green
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Bards, harmony, inspiration, passion
Worshippers: Minstrels, artists, dancers, elves, kender, travelers
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, CE, N
Domains: Celerity, Chaos, Charm, Luck, Passion
Favored Weapon: Rapier (“Leaf Blade”)
Preferred Vestments: Traveling clothes in green and yellow with a gold medallion of faith
Branchala represents the divine power of inspiration and creativity. He inspires the mortal races through his gift of music. This gift however can be used to inspire greatness, love, and happiness, but his music can also be used to arouse hate, oppression, and sadness.

Duties of the Church: All those who wish to become clerics of Branchala must embark upon a journey and then create a song, poem, or form of expression that speaks of their experiences on this journey, every year there after they must create a new work detailing their experiences from the year.

Argon (Istar, Ergoth), The Firebringer (Hylo), Gonnas the Willful (Icewall), Kinis, Kinthalas (Elves), Misal-Lasim (Tarsis), Sargas (Minotaur), Sargonx the Bender (Throbardin)
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Stylized red condor
Celestial Symbol: The constellation condor
Colors: Red and black
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Vengeance, war, conquest, strength, wrath
Worshippers: Minotaurs, bounty hunters, fighters, barbarians
Cleric Alignments: LE, LN, NE
Domains: Evil, Fire, Law, Passion, War
Favored Weapon: Great axe (“Horns of Fury”)
Preferred Vestments: Sleeveless hooded red tunics and black kilts with an iron medallion of faith
Sargonnas is the divine power of wrath. It was he who had Hiddukel whisper into Sirrion’s ear about Shinare’s alleged affair of the heart. He urges the mortal soul to strike back at those who wronged them, whether the wrong was actually committed or not. His followers attack those who they perceive to inhibit, control, or hamper their plans. He invokes passion, wrath, and anger to provoke wars. He instructs his followers to direct their retribution to those who deserve and not to lash out blindly.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Sargonnas the initiate must survive combat with a standing priest of the church. All followers of Sargonnas must avenge any wrong bestowed upon them by others, they may wait until the proper time, but the deed must be avenged.

Betrayer (Minotaur), Hitax the flaw (Thorbardin), M’Fistos (Istar), The Prince of Lies, Usk-Do (Hobgoblin), Broken scales
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbol: Broken merchant scales
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Broken Scale
Colors: Red and Bone
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Greed, wealth, lies, thieves, secrets, intrique
Worshippers: Bandits, dishonest merchants, robbers, corrupt nobles
Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, CN
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Evil, Treachery, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Dagger (“Sting of Vengeance”)
Preferred Vestments: Robes made of fine red silk with white in the sleeves and a gold medallion of faith
Hiddukel is the deity of all stolen wealth, power, and prestige. If somebody has something Hiddukel can tell you of a scheme to get it for yourself. He is a cunning and conniving deal-maker trading on the greed of others. He relies on the gullibility and greed of others to accomplish his goals.

Duties of the Church: To become a cleric of Hiddukel one must have either bargained for their soul or another’s soul with Hiddukel. Many followers of Hiddukel do not realize they have become clerics of Hiddukel until it is too late to do anything about it. Every follower of Hiddukel must dress in the most expensive and lavish clothes they can afford.

Aeleth (Ergoth), Chemos Jotun (Icewall), Dron of the Deep (Tarsis), Khemax (Thorbardin), Lifebane (Minotaur), Lord of Death , Orkrust (Hobgoblin), Lord of Bones, the Black Goat
Home Plane: The abyss
Symbol: A yellow skull
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Goat’s Skull
Colors: White and pale yellow
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, the undead, murder, false hope
Worshippers: Crazed cultists, assassins, necromancers
Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, LE
Domains: Death, Evil, Necromancy, Trickery, Undeath
Favored Weapon: Sickle (“Harvester of Souls”)
Preferred Vestments: Black robe with a yellow sash, a white skull mask, and a bone medallion of faith
Chemosh is the god of the dead and he represents the divine power of fatalism. He is the ruler and creator of undead. He promises immortality but grants undeath. He has no use for the living other than to charm and entice them into the ranks of the undead by his misleading promises of avoiding death.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Chemosh the applicant must convince someone to become an undead through false promises of eternal life. All clerics of Chemosh must create new undead at least once a year.

Anthrax Goatlord (Hobgoblin), Black Wind, Gormion (Tarsis), H’rar (Ergoth, Istar), Morgax the Rustlord (Thorbardin), Morgi (Icewall), Pestilence (Minotaur)
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbols: A crowned hood with two red eyes
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Diseased Hood
Colors: Deep brown and black
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Disease, famine, poison, vermin, suffering, madness
Worshippers: Crazed cultists, ratcatchers, corrupt druids
Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, LE
Domains: Destruction, Domination, Evil, Madness, Pestilence
Favored Weapon: Heavy flail (“Disease cloud”)
Preferred Vestments: loose fitting grey robes
Morgion is the killing wind that destroys crops, life, and anything else in his way. His erodes life slowly and painfully allowing the person to contemplate service to him in place of a painful death. He triumphs through the slow decay of people, relationships, and civilizations. He loathes a quick death, living a healthy life, and happiness.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Morgion one must cause the destruction of their home settlement or any settlement that has a sentimental meaning to the applicant. Priests of Morgion must destroy a village, town, or other settlement once a year through the slow use of disease, decay and rot. If the town is destroyed too quickly the priest must begin anew with a new town

Darkling Sea, Maelstrom (Minotaur), Rann (Ergoth), Zebir Jotun (Icewall), Zura the Maelstrom (sea elves), Zyr (Tarsis), the Sea Witch, the Dragon Turtle
Intermediate Deity
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbols: A spiked turtle shell, turtle shell pattern
Celestial Symbol: The constellation Dragon Turtle
Colors: Seafoam green and red
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Oceans, storms, jealousy, spite
Worshippers: Sailors, pirates, evil druids, evil sea creatures
Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, CN
Domains: Air, Chaos, Evil, Storm, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident (“Triad”)
Preferred Vestments: Easy to discard deep green or light sea green robes adorned with shreds of fishing net and pieces of shell on them and a gold or coral medallion of faith
Zeboim is goddess of the storm. She controls the waters of the world as well as the storms throughout the land. She is an impulsive, capricious and cruel goddess. She encourages all to act in whatever manner they wish whenever the whim strikes them. She foments unrest, anarchy, disorder, and rebellion.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Zeboim an applicant must complete a five mile swim. Once every month all priests of Zeboim must abandon all control in order to listen to the desires and whims of their hearts and body and then act upon them, this usually results in a night of drunken revelry and brawling, but occasionally entails other act of debasement or lust.

Black hand (Kender), Darkness (Elian), Devouring Dark, Nightreaver (Minotaur), Ungod (Thorbardin)
Home Plane: Plane of Shadow
Symbols: A black circle or sphere
Celestial Symbol: The black moon, Nuitari
Colors: Black
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Evil magic, arcane knowledge, arcane secrets, necromancy, domination
Worshippers: Wizards of the Black Robes
Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, LN
Domains: Evil, Law, Magic, Necromancy, Tyranny
Favored Weapon: Dagger (“Magic’s bite”)
Preferred Vestments: Black satin cowl with a black velvet cape and a silver medallion of faith
Nuitari is the deity of dark magic. He is a controlling and demanding god that brooks no disobedience. Since the death of Takhisis he has steadily assumed more and more of her tyrannical views. His followers use magic that emphasize greed, revenge, hatred, ambition, and control, in a sense impeding on domains controlled by the other evil deities. When he returned to Krynn with the other gods to discover that Wild Sorcery had been unleashed he banded with the other gods of magic to try and stamp it out. Unfortunately his followers were few and greatly outnumbered. Realizing that sorcery was here to stay he adjusted his view of it and instead of trying to remove it from the world, he now acts to control it instead. He has also steadily resumed his divine province of ambition and plans on controlling all magic of the world.

Duties of the Church: All those who wish to become clerics of Nuitari must be able to cast second level spells with at least one spell of enchantment and necromancer for each spell-level. Priests of Nuitari must achieve obtain the service of another entity for at least a year by the time they reach middle age through the use of magic.

Furiyale (Sirrion)
The Alchemist, Firemaster, The Flowing Flame, The Wizard (Minotaur)
Home Plane: The Abyss
Symbols: Multicolored Flames or fire
Celestial Symbol: The planet Sirrion
Colors: Bright Reds and Yellows
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Fire, destruction, hatred, rage, insanity
Worshippers: Alchemists, pyromancers, pyromaniacs
Cleric Alignments: CE, CN, NE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Passion
Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail (“Flaming Strike”)
Preferred Vestments: Flowing red and yellow robes with gold and copper flames and a copper medallion of faith.
Furiyale is a god driven mad. At one time known as the god Sirrion, he inspired mortals to transform by embracing passion and creativity in order to grow and change. While Shinare, his lover and mate, became the patron deity for the order of the sword, the trickster god Hiddukel whispered into Sirrion’s ear. He convinced Sirrion that Shinare was having relations with Kiri-Jolith and despised Sirrion for his lack of control. Falling victim to the manipulations of Hiddukel the two deities had an argument that shook the heavens resulting in Shinare joining the gods of light and Sirrion being driven insane. Sirrion retreated to the plane of fire and withdrew into himself causing fires to burn out of control on Krynn. When finally emerged he had transformed himself into Furiyale, goddess of fiery rage. Where once he encouraged creativity she now promotes destruction, where once he supported love she now advocates hate. Furiyale loves nothing more than to see the burning house of a former lover, preferably with the lover inside.

Duties of the Church: To become a priest of Furiyale an applicant must create a bonfire that burns for at least twenty four hours and destroys something, object, person or place, that took over a year to create or grow. Once every year all priests of Furiyale must destroy through fire some item or object that took over six months to create.


May 04, 2007 7:52:28
What does the Purification domain do?


May 04, 2007 8:23:43
You cast abjuration spells at +1 caster level and it has light based spells


May 04, 2007 8:39:12
Good job Darth, but I have no idea what any of that is supposed to mean.


May 04, 2007 9:25:18
Where did you get that domain from Darth?

Lance, dont you have a PHB?


May 04, 2007 14:41:07
Trey, I don't even know what a PHB is. You'll have to be a little more specific.


May 04, 2007 19:13:10
Player's Handbook.


May 04, 2007 19:47:42
Complete divine.


May 04, 2007 20:05:55
Lots of work.


May 04, 2007 21:25:30
Working on regions now.


May 04, 2007 22:23:13
I am not sure that I like the priests of the Moon Gods. I liked it better when only wizards were able to channel the magic of the moon gods and not anyone else. I know 2nd edition allowed them but I still dont like it.


May 05, 2007 8:55:45
The priests don't channel the power (arcane) of the moons, just the divine power of the gods. They are not affected by the placement of the moons. They are also the failed wizards who took the test. See, the Thorn Knights were running a pr campaign to generate distrust among sorcerers and other spontaneous arcane users to bolster their ranks by exaggerating the death of wizards in the test. So the orders adjusted their rules so that those who would fail the test were offered the choice of serving the gods of magic but as priests rather than as wizards. So these priests main goal is to counter-act the bad press generated by the thorn knights and to ferret out plots to destroy the orders. See the priests will have the ability to use low-level arcane spells, but their main spellcasting ability comes from being a cleric. This was also a result of the arcane war where the wizards were duped into fighting with different arcane users by the Thorn knights. See the wizards of high sorcery are now only those elite wizards and most others are priests of the moon gods rather than wizards.

I am sure that the DL officials probably won't like it either, but I have my reasons. I actually liked the priests of the moons gods in 2e. So although we tend to see eye to eye on most things Trey, I am going my own way on this. Sorry buddy.


May 05, 2007 10:31:28
Bad Darth, no pie for you.

Actually you might want to consider the fact that since the WOHS began the price for failing the TEST is death. It is one thing that has allowed magic to flourish in Ansalon and even in the days of the Kingpriest when they were so very persecuted they did not change their modus operandi.


May 06, 2007 7:24:20
Actually I did not make that change the Towers of High Sorcery did, pg. 140. "Because the Test is not real (though challenges and damage are), the Shapers may determine that a wizard who has proven himself should survive an encounter that might otherwise prove fatal." So I just expounded on this idea. Death was always said to be the result of failing the test but apprently this was not the case. It was just used as a deterrent for those who thought about becoming more than just dabblers but were not sure about becoming full-fledged wizards. Sorta like a "What the worst that could happen?" thing. If one could just take the test and fail with no consequences then every dabbler and hedge wizard would try. This was a way to appeal only to those truly dedicated to the cause of magic. The thorn knights used this information as a means of recruiting mages into their order and therefore taking these potentials away from the orders of high sorcery, it was also used to create fear, distrust and hatred for the orders. The orders had to turn this around or run the risk of disappearing from the face of Ansalon as more and more wizards joined the Thorn knight rather than the Orders of High Sorcery, so they allowed those who perform well, but did not excel enough to be accepted into the orders, to become clerics of the moon-gods. It then became the cleric's part to act as the PR arm of the orders to show that the Orders were not the bunch of "murdering, arrogant elistists" that the thorn knights portrayed them as. Also people were more accepting of the clerics rather than wizards so they could more easily walk alongside other clerics and the populace than more traditional WoHS.

So the towers essentially opened the door, and I just walked on through. Hahahahahahahahahahaha :D :D :D


May 06, 2007 8:08:00
Why would the Gods of Magic then give these people access to spells?


May 06, 2007 8:24:01
Because the spells they receive are the divine spells and are completely at the whim of the gods of magic and therefore more controllable. I mean should they ever leave the clerical orders they lose their spell-casting abilities automatically, rather than like wizards who leave the orders. Granted wizards who leave the orders lose the influenece of the moons, but they still have their arcane spell-casting abilities, clerics who leave the orders (and renounce the moon gods) lose their spell-casting abilities, and it is not a simple matter to just take up the cause of another deity, or even experience an epihany to become sorcerors, because even if they did they would only be around third or fourth level. I mean think about it. A WoHS who leaves the orders and becomes a Knight of the Thorn doesn't lose any of his spell-casting ability (unless he also experiences an epihany, but even that is only the loss of one level of spells depending on level of experience) who as a cleric who leaves has at most 3 or 4 levels of wizardry (as being able to prepare and cast 2nd-level arcane spells is a requirement to become a cleric of the gods, because they must have taken the test. I know, I know, this is different than for other clerics, but all clerical orders has a requirement for clerics to pass even for the other gods. Some easy, some hard, for example all priests of Zeboim must know how to swim, and clerics of Habbakuk must find their way back to civilization after being abadoned in the wild.


May 06, 2007 8:39:15
Okay, but can tehy case both clerical and arcane spells?


May 06, 2007 9:11:58
Yes they can cast both, but as far as the arcane spells go, only those they knew before taking the test. And should they ever raise their arcane spell-casting abilities they must retake the test (and this time there is no second chance) or be expelled from the orders. So this means no Mystic Theurge class type stuff to get around the rules, because I am sure you were going to ask something along these lines.


May 06, 2007 9:35:30
Actually I was.


May 06, 2007 9:48:37
See that Oracle domain comes in handy. :D


May 06, 2007 10:12:12
Ha Ha, but considering I am in charge of the Black Robes you better watch it!!


May 07, 2007 8:11:35
Once I get Dragons of Autumn am I going to be able to decipher what you're talking about, or will I have to get something else?


May 07, 2007 13:58:08
This has nothing to do with Dragons of Autumn. Trey and I are talking a bout a campaign that I have been setting up (for a couple months now) for play in krynn, on Ansalon, during the year 1000 AC. I will also repost the timeline so people will know.

AC-0419: The great storm: The war of Souls is fought. The gods return and Takhisis and Paladine are made mortal.

AC-0422: Wizard’s Conclave: The orders of high sorcery are reconstituted when the tower of wayreth is placed at risk by a crazed sorcerer.

AC-0422: Amber and Ashes: Mina becomes a follower of Chemosh as well as his lover. As she moves through the lands she makes creatures known as the beloved of Chemosh.

AC-0422: Amber and Iron: Mina becomes a captive of Nuitari and eventually escapes from the underwater tower of the blood sea. Mina raises the tower of Istar from the Blood sea. For the first time in the history of Krynn the gods of magic show signs of splintering for Nuitari had restored the tower of Istar and keep its restoration a secret from Lunitari and Solinari.

AC-0422: A new god ascends: Mina learns that she is the daughter of the gods and discovers the immortal spark within herself and ascends to join the other gods of the pantheon, as a result and in part as a punishment for his inaction Majere is asked to join the gods of neutrality as his actions are more in line with their beliefs and religions.

AC-0422: Dark Thane: King Tarn Bellowgranite finds the Hammer of Kharas but is overthrown when his child’s life is held hostage by rebellious factions within his realm.

AC-0423: Claren Elian hidden: When Majere assumes his new place as a god of grey the islands of the Claren Elian become shrouded by a cloud of mist that is causes all who enter to become hopelessly lost unless they have been invited by the monks of the islands. There is also a mass migration of monks and clerics of Majere who now flock to the island.

AC-0424: Pax Tharkas expands: Tarn Bellowgranite orders the restoration of the ruins of Klanath as this will be the new home for the displaced dwarves from Thorbardin.

AC-0425: Lord of the Rose: Renegade knight and outlaw Jaymes markham clears his name and rallys the Knights of Solmania to resist the invasion of the half-giant Ankhar and his ogre horde.

AC-0426: Sanctuary: The displaced elves residing in Khur begin a search for a secret valley in the hills of the mountains in order to begin a new home.

AC-0426: Alliances: After finding herself magically teleported to Qualinesti, Kerianseray begins to resist the bandits and dark knights of the area. In her struggle she joins with Porthios and Alhana Starbreeze and seeks out new griffons to add to the struggle. After receiving a vision a group of elves flies to the rescue of Gilthas and the elves being pursued by the Khur. Porthios pits his pain against that of the Khur leader and the elves soon depart for the valley, only to be magically transported to Qualinesti.

AC-0427: Gellidus is slain: Gellidus is slain by a group of adventurers

AC-0427: The great White Wyrm: Under development (need to read novel: The Great White Wyrm)

AC-0427: Thoradin sells swords to Khur: The khur use pilfered treasure from the elves to buy steel from the dwarves of Thoradin.

AC-0427: Ogres attack elves in foothills: The Ogre Titans seeking a way to get out from under the rule of Golgren sent an ambush party to assault the stragglers of the elven group to try and capture any remaining elves in the hidden valley. The Khur returning from their assault on the elves seeing ogres in their lands attack the ambush party, only a few ogres survive. Upon seeing the reason for the ogre invaders, the Khur slaughter the few remaining elves.

AC-0427: The Crown and the Sword: Lord Marshall Jaymes Markham leads the Solamnic forces in their effort to resist the invasion of Ankhar and his horde. In order to increase his fighting fore and financial resources, he uses magic from Coryn the White to charm Selinda du Chayne into marrying him and then he takes the Palanthian freemen to join the war effort eventually running Ankhar from the country.

AC-0428: Ergoth assaults Daltigoth: Ergoth enters into negotiations with Emperor Jaymes Markham requesting aid for his struggle to return the lands of Southern Ergoth and especially the city of Daltigoth to the Ergothian empire. Emperor Markham demands a high price for this assistance, all lands west of Foghaven Vale and Castle Eastwatch. The Ergothian Emperor agrees to the deal with Solamnia. At the same time Ergoth negotiates with the elves of Southern Ergoth to attack Daltigoth. Having heard of the deal between Ergoth and Solmnia the elves demand the same price all lands west of The Last Gaard Mountains and south of Foghaven Vale, Ergoth has little choice as they control nothing of Southern Ergoth at this time. The combined force assault and destroy almost all ogres from the land, allowing any surviving ogres to board ships and set sail for other lands. Most sail for the lands of Icereach but some make for Kern, Blode or other lands.

AC-0429: Elves attack Samuval: The elves move to assault Capt. Samuval’s fortress. Ergoth and Solamnia move forces to support the assault. Solamnia however cannot commit all its forces because of a renewed attack by Ankhar and his horde. The outnumbered elves are ultimately successful as they are fighting for their homeland, the only one they have left. Cpt Samuval however is able to make his escape and links up with Dark Knight forces in Alsip and works to reconsolidate his forces to try and retake the elven lands.

AC-0429: The Measure and the Truth: (Under development, reading the novel).

AC-0430: Knights of Neraka evicted from Kharolis and Tarsis: The elves move quickly to forestall any counter attack by Capt Samuval and move to rout the dark knights from Kharolis and Tarsis. Capt. Samuval leads the forces of Dark knights and meets the elves at Windkeep where he is defeated in the late spring and forced to withdraw to Alsip. Solamnic forces use the Windsnow river to meet the elves at Windkeep and the army marches on Alsip where they besiege the city for three months before Capt. Samuval makes his breakout attempt and flees to Tarsis. Solamnic knights pursue him all the way to the Banfaire where he loses his pursuers in the woods. Attempting to cut him off the elves set sail and land in Rigitt and ride north to the city of Tarsis. Having been through one siege already Samuval decides to flee and link up with General Dogah in Pashin and makes the rigorous journey through the Plains of Dust. After Samuval’s defeat, the elves have little trouble removing the knights from the fortress Onyx Hall, these knights set sail and head to Haligoth and finally Neraka.

AC-0431: Blode attacks Khur: Golgren attempting to unite the two ogre kingdoms attacks Khur to demonstrate his superior power to other ogres. The ogres are unused to fighting amongst the rolling sands of the desert and are hindered at every turn but make steady progress in routing the Khur from the desert and into the cities. The cities however are more than suited to withstand long sieges from attacking forces, Golgren wanting to take Khuri-Khan relatively intake is forced to camp in the blistering heat and sand.

AC-0432: Thoradin moves to assist Khur: The dwarves of Thoradin hoping to cement their deal with the Khur for trade and the purchase of steel move to assist the Khur break the ogre siege. After months of little to no action the ogres relish the thought of renewed fighting against a foe they can attack easily in the sands. Almost all of the attacking dwarves are slaughtered by the ogres.

AC-0433: Golgren besieges Thoradin: Golgren moves his army to assault the dwarven Kingdom of Thoradin and besieges the city. Unlike the siege of Khuri-Khan the environment of the mountains actually supports the ogres’ resolve as it is easier to find food and water and have new weapons and supplies delivered in the mountains than in the desert.

AC-0434: Solamnia regains former lands: Emperor Marhkam decides to forestall any further assaults by the ogre and goblin tribes of Lemish and moves to annex the former province. He moves his forces into the area and routs all remaining members of Ankhar’s horde and then meet with the Lady of Lathe and negotiates the peaceful return of Lemish to Solamnia. Throtyl and Qwermish are eventually restored as well.

AC-0435: Ambeon scouts new lands: Trying to discover the best way to assault the rest of Ansalon the emperor sends forces into the great swamp, the plains of dust, Blode and Khur. Finding Blode having forces already mustered due to the siege of Thoradin and the other two lands an unsound choice for the movement of land forces, the emperor decides to move through Khur and begins preparations for a renewed attack on the land. It is hoped that Khur is still recovering from attack by the ogres, and therefore a short campaign.

AC-0436: Thoradin forms truce with Blode: After two years of siege, far longer that the dwarves believed possible, the dwarves finally relent to the forces of Golgren and broker a peace between the two nations. Golgren uses this as his justification for the uniting of the two ogre lands.

AC-0437: Ambeon invades Khur: The minotaur send an advance party in early spring and at first are very successful at routing the desert tribes until they attempt to attack the city of Ak-Khurman. Unknown to the minotaur the legion of steel had a full cohort of troops stationed there to support Kanji Mikku, ruler of the city and they counter-attack the minotaur. General Dogah gets word that the Legion has put troops on the field of battle so close to his own base of power and moves to eradicate the legion. The fleeing Minotaur not sure what to make of the new force now behind them, attack the dark knights. When the legion catches up to the minotaur and dark knights they are attacked by both forces and the battle turns into a giant mass melee that moves into the Charmed Woods of Silvanesti. Eventually all forces are destroyed by each other but not before a massive bonfire is started in the forest eventually consuming the entire charmed woods. The Thon-Thalas river at the south of the woods and the residents at Tarithnesti are able to stop the fire from proceeding further south.

AC-0439: Attack of the Bloody Condor: Eventually word of the burned woods reaches the ears of the elves and they send scouts to confirm it. This event causes a huge political support movement of the Cult of the Bloody Condor who insist that an attack must be made to try and regain their home. Gilthas refuses to send a contingent of troops without more information. The Cult decides to send its own attack force. Over two thousand silvanesti elves from griffon riders, to kirath, even house servants move to make the attack. It ends in utter failure. Having to cross the Plains of Dust the minotaur have plenty of warning of the approaching force and are able to muster a force more than capable of defending its new borders. This attack and the burning of the charmed woods, brings to light the need for a strong defense, so the emperor orders the construction of a great wall completely surrounding the forests of Silvanesti.

AC-0440: New magic-users appear: New types of arcanists start appearing out of the desolation from hexblades and spellthieves to warlocks and dragon shaman. Some are actually spellcasters while others have a natural tendency for magic without the form of spells. The Knights of Darkhaven (Knights of Neraka based in the Desolation) discover these people and attempt to co-opt them into the knighthood, some join while others refuse. The darkhaven knights hatch a scheme to try and remove the orders of sorcery from krynn and begin spreading word of these new mages throughout the lands of Ansalon by the use of Bards, Sages and other story tellers.

AC-0441: Coalition of Abanasinia created: The legion of steel negotiates with the leaders of the different peoples of Abanasinia in an effort to create a central defense should the nation ever be invaded. Palin Majere and Gerard uth Mondar of Solace and Tarn Bellowgranite of Klanath are all strong voices advocating the alliance.

AC-0443: Coryn Slain by Sorcerers: After numerous reports find their way to the conclave about the new mages the conclave sends representatives to investigate. The representatives coordinate a meeting between various factions of these new arcanists but some representatives, those in league with the knights of Darkhaven, insist that they will only meet with the leading member of one of the orders in the valley of crystal shards. Fearing a trap but deciding they need to know what magic fuels these new mages the conclave agrees and Coryn volunteers to lead a contingent of seven wizards, two from each order and herself to the meeting. The group is attacked in the valley by dark knights and others, Coryn is slain. Only Mathis the red robe survives long enough to report back to the conclave. Ta’nesmah of the elves assumes the leadership of the white robes.

AC-0444: Ergoth Capital moved to Daltigoth: The Emperor moves the capital back to Dalitgoth.

AC-0445: Tower of the Blood Sea attacked: The Knights of Darkhaven attack the tower of the Blood sea. They use illusions taking the form of known bards of Ansalon, as well as enchanted Bards and song magic in their attack. When they finally retreat, they teleport the freshly slain bodies of the disguised bards into the tower. This starts a war between the orders of magic, bards and other mages. The Dark Knights attempt to be seen as the saviors of the enemies of the orders. Soercerers, bards and other magic user-s are granted asylum and protection by Ergoth, provided they help to try and restore the land. Many flee to Ergoth. The dark knights seeing their potential recruits attempting to seclude themselves from the war attack the town of Varvil where many of the refugees are staying. Again they attempt to deceive their enemies, this time into believing that they are the orders of high sorcery and they obliterate the entire town. The disillusioned dark knight Clayton de Lagons informs the orders of the dark knights plan in an attempt to stop the war. The gods of magic realizing that sorcery is here to stay and that more conflict would be potentially hazardous to the continued existence of the orders, command the wizards of high sorcery to make peace and learn to work with the rediscovered magic, but to keep a close eye on it. It is at this time that the gods realize that propaganda and deception can be just as devastating to the orders as sorcery. They order the conclave to beginning recruiting members for a clerical branch of the order who will go to the lands and attempt to improve on the image of the orders to the people. In acruel twist of fate, the thorn Knights find themselves attacked from the very arcanists they were attempting to recruit. The thorn Knights flee to Storm’s keep and defend the tower from all further attacks.

AC-0446: Gods realign themselves: Due to the repercussions of the arcane civil war Branchala informs Gilean of his desire to join the gods of grey. Gilean insisting on maintaining the balance speaks to the other deities of grey to see if any have a desire to join the gods of light, Reorx wishing to see the dwarves return to the world agrees to switch place with Branchala.

AC-0448: Golgren razes Khuri-Khan: In another attempt to unite the ogre kingdoms Golgren again invades Khur, this time deciding that he would rather destroy the Khur rather than subjugate them. So instead of trying to take the city of Khuri-Khan intact he moves to destroy it. The Khur realizing that this attack will not be a siege evacuate the resident while the city is under attack, less than half make it out alive. The city is reduced to rubble by the rampaging ogres. Khan Sahim was overthrown by the Weya-Lu clan who advocated a return to the desert and leaving the cities altogether. Not all agree with the new Khan especially Kasimir di Lyre ruler of Delphon.

AC-0450: Ogre kingdoms united: The razing of Khuri-khan was the very thing that finally allows Golgren to officially unite Kenr and Blode into a new unified ogre kingdom named Blodecairn.

AC-0453: Maldred’s quest: Golgren obsessed with restoring the civilization of the ancient ogres and looking for a permanent solution to the ritual of the ogre titans, recruits Maldred, the son of Donnag former chieftain of Blode to look for clues to restore the ogre titans to their previous form without losing what they gained. Maldred hating what his father had become and seeing him subjected to another’s will accepts the task. He travels far and wide looking for clues, visiting the great library of Palanthas, contacting the legion of steel in Abanasinia, even infiltrating the various outposts of skull knights. Golgren believing that magic may be the answer he scours the ogre kingdom for any records of magic in ancient times.

AC-0460: Schallsea builds Bardic college: Citadel of Light finishes construction on the bardic college.

AC-0467: Ergoth allies with Abanasinia: Ergoth negotiates with Abanasania for trade, the emperor also grants the legion of steel to act as mediators in disputes between the people and the government. The emperor hopes this will create better cooperation between Ergoth and other nations.

AC-0478: Heart of the Irda found: Maldred visits the Bardic college on Schallsea island where he receives a vision of the Heart of the Irda from Mishakel instructing him to travel the Irda tree and recover the stone. Maldred is able to retrieve the stone from the woods and returns to Kernen where Golgren awaits him. Although they now have the stone they are not sure of the ritual needed.

AC-0482: Legion Compound in North Keep: With support from the Abanasanian coalition the Legion of Steel builds the great fortress North Keep along the northern shore of the nation.

AC-0489: Dalamar leads conclave: Jenna, the leader of the conclave dies from old age, Dalamar assumes control of the conclave. Surprisingly very few black robes are present for the decision. Banla of Hillfal assumes control over the red robes.

AC-0492: Mohrlex slain: The draconians move to slay the great dragon Mohrlex. Governor Kang believes this will help broker peace between Teyr and Nordmaar, he is right. The nations share the treasure from the dragon’s horde after it is slain. After seeing Mohrlex slain and wishing to avoid a similar fate, the green dragon Lorrinar brokers a non-agression pact with Nordmaar and Teyr.

AC-0498: Sahket jungle cleared: The draconians of Teyr and the horsemen of Nordmaar systematically remove all goblin tribes from the sahket jungle, clear out the ogres that remain in the Astivar mountains and chase the lizardfolk from the great moor.

AC-0502: High thane disappears: After a cave-in kills his son and numerous requests that an expedition be sent to scout Thorbardin, Tarn Bellowgranite finally relents. Tarn assembles a task force of one hundred dwarves to scout the tunnels used by the red dragonarmy during the war of the lance to determine the situation inside Thorbardin. Tarn leads the force himself leaving (gotta find the name in Dark Thane) in charge.

AC-0504: Minotaur wall constructed: Ambeon finally completes its great wall and stations Minotaur warrior at various outposts along its borders.

AC-0506: Ogres become Abaqua: After thirty years Golgren and Maldred finally complete the puzzle needed to enact the ritual to restore the ogres to their former beauty. The ritual restores over ninety percent of all ogres on Ansalon to their previous form, with only those with a strong will who resist or those beyond the range remaining the brutes known to the world. Golgren also uses records of ancient magic to enforce his armies and to create a newfound sense of nationalism amongst the renamed Abaqua race. Using what records he can find Golgren attempts to change the cultural and architectural look of the Abaqua race trying to bring them more in line with that of their ancestors.

AC-0513: Minotaur change capitals: The Emperor moves the capital of the Minotaur nation from Lacynos to Sargasanti and launches a renewed invasion against the Khur. Remembering the forces brought to bear from General Dogah before the minotaur assault and destroy the town of Pashin to ensure nobody comes from behind. The minotaur reach the city of Ak-Khurman and find it deserted. As they move from Ak-Khurman to Delphon however they are attacked numerous times by hit and run attacks by the Khur. When the Minotaur finally reach Delphon, they are easily defeated by the city and the outlying attackers who just attack and then fade into the desert.

AC-0525: Blodecairn Attacks Khur: Golgren seeking to prove his changes to the Abaqua nation moves to attack the Khur again. He attacks Kortal and razes Alek-Khan to the ground opening up a corridor between his two forces. He then marches on Delphon and again razes the city to the ground, but not before they can evacuate the city. Golgren moves his forces back to Kortal but along he is continuously attacked by hit and hit assaults by the Khur, he arrives with less than half of his original invasion force.

AC-0540: Dark Knights invade Teyr: The knights of Neraka move to annex the tiny nation of Teyr. The draconians fight to maintain their independence with their allies the Nordmen, the legion of Steel and Banmla of Hillfal the leader of the red robes. The Knights of Neraka caught by complete surprise at the aid the Draconians have been able to call upon and are sent packing, unfortunately Banla is killed in the fighting, Lady Caralyssa of Castle Crimson assumes the leadership of the red robes. The draconians look into options for the best way to prevent or halt such an invasion should it ever happen again and decide to build a wall from Hangman harbor to the Astivar mountains.

AC-0543: Draconians build wall: The draconians complete construction on their great wall.

AC-0544: Gods realign themselves: Shinare finally makes the move to join the Gods of light, unfortunately this also drives Sirrion insane as he believes that she is joining the gods of light to be with Kiri-Jolith. Sirrion retreats inside himself and random flash-fires appear all across Krynn and rage out of control for short periods until they burn themselves out. Sirrion finally reappears newly reformed as the dark goddess Furiyale, deity of fire and betrayal.

AC-0545: War College built in Palanthas: As part of a program to raise revenue for the nation a college in built in Palanthas to teach the basics of military warfare. Ground combat including infantry, the use of the pike and archery are all taught here. While the knighthood is charged with leading the defense of the nation having a well trained army is essential as well. The different provinces sponsor tuition for prospective students. The training is open to all others but there is a strict screening process to weed out potential spies and dark knights.

AC-0550: War College built in High Clerist Tower: A second war college in built in the High Clerist, unlike the first war college this school is for the training of artillery and siege tactics only.

AC-0555: War College built in Solanthus: A third war college in built in the great city of Solanthus that is dedicated to teaching cavalry tactics.

AC-0560: War College built in Sanction: A fourth War college is built in Sanction to teach naval warfare and blockade tactics.

AC-0561: Neraka joins with Ogres: Golgren meets with the leader of the dark knights in Taman Busuk Lord Garl Nemedi to attack the Solamnics in Sanction. Golgren is concerned with the knights of Solamnia attempting to reinforce their position there.

AC-0562: Solamnics evicted from Sanction: In a blinding and swift attack by the combined forces of Abaqua and the Dark knights assault the port city and take the knights completely by surprise. The knights are caught off-guard by the Abaqua who at first they mistake for the tarmac brutes despite the fact that the Abaqua were armor and are apparently capable of using magic. Very few knights are able to escape the attack.

AC-0565: War College built in Caergoth: Trying to recover from the loss of the war college in Sanction, Solamnia builds it naval warfare college in Caergoth.

AC-0570: War college built in Dargaard Keep: With the help of the white robes, the knights destroyed portions of the Spiritborne, a faction of the dark knights, and routed the rest and so returned the land of Nightlund to Solamnia. They restored its former name of Knightlund, and declared Kalaman the provincial capital. In an attempt to remove the taint of Lord Soth the knights restore Dargaard Keep and build a war college there to train young Kingfishers and Clerists in arcane and clerical magic.

AC-0600: Blodecairn builds Grand Palace: Golgren builds a grand palace in Kortal and declares it the capital of the Blodecairn nation.

AC-0602: Knighthood conquers the desolation: The knights of Darkhaven are able to gain complete control over all of the desolation.

AC-0604: Tarmak establish foothold: The tarmac launch an assault on the hot sands of the plains of dust and are able to establish a beachhead. The inhabitants of the land however maintain surveillance of the brutes and raid the stores and supplies occasionally to keep the tarmac from being able to concentrate an attack force large enough to move across the desert.

AC-0608: Elves attempt to restore Qualinost: The elves in an attempt to restore something of what they have lost decide to try and bring Qualinost up from the bottom of the lake of death. Gilthas realizes he needs to know what kind of condition the city is in and therefore sends a group of elvin wizards to seek out the sea elves in a plea for help. He secretly hopes that he can also form an alliance with them and possibly reunite all the elvin people. Miraculously the sea elves were already considering sending a delegation to the lands elves for just this very purpose and the crack in the ocean flow has again ruptured. The elves agree to help each other. The crack is investigated and soon resolved, but it is determined that to try and bring up Qualinost at this would be foolish. The city just been down there for too long and would crumble at the effort. It is decided that the elves will attempt to reinforce the buildings of the city magic and raise the city when it is stronger.

AC-0618: Elven Assassins sighted in woods: The elves are able to infiltrate Kirath and Wildrunner volunteers to keep an eye on the minotaur nation and to report back information on their operations and positions.

AC-0620: Ambeon attacks Khur: The minotaur make another attack on the khur only to find that their grand campaign is fruitless as the inhabitants have all retreated into the desert and cannot be found except when the Khur make hit and run attacks against the minotaur. The Abaqua however keep a close watch on the borders and ferociously attack minotaur intruders. As the minotaur have never encountered the Abaqua before they mistake them for Tarmak brutes and in retaliation attack the beachhead that the tarmac established in the plains of dust.

AC-0637: Sea elves populate Qualinost: Using magic the lake of death is cleansed of all undead and pollutants in the water. Sea elves take up residence in some of the buildings and begin the restructuring process in preparation for the raising of the city. The elves know that it may be centuries before they can fully restore the city but they are a patient people.

AC-0675: Hylo eliminates goblins: After numerous attempts by Ergoth to use the goblin incursions into Hylo as an excuse to try and annex Hylo, the kinder decide to solve the problem themselves. For the time ever in the history the kinder form a surprisingly well equipped and capable army and invade the southern areas of Northern Ergoth. Over the course of three years the kender systematically seek out and find every single hiding place of the goblins and eliminate them. As a final act by the kender nation they send a representative to Daltigoth asking the emperor if Ergoth wants to become a province of Hylo.

AC-0679: Ambeon attack Dimernesti: The minotaur still reeling from their failed attempts to reach the rest of Ansalon decide to sail through the Southern Courrain and try to create another beachhead in Nordmaar. The Dimernesti however have other ideas and raid the shops of the minotaur fleet hindering their efforts. The minotaur decide they must eliminate the sea elves from the Courrain in order to continue their conquests. Using magic the minotaur take many months preparing for the attack creating magic items that allow for the breathing and greater movement in the water. The sea elves are unprepared for an attack by the minotaurs as they are air-breathers and were never expected to retaliate. The city is reduced to rubble and the elves flee to seek aid from Dargonost and the land elves. The minotaur however are unable to hold the city of course but they have a renewed sense of destiny now that they have found an enemy that stands and fights back.

AC-0684: Elves assault Ambeon: Attack the assault on Dimernost the elves decide to try and retake the silvanesti from the minotaur. The elven army sets sail and decides to try and land in Mem-thon and move from there. The landing is a bloodbath. The minotaur have been waiting for this very moment knowing that the elves would attempt an assault, they are surprised the elves have banded together with the sea elves as the minotaur believed the elves to arrogant to seek allies for the attack. Despite the combined effort of the elves however the assault is a dismal failure.

AC-0721: Ergoth builds War Institute: Ergoth builds an institution, similar to the war colleges of Solamnia, but this facility is a massive fortress just outside Daltigoth that teaches all many of martial tactics from ground combat, to arcane and divine magic.

AC-0828: Cinder slain: Cinder, whether from boredom or realizing that his life may be coming to a close, attacks numerous outposts along the draconian wall. The draconians mount an assault and retaliate slaying the great dragon.

AC-0879: Pyrothraxus dies: The gnomes of Mount Nevermind are freed from the rule of Pyrothraxus, of course he died of old age and therough no effort of the gnomes themselves.

AC-0961: Lorrinar slain: The great green dragon Lorrinar is slain by his mate Eiolut after her eggs hatch.

AC-0984: Josepeh uth Matar: A young Skull knight named Joseph uth Matar rises through the ranks of the knighthood. Surprisingly he is cleric of one of the gods. (NOT GONNA TELL YOU WHO BECAUSE THAT IS A DISCOVERY OF THE CAMPAIGN.) Joseph has been instilled with a highly developed sense of honor. He sees it as his mission to unite all the scattered elements of the dark knights and continue the conquest of Ansalon.

AC-0985: Gnomes perfect cannons: Using the design from Solamnia’s early attempts at making bombards the gnomes finally perfect the making bombards that are easier to move around and maintain. The gnomes begin work on building ships capable of carrying the bombards to different shores.

AC-0986: Alliance brokered with Mt. Nevermind: Ergoth and Solamnia both broker an alliance with Mt. Nevermind for the new bombards.

AC-0987: Shipyards built on Enstar & Nostar: Ergoth begins construction on shipyards in Enstar and Nostar. Ships built here will used to transport the elves and their allis in the attempt to retake the silvanesti lands.

AC-0988: Reports of Dark Knights: Reports reach back to Solamnia that a strong force has been finding and uniting the different factions of the dark knights.

AC-0989: Neraka allies with Blodecairn: Joseph uth Matar brokers an alliance with Blodecairn for the coming invasion of Ansalon.

AC-0991: Dark Knights conquer Khur: Using dark magic the dark knights are finally able to conquer the land of Khur. Dark knights move through to link up in Neraka.

AC-0990: Solamnia brokers alliance with Hylo: Solamnia negotiates with the kinder nation of Hylo for scouts to investigate the activities of the Dark Knighthood.

AC-0992: Eiolut slain: Eiolut attacks Teyr seeking more ground for her offspring to move into. Teyr retaliates by slaying the dragon and then moving into the woods of Lahue to track down and kill her offspring. They are still at least three dragons still in the woods. Lewat, Polut, and Sollun (all LE male young green mature adult).

AC-0993: The Great Betrayal: Dark knights move through Estwilde into Solamnia with the Lily Knights sacking Kalaman, the Skull knights attacking Dargaard Keep and the Thorn Knights assaulting the Tower of of Knightlund. Both Tanesmah, leader of the white robes, and Lady Caralyssa leader of the red robes are slain in these battles. (This begins the campaign.)


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Darth, the Orders of High Sorcery had been reformed by the time Mina began making Beloved of Chemosh.


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Darth, there is something you might want to add, the marriage of the ensorcelled LanceReaver with Mina.

"LanceReaver may not be in love but let me tell you he's in heat!"

Curses on Mina's dominate weak willed individuals ability and pitance on LanceReaver's inability to make a WILL saving through, unless perhaps Mina seduced him into not even making the attempt. Perhaps I should use the Tower of the Blood Sea and its diviniation bonuses to help me find out what truly happend?


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Yeah the thoughts of insects are typically beyond the thoughts of most deities to comprehend.



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Darth, there is something you might want to add, the marriage of the ensorcelled LanceReaver with Mina.

"LanceReaver may not be in love but let me tell you he's in heat!"

Curses on Mina's dominate weak willed individuals ability and pitance on LanceReaver's inability to make a WILL saving through, unless perhaps Mina seduced him into not even making the attempt. Perhaps I should use the Tower of the Blood Sea and its diviniation bonuses to help me find out what truly happend?

Using the pool of scrying in the Tower of the Blood Sea and invoking the Lord of Secrets, Nuitari the Black, and using the power of the Staff of Magius I was able to cross oceans of time in order to find out what happened to Lance Reaver and what led his mind and body being dominated by Mina, Servant of Takhisis and Chemosh, and a fallen god of light.

This is the vision that I saw:

Lance Reaver was sitting in an inn in Solanthus, content in his self being and in his manliness. He was minding his own business but when the minstrels began to play a song, something about Bringing Sexy Back, he began to dance, clearing the floor, in some arcane twist and girations which was later revealed to be a dance called La Macarena.

Into this spectacle walked Mina. Being some what amused by the spectacle before her and being a bit annoyed, it was revealed by Nuitari to me, that Lance Reaver had recently taken the 200th post away from one of his favored mages, she was not happy and decided to rectify the situation. She may have needed a buffon and decided to take advantage of the situation before her.

She challenged Lance Reaver to a pants off dance contest to which he readily and somewhat foolhardily agreed to. However in that agreement was his loss. Making eye contact with him, Mina took that chance to steal his will. He never had a chance since he was thinking not with his head but with his pride and his hormones. Binding him to her will, she laughed contendley.

He began to follow her around slavishly and began pouring lavish gifts on her. In mockery of the love shared between Mishakel and the fallen god, Paladine, she ordered that he marry her to which he readily agreed.

So ends the vision revealed to Treymordin of the House of Tarinius, Head of the Order of the Black Robes, Favored of Nuitari.


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Using the pool of scrying in the Tower of the Blood Sea and invoking the Lord of Secrets, Nuitari the Black, and using the power of the Staff of Magius I was able to cross oceans of time in order to find out what happened to Lance Reaver and what led his mind and body being dominated by Mina, Servant of Takhisis and Chemosh, and a fallen god of light.

This is the vision that I saw:

Lance Reaver was sitting in an inn in Solanthus, content in his self being and in his manliness. He was minding his own business but when the minstrels began to play a song, something about Bringing Sexy Back, he began to dance, clearing the floor, in some arcane twist and girations which was later revealed to be a dance called La Macarena.

Into this spectacle walked Mina. Being some what amused by the spectacle before her and being a bit annoyed, it was revealed by Nuitari to me, that Lance Reaver had recently taken the 200th post away from one of his favored mages, she was not happy and decided to rectify the situation. She may have needed a buffon and decided to take advantage of the situation before her.

She challenged Lance Reaver to a pants off dance contest to which he readily and somewhat foolhardily agreed to. However in that agreement was his loss. Making eye contact with him, Mina took that chance to steal his will. He never had a chance since he was thinking not with his head but with his pride and his hormones. Binding him to her will, she laughed contendley.

He began to follow her around slavishly and began pouring lavish gifts on her. In mockery of the love shared between Mishakel and the fallen god, Paladine, she ordered that he marry her to which he readily agreed.

So ends the vision revealed to Treymordin of the House of Tarinius, Head of the Order of the Black Robes, Favored of Nuitari.

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Congrats, I wish that I had that kind of dedication to a messageboard. I have been here for like 4 years and I might have like 200 posts... maybe.

To be fair, two of Treymordin's ultra-short posts are the equivalent of one regular post, so it's more like 1000.



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How do you know how many posts total you have since you joined the boards.

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To be fair, two of Treymordin's ultra-short posts are the equivalent of one regular post, so it's more like 1000.


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To be fair, two of Treymordin's ultra-short posts are the equivalent of one regular post, so it's more like 1000.


Yeah, you'll notice he floods threads with posts that add little to nothing of note. And a lot of it's back-handed compliments or childish whining. He's one of the reasons I don't come here that often. I wish the mods would take a more active role. But hey, there's always EN World.


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Yeah, you'll notice he floods threads with posts that add little to nothing of note. And a lot of it's back-handed compliments or childish whining. He's one of the reasons I don't come here that often. I wish the mods would take a more active role. But hey, there's always EN World.

Your opinion is noted and given the proper attention.


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Yeah, you'll notice he floods threads with posts that add little to nothing of note. And a lot of it's back-handed compliments or childish whining. He's one of the reasons I don't come here that often. I wish the mods would take a more active role. But hey, there's always EN World.

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TIme for the lastest installment of my campaign for 1000 AC.

Geography of Ansalon
Capital: Haven
Population: Humans, dwarves, centaur
Government: Republic
Languages: Abanasinian, Common, Dwarven
Trade: Steel weapons and armor, grain, ale, woven blankets, pottery, tanned hides, handcrafted jewelry, military knowledge and training
Alignment: NG, N, CG, LG

Abanasinia is a nation ruled by a council of lords that represent the major city-states, the tribal barbarians of the plains, the dwarves of Klanath, who make decisions on the administration of the government. A representative from the legion of steel also sits on the council to report on the state of the nation’s defensive state and capabilities, but only has a vote during times of crisis when the military resources of the nation might come into play. Each city has its’ own council, mayor or lord that is either elected or inherited that administers to the running of the city, while each tribe is ruled by a hereditary leader as well as a circle of elders. The dwarven state is run by a set of thanes, one for each clan, with one of them elected to be high thane. City-states included are Haven, Solace, Crossing, Zaradane, and Ankatava, plains tribes include the Que-Shu, Que-Teh and the Que-Kiri. The dwarven clans represented in Klanath consist of the Hylar, Daewar, and Neidar clans. Abanasinia is protected by a coalition of troops from all representatives of the council. For instance the Dwarves send heavy infantry and crossbowmen, the tribes send light infantrymen and scouts while the city-states send light cavalrymen and pike-men, as well as other support services. Haven serves as the location for council deliberations and the elected capital as well. The legion of steel has restored the citadel of North Keep along the shore of Newsea and it serves as both headquarters and training center for the legion. The legion keeps a contingent of troops in each city to supplement the constabulary, but also teaches any citizen who wants combat training in order to better defend their homes, most members of the constabulary. The legion also allows instruction for those outside its borders but tuition is charged. The training program is sponsored by the various city-states and any citizen who has trained at the keep is considered a member of the nation’s militia and can be called to service if attacked, this has not happened since the chaos however.

Capital: Sargasanti
Population: Minotaur, Elves (slaves)
Government: Imperial
Languages: Common, Elven, Kothian, Ogre
Trade: Ships, mercenary sailors
Alignment: LE

When the Minotaur invaded Silvanesti and chased the elves from their ancient homeland, nobody believed that the Minotaur would be able to hold the land as long as they have. The Minotaur have since turned the woods of Silvanesti into a massive shipbuilding enterprise. They understand that to try and invade overland would tax even their high stamina and endurance. So they have been building ships as fast as possible. They almost lost their control of the forests when they invaded Khur in 428 AC and the Khur set fire to the great forest. The entire region of the Charmed Woods was reduced to black cinders and ash. When the elves saw what had happened to their precious woods, a small legion of elves, lead by members of the Cult of the Bloody Condor, conducted an assault by Griffon back upon Sargasanti in an effort to send the rest of the Minotaur back across the sea. While the assault did cripple the government of the Minotaur and slaughtered hundreds of the bull-men, the effort ultimately failed and the entire group of elves was either killed or captured in the attack. Since then the Cult of the Bloody Condor has become much more meticulous and cunning in its effort to reduce the troops of the Minotaur Empire. The assault did cause the Minotaur to construct numerous outposts and signal towers along the borders of the great forest. Traffic into and out of the forest is now strictly controlled by these outposts. A small group of wild-runners and kirath however have recently penetrated the borders of Ambeon and serve as spies and assassins for the Elven nation of Corvanesti.

Capital: Kortal
Population: Abaqua, ogres, elves, humans (civilized)
Government: Imperial
Languages: High ogre, ogre, dwarven, common
Trade: Steel weapons and armor, gems, rare ore
Alignment: LE, NE, LN

Blodecairn is the kingdom of the abaqua. Shortly after the War of the Souls the ogre tyrant Golgren was able to take complete control of Blode by bringing the Ogre titans to their knees. He was able to exert control over them by controlling the flow of elves necessary to maintain their transformation. Eventually with the successful destruction of the city of Khuri-Khan he was able to unite the two ogre nations of Kern and Blode. After this he was obsessed with restoring the greatness of the High Ogres. He searched for every scrap of history, culture, and knowledge that he could find. He was eventually able to restore the ogres, or at least a majority of them, to their previous form by finding the Heart of the Irda. After the transformation many abaqua realized their intellectual capacity had been expanded and that they had control of innate magical abilities; they soon began soaking up knowledge like a sponge with water. Using their newfound magical abilities and intellect they were able to restore much of the culture and traditions of the high ogres. Since then the abaqua have exerted power over the surrounding areas and even supported the Knights of Neraka in routing the Solamnics from Sanction. The most unusual alliance brokered by Golgren was between the Abaqua nation and the dwarves of Thoradin. The ogre titans had been attempting to secure their own supply of elves by invading the foothills of Khur and assaulting the migration led by Gilthas. They arrived too late however as the elves had been mysteriously transported away. The Ogre force came across the Khur that had been pursuing the elves. While the tribes had lost the will to attack the elves, they had no trouble in routing the ogres from their land. This incident unfortunately led to Golgren authorizing raids on the Khurish people. Golgren soon entered into negotiations with Kern to unite the two ogre nations, the Kern ogres expressed concern that if Golgren could not defeat the Khur then he was not worthy to led a united ogre nation. So Golgren set out to grind the khur into the pages of history. He led an assault force against the khurish city of Khuri-Khan and was set to besiege it when the dwarves of Thoradin arrived to assist the Khur. The dwarves attempted to save the Khur from the ogre invasion, but instead caused Golgren to shift targets and come after the Dwarves instead. The Khur, still suffering from attack by the Nerakan assault and the Ogres, were in no position to assist their saviors when the Ogres besieged Thoradin. With their financial lifeline cut off the dwarves had no choice but to agree to provide steel in exchange for a peace accord. The ogres were eventually able to assault the Khur again but ultimately they failed to conquer the desert people but they did manage to raise the city of Khuri-Khan to the ground which allowed Golgren to unite Kern and Blode. The city of Kortal is the capital of Blodecairn and it is where the seat of power is maintained. Golgren was obsessed with restoring the former glory of the Ogre nation to the face of Krynn. He went as far as employing Maldred, the son of Donnag the former chieftain of Blode, to seek out the stone known as the Heart of the Irda, which had supposedly enabled the Ogre to become the Irda. After finding this stone, Golgren was eventually able to use a magical ritual to restore the ogres to their previous physical form. After this he sought out any piece of information on the High Ogre empire and was able to restore much of their lost knowledge. One of Golgren's greatest accomplishments was to have a grand palace built to house the emperor. The grace and culture of the ancient ogres has been returned to the ogre realm because of it.

Blood Sea Isles
Capital: None, Sea reach (Saifhum)
Population: Humans (civilized), minotaur, elves (Saifhum), kyrie, elves (Karthay Isle), minotaur, kinder (Mithas, Kothas), humans, elves, (Misty Isles), humans, elves, dwarves, (Isle of Tiath)
Government: None, Republic (Saifhum)
Languages: Common, Dargoi, Saifhum (Saifhum), Kenderspeak, Kothian, Saifhum, (Mithas, Kothas), Common (Elian Isles)
Trade: Fishing, kelp harvesting, reciovered artifacts, salt production, shipping (Saifhum), none.
Alignment: N (Saifhum), LE (Isle of Tiath)

The blood sea isles encompass the islands of Saifhum, Karthay, Mithas, Kothas, the Isle of Tiath and the Elian Isles. Saifhum has become the premier port for pirates offering protection for any who claim citizenship, the Minotaur isles on the other hand have declined since the invasion of Silvanesti. The Minotaur kingdom moved its capital from the city of Lacynos to Sargasanti in the year 475 AC. Since then the Minotaur isles have become havens for Minotaur marauders as well as human pirates. Strangely enough the islands have created a major attraction for Kender who explore the islands in search of what the bull-men were so interested in when they lived there. Recently members from clan Kazeganthi have begun using the islands as staging bases in order to raid ships from Ambeon. The islands have been almost completely stripped of all lumber to be used for the ship building endeavors of Ambeon. The island of Karthay is the home of the mysterious Kyrie who viciously protect its’ borders. In an unheard of offer of kindness, the Kyrie have allowed any displaced elf to take up residence on the island as long as they do not bring any disruption in their wake, should they do so the Kyrie slay the attackers as well as the elf or elves who caused the disturbance. The Elian islands are a mystery unto themselves, both islands are perpetually surrounded by a cloud of mist and they are a haven for multiple monasteries dedicated to Majere. The Black tower on the isle of Tiath in the middle of the blood sea is the current seat of power for the Order of high sorcery with Dalamar leading the conclave. This tiny island has one small village with an arcane institution. The black robes search the world for those with the potential for magic and procure them by any means. They students are trained to be the next generation of blood robes, when they receive their test should they by chance choose any order other than the black robe they are allowed to leave, but are given no assistance in reaching shore.

Capital: Nuvainess
Population: Elves
Government: Monarchy (supported by a senate)
Languages: Elven
Trade: Fruit, leather, wine, liquor, bows and arrows, timber.
Alignment: LG, LN, NG, N

The elven population has experienced more change in the last age than in its entire history. After the elves were mysteriously transported from Khur to Qualinesti they mounted an assault on the bandits inhabiting their forest homeland and liberated it. The elves, still enraged over their current predicament, and paranoid over future persecutions, decided to evict the Knights of Neraka from the Kharolis region. When they moved to liberate these lands they were welcomed with open arms by the inhabitants of those lands. In their efforts to regain the ancient homeland of Silvanesti the elves negotiated with their sea-born cousins to obtain their aid. In a coordinated attack on the eastern coast of Ambeon in the year 543 AC, they attempted to retake their woods from the Minotaur. Unfortunately they were easily repulsed by the legions of the Minotaur who had advance warning of the attack due to pirate scouts in the blood sea. Since then the elves have ceased most direct attacks against Ambeon simply biding their time. With the situation of the Tarmak and the blue dragons in the plains of dust, an overland attack seems doomed to fail before it is even begun. With the number of Minotaur ships in the blood sea it is unknown when the elves might have a chance to regain their ancient homeland. In the meantime they are attempting to become adept at shipboard combat and are building an armada to rival that of the Minotaur nation. There is a fairly large group of elves who still advocate attacking the Minotaur anyway they can, even turning to evil if necessary. They are the Cult of the Bloody condor and are dedicated to Sargonnas and revenge. These elves consistently and periodically conduct guerilla attacks and raids on the Ambeon nation, and even enlist mercenaries and pirates to attack Minotaur supply ships and ports. The elves also instituted a plan to restore Qualinost but failed to bring the city out of the lake of death. The Dimernesti who helped with this plan have instead restored the city as an underwater society and continue to cooperate with their land-born cousins. Failing to regain their lost nation, the elves decided to begin a new elven legacy and built Nuvainess as the new capital of the combined elven people. They set about solidifying the elven nation, as a sign of the unification of the different elven races Gilthas changed the name of the forest from Qualinesti to Corvanesti, which means the legendary woods of the elves. Many elves have returned to their isolationist ways and fervently protect their borders against outsiders.

Dragon Isles
Capital: None
Population: Humans, dwarves, elves
Government: Unknown
Languages: Draconian, common, dragon, gnomish, kalinese, kyrie
Trade: None
Alignment: LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN

Very little is known of the dragon islands aside from the fact that no evil dragons reside on the isles. The people who live are those who have been shipwrecked upon the islands or their descendants. Each island has its own form of government ranging from a monarchy, to a republic, even a council of dragons who create the laws of the land. Very few who live here desire to leave, but those that do are free to leave at any time they wish, finding their way back however is an entirely different story. The dragons that live here use magic to prevent others from finding the islands.

Capital: None
Population: Human, centaur, thanoi, goblin, tarmak
Government: Republic (Duntollik)
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin, Icespeak, Kharolian, Minotaur, Ogre, Thanoi
Trade: Leather products, pelts
Alignment: NG, NE

The plains of dust remain a blistering wasteland in the summer and frozen tundra during the winter. The tribes have had to contend with the Tarmak barbarians ever since the War of the Souls. The tarmak were finally able to establish a permanent foothold in 789 AC with their taking of Anir’s End and have now built a number of outposts along the coast. The actions of the tarmak have drawn the attention of the Minotaur of Ambeon who are very wary of any non-minotaur presence being so close. To make matters worse the plains are home to many blue dragons who do not take kindly to invaders. During the early years of the Age of Mortals, Duntollik experienced an influx of refugees fleeing from various nations, unfortunately with the stabilization of the nations to the west many descendants of these refugees have since returned less harsh environs. Duntollik does have an established government but very few subjects to govern.

Capital: Daltigoth
Population: Humans, dwarves, elves, kender
Government: Imperial
Languages: Common, Ergot, Solamnic
Trade: Copper, brass, fish, furs, grain, leather, steel tools, relics, cut stone, mitary knowledge and training, ships
Alignment: LN, LG, LE, N

Ergoth may be divided into two separate islands but the nation could not be more united as a people even if it were still a single continent. Since the dragon overlord Gellidus was slain in 421 AC the Ergothian people have systematically retaken the lands from the ogres and have returned the seat of governmental power to Daltigoth. The emperor has brokered peace accords and alliances with the Solamnics, Abanasinia and the Legion of Steel, as well as the Kender of Hylo, the Gnomes of Mt. Nevermind and even the Elves of Koehlasess. Emperor Gregoire Tristan is good friends with Regent Jaymes Holcolm of Palanthas and Solamnic Grand Master Wallace Proctor. In addition to being a superb swordsman he is also a cleric of Kiri-Jolith and is often seen leading his warriors personally. While he hopes to maintain peace until his children are grown he understands that a great threat is brewing in the east. The town of Hillfal continues to be of importance to the empire of Ergoth as it houses the military garrison of the northern hundred. From this location the soldiers can move to support nearly any city on the coast within a day’s time. Even though the climate of Southern Ergoth did not change after Gellidus was slain, the crystal bridge blocking Lake Morgash was destroyed by the Ergothians allowing ships to dock at Daltigoth again.

Capital: None
Population: Humans (nomadic), goblins, ogres, giants, centaurs, hill dwarves, dragons
Government: Tribal
Languages: Common, Estwilde, Goblin, Ogre
Trade: Foodstuffs, goat-derived products
Alignment: NE, NG, N

The land of Estwilde is a land of bogs, swamps and hills, and the inhabitants of this land have become accustomed to perpetual moisture. It is a land of bandits, goblins, giants, and ogres. There is no central government with the exception of the bandit chieftains and the tribal elders of the Lor-Tai tribesmen of Qlettar and the Lahutian cannibals of Qwalmish. The only redeeming value of the entire land is the Woods of Lahue in the north but even this forest is infested with tribes of goblins and cannibals. Some centaurs inhabit the forest as well as a few human villages. The red dragon Cinder was slain during the year 628 AC by the Draconians of Teyr and shortly thereafter Lorrinar the green negotiated with Teyr in order to prevent an attack on him as well. This peace lasted until the great dragon died in battle with his mate Eiolut, who stayed with him until her eggs hatched and then she killed him. The draconians were able to kill Eiolut and they are now in search of her hatchlings that remain in the woods. There are only three dragons that remain in the woods, Lewat, Polut, and Sollun (all LE male young green mature adult).

Capital: Hylo
Population: Kender, humans, gully dwarves
Government: Republic
Languages: Common, kenderspeak, ergot
Trade: Timber, wooden carvings, professional finders and guides, ebony, flint, raw gems, spices, medicinal herbs
Alignment: NG, N, CN, CN

This is the only Kender nation left on the face of Ansalon. The kender have fended off numerous advances by Ergoth in the days after the war of the Souls. The last diplomatic envoy was in the year of 672 AC when the nation was threatened with invasion from the goblin tribes to the south. When the goblins invaded, Ergoth sent emissaries to Firebraid Birdhummer, Hylo’s governor, to persuade Hylo to become a province of Ergoth in exchange for military support. Firebraid’s response was a complete annihilation of the goblin tribes, it took the kender three years but Hylos’ independence was cemented for centuries to come. The city of Hylo continues to serve as the capital for the kender nation of Hylo. While Hylo has made it clear they have no wish to become a subject kingdom of Ergoth they have agreed to serve as scouts and spies in the forthcoming conflict.

Capital: None
Population: Humans (nomadic), thanoi, draconian, dragons
Government: Tribal
Languages: Common, Kharolian, Thanoi
Trade: Furs, meat, blubber, ice, hooks, harpoon heads, iceboat blades
Alignment: LG (Ice Folk), LE (Thanoi)

Icereach continues to be harsh frozen tundra assaulted by blistering winds. It is hazardous to those who live there and is deadly environment to any unwary traveler or inhabitant. To live in Icereach one must either be born to live such an environment or very diligent in one’s protection against the cold. Only the hardiest of humans live here in addition to the numerous Thanoi, Ogre and Draconian races. This land is still the domain of Frisindia and Cryonisis the dragon overlords. There is a rumor that the lair of the fabled storm dragon lies somewhere in the lands of the icereach, but nobody who has sought it out has ever been heard from again.

Capital: Alsip
Population: Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Government: Republic
Languages: Common, Elven, Ergot, Hand Talk (sign language), Istarian, Kharolian, Kenderspeak
Trade: Beasts of burden, coinage, grain, horses, lumber, tobacco, weapons
Alignment: LG, LN, NG, N, CG, CN

Kharolis was transformed by Beryl during the early years of the Age of Mortals, and while it was widely believed that the land would revert to its previous condition after the overlord’s death, this is not the case. The forests created during this time have continued to thrive and now provide a major portion of the nation’s commerce. When the elves and Solamnia first liberated the land from the Dark Knights many were worried that they would simply exchange one occupying force for another. The elves and Solamnia however saw that it was better to have an ally rather than a rebellious colony. Kharolis and Tarsis were left to govern themselves and they soon joined together to remove the gangs of ogres that had allied with the thanoi. With the assistance of many Wizards out of Wayreth forest, Kharolis soon secured its borders against the thanoi and chased the ogres out. As a sign of the nation’s gratitude they allowed the orders to construct minor academies within its borders. Since then Kharolis has been a region that welcomes Wizards of High Sorcery with open arms, in fact many current wizards were born within its borders. When Corvanesti first contracted Ergoth to build them an armada it was to Kharolis that they procured the timber from. This has allowed the nation to flourish and to increase the standard of life for its citizens.

Capital: None
Population: Humans (nomadic), goblins
Government: Monarchy
Languages: Dwarven, Goblin, Khur, Nerakese, Ogre
Trade: Horses, leather goods, diamonds, glass work, spices, oil, artifacts
Alignment: LE, LN

Khur has finally become a united nation. It has been attacked from all sides, fortunately they have not all come at the same time. The nation was first attacked shortly after the elven exodus by the Knights of Neraka who attempted to take over the government by subverting the prince and bringing him to their side, this failed when he was killed by his father’s own troops. Less than five years later the ogres attempted to drive the Khur into the sea, but the ogres were attacked by the Dwarves of Thoradin. The Khur had been using the treasure squeezed out of the elves to buy weapons crafted by the dwarves. The ogres ceased their attacks on the Khur and began a siege against the dwarves cutting off their financial lifeline. The Khur tribe advocated assisting the dwarves but they could not persuade any of the other tribes help the dwarves. The Emperor did send a task force to assist Thoradin, but they were intercepted and destroyed by the ogres. The Minotaur were the next to attack, the Khur people were only able to avert annihilation by starting a massive fire along the northern border of the Ambeon forest, which raged out of control for three weeks. Once the ogres brokered a peace accord with the dwarves they made one final assault on the city of Khuri-khan, and although the ogres were driven back, the city was destroyed. The Khur tribe was wiped out almost to the last man, and the Hachakee assumed the mantle of Grand Khan. The people of Khur have since returned to their roots and become a nomadic people again. Nearly all cities have been abandoned and or demolished since the fighting ended. One of the few cities still inhabited is Ak-Khurman, but those who live here are not the Khur nomads but pirates, kender and some Minotaur who raid the Khurman and Courrain seas. The city of Delphon was destroyed during the invasion by the Minotaur and was completely reduced to rubble. There are rumors that the city is inhabited by giant snakes and tylor.

Capital: None
Population: Elves
Government: Republic
Languages: Elven
Trade: None
Alignment: LG, NG, CG

The tiny nation of Koehlasess has its foundations in the exodus of the elven nations during the first years of the war of the lance, when the elves evacuated their lands. While the elves had settled the lands and they were pretty much left alone to govern themselves, the threat of invasion always hung over their head. The elves sought to rectify that situation when Ergoth came calling for assistance. They brokered for permanent rulership of the land and persuaded Ergoth to renounce all claim to the area. Since then the nation has remained isolated from the world, any elf that advocates isolationism will eventually find themselves arriving here.

Capital: Darkhaven Keep
Population: Humans, kender, goblins, draconians, dragons, sligs
Government: Dictatorship (Knights of Darkhaven)
Languages: Common, Goblin, Kenderspeak, Ogre, Nerakan, Slig
Trade: Raw ore, jewels, artifacts
Alignment: LE, LN, CN, N, CE

Malagh’valos, the land of the red goddess, is the combined lands of Balifor and Goodlund previously ruled by Malystryx. It is a sprawling wasteland ruled by the Knights of Darkhaven. It was hoped by many that the land would revert to its previous condition when Malystryx was killed during the War of the Souls but this has not happened. The Knights of Darkhaven preach that this is a sign of the power of red goddess. It is populated by numerous dragons, bandits, brigands, pirates and mercenaries. The wasteland only supports life along the coastal waters. Each town is a world unto itself, even the coastal towns have learned to be self-reliant, that is occasionally disrupted by the depredations of the knights of darkhaven. The land is ruled by the knights of Darkhaven but that has more to do with the fact that very few have ever tried to disrupt their control of the land. The kender have made several attempts to return the land to its previous condition to no avail. There are three major towns in the wasteland, two in the Balifor area and one in the Goodlund area. Port Balifor has moved nearly all of its buildings into the surrounding caves, a few buildings still reside outside the caves but these are the buildings and warehouses that run along the wharf. Flotsam has completely surrounded itself with a sturdy and high wall but it has constructed all of its buildings to look dilapidated or run-down by constructing each building, even new ones, out of many different materials and this has become the theme of the town as well as a tourist attraction. Lord Toede who is many years old (nobody really knows how he has lived this long) continues to be the mayor of the town. Some Kender still inhabit the wasteland and explore the famous Kender site of the Ruins of the tower of Losarcum which Malystryx took as her lair.

Capital: Sanction
Population: Humans, ogres, hobgoblins, draconians
Government: Dictatorship (knights), Tribal
Languages: Dwarven, Goblin, Khur, Lemish, Nerakese, Nordmaarian, Ogre, Solamnic
Trade: Slaves, obsidian, lime, mercenaries, smuggled goods, llamas, wool
Alignment: LE, LN, NE

The knighthood achieved a consolidation of forces after they were driven from the woodlands of Kharolis by the elves magical arrival from the desert of Khur. The knighthood boarded ships and set sail from the western borders of Kharolis and coordinated with their brother knights to attack the city of Sanction. This action re-established the dark knights as a power in the Taman Busuk region. After driving the Solamnics from Sanction Sir Taylor Uth Matar became the Lord of the Night of the knighthood in the area of Taman Busuk, and the leadership of the knighthood has been passed down through the centuries from one Uth Matar to the next with very few lords of the night not being from this family line. In recent years a young knight named Joseph Uth Matar has systematically sought out and brought to ground every single faction of Dark Knights that refused to comply with the tenets of the Knighthood. Somehow he was able to convince the Thorn knight’s of Storm’s Keep and the Knights of darkhaven again join forces with him in a grand campaign to conquer all of Ansalon. He also restored a much needed focal point to the knighthood by dedicating the knighthood to one of Krynn’s dark deities.

Capital: North Keep
Population: Humans (nomadic)
Government: Feudal (nomads)
Languages: Estwilde, Kalinese, Nordmaarian, Solamnic, Common, Nerakese
Trade: Spice, exotic plants and animals, liquors, iron, marble, carts, chariots, horses
Alignment: Any

The lives of the Nordmen remain largely unchanged since the time of the chaos war. After the Draconians moved into the area and established a government in Teyr, there were tensions between the two nations. However things changed when the Draconians slew the dragon Mohrlex and offered to let the Nordmen take possession of the treasure horde, King Shredler Kerian however negotiated with Governor Kang to share the treasure (in fact allowing the Draconian nation to keep the majority of the treasure) and brokered an alliance between the two nations. The draconians and the horsemen have supported each other in stopping invasion by the Knights of Neraka as well as routing the goblins from the forests of Sahket Jungle, they were even able to rout all ogres from the area as well. Since then the two nations have become steadfast allies and compatriots in maintaining their independence from other nations, governments and invasion.

Capital: Palanthas
Population: Humans, dwarves
Government: Imperial (Solamnia), monarchy (Kayolin)
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Solamnic, Lemish
Trade: Ships, timber, ale, gems, iron, steel, horses, cattle, military knowledge and training
Alignment: LG, NG, CG, LN

Solamnia is enjoying its greatest age since before the time of the cataclysm. It has returned the lands of Throtl, Lemish, Nightlund and Qwermish to its borders and it is a time of relative peace and harmony. The lands of Estwilde and Nordmaar continue to act as a buffer between the Solamnics and the Knights of Neraka who are pressured by the ogre nation. Solamnia is currently acting with the United Elvish government as well as Ergoth to build and crew an armada of ships to retake the Silvanesti lands from the Minotaur. The forests of Kharolis provide the wood while the shipyards of Ergoth on Enstar and Nostar build the vessels. The Knighthood is enjoying vast recruitments with some knights having two or even three squires at a time. The knighthood has built a fifth war college in Dargaard Keep with the first four being in the High Clerist Tower, Solanthus, Palanthas, and Caergoth. Here young knights receive training in squirely duties while kingfishers receive wizardly training. The white tower resides in the forest of Knightlund and continues to support the Solamnics in their efforts to keep the land free of evil. Kalaman is the capital of the province of Knightlund as well as a major sea port for the Solamnic nation.

Capital: Castle uth Wistan (Gunthar), Mt. Nevermind (gnomes)
Population: Gnomes, humans (civilized)
Government: Republic (gnomes), Imperial (Gunthar)
Languages: Common, Gnome, Solamnic
Trade: Gold, silver, platinum, gems, weapons
Alignment: NG (gnomes), LG (Gunthar)

Little has changed on Sancrist isle in the last 600 years. Mt. Nevermind is still the main stronghold for the gnomes of Ansalon, and they have rid themselves of the dragon overlord Pyrothraxus, granted he died of old age, some say boredom, and not through any direct effort of the gnomes but he is gone. The knights maintain the citadel at Castle Uth Wistan in Gunthar but it is no longer the seat of power for the Solamnic nation but it is the headquarters for the naval branch of the Solamnic army. The world has become more accepting of gnomish inventions since their curse was lifted, but the gnomes themselves are a very goal-oriented people, so unless someone comes to them they are not likely to share their inventions with the outside world. The Solamnic navy has always kept a close eye on the gnomes of Mt. Nevermind and they have incorporated every single incarnation of working cannons into the design of their ships. Unfortunately some of these ships have fallen into the hands of the dark knights as well as the Minotaur and they have started to make versions of the cannons themselves. The gnomes are currently working on a steel-reinforced hull for ships of the Solamnic navy.

Schallsea Isle
Capital: None
Population: Humans, dwarves, elves
Government: Tribal (nomads), theocracy (citadel of light)
Languages: Common, Solamnic
Trade: Foodstuffs, fish, coinage
Alignment: LG, NG

The island of Schallsea is not a nation but more of an organization. The island has no government but the Citadel of Light administers to any needs that the inhabitants might have. The island offers its services of healing and mysticism to any who are in need. The island enjoys the protection of both Solamnia to the north and Abanasinia and the Legion of Steel to the south, but this protection is rarely needed as the island presents no threat or aggressive action towards any government, group or race of people. The Citadel welcomes both mystics and clerics for training into its halls as well as druids, rangers, paladins and even bards. The island has added a Bardic college to its institution as well as a small survival course in combat to its curriculum, for even though one might not want to bring harm to others, sometimes others bring harm to thee. It has no facilities to train those in the arcane arts with the exception of the Bardic college, but sorcerers and wizards are both welcome to partake of the knowledge contained in the libraries.

The Great Swamp
Capital: None
Population: Bakali, draconians, dragons, nagas, sligs
Government: Tribal
Languages: Draconic
Trade: None
Alignment: CE, CN, N

The terrain once claimed by Dragon Overlord Enysablet has continued to remain a swamp despite the death of Sable after the war of the souls. It has since become a land of reptiles and draconic creatures. Black dragons, dragonspawn and even some draconians have come to live beside the reptilian races like the bakali, sligs, kobolds, giant snakes and nagas. These creatures have taken control of this stretch of land and there is no central leadership other than the leaders of the wandering clans and tribes of lizardmen. While most people are not able to tell the difference between the different racial types much less the different tribes, the swamp’s inhabitants have no such trouble. While the different groups are constantly waging war on each other, they have never been much of a threat to those outside of the swamp’s borders, should they ever band together they would present a fighting force the face of Ansalon has not seen since the first age.

Capital: Teyr
Population: Draconians
Government: Senate
Languages: Common, Nerakese, Nordmaarian
Trade: Weapons, military training, gems
Alignment: LG, LN, LE

The Draconians of Teyr have experienced a truly vitalizing sense of life since their first stumbling steps as a nation. Many draconians criticized governor Kang’s action when he advocated the destruction of Mohrlex, but realized his genius when they became the only nation to broker a peace treaty with a dragon overlord through a position of power. Governor Kang was able to convince the horseman of Nordmaar of his desire for peace when he offered the treasure of Mohrlex to the horseman and again assisted in the defense of the nation when Neraka invaded in 540 AC, it was at this time that the nation ceded more land to the draconian nation, who became the first line of defense against invasion from the south. The draconians have built a huge wall with outposts along the southern border from Hangman’s Harbor to the Astivar Mountains. There is also a huge outpost in the Astivar Mountains allowing the wall to be watched at all times, and for messengers to be dispatched should an attack come from the south. This outpost also allows a view of the woods of Lahue and is on constant watch for Lewat, Polut, and Sollun the descendants of Lorrinar. Draconians have been seen dropping from the fortress and gliding almost the entire length of the wall. The draconians have also discovered the reason that dwarves originally settled in the region, the mountains of Astivar have a vast amount of diamonds and sapphires hidden deep within its roots.

Capital: Thoradin
Population: Dwarves
Government: Monarchy
Languages: Common, Dwarven, High Ogre, Terran, Undercommon
Trade: Minted coins, gems, weapons, dwarf spirits, wool, clothing, timber
Alignment: LN, N, LE, NE

The Dwarves of Thoradin are in an untenable position sharing a border with the Abaqua nation Blodecairn and the nomads of Khur. They once tried to support the Khur against an Ogre invasion and suffered greatly for it. After coming to the aid of their trading partners, the Ogres turned on the dwarven nation and were able to sustain a two year long siege, mostly by the pure will of the ogre tyrant Golgren, cutting the dwarves off from any help and breaking their trading lines. King Severus Stonehand had little choice but to capitulate to the demands of the ogre leader Golgren, which they have abided by for centuries. After the treaty was reached the dwarven nation devoted itself to protecting itself from just such an attack in the future. They have been able to expand the tunnels beneath the city and have cultivated massive underground gardens and have even acclimatized livestock for the underground kingdom.

Capital: Thorbardin
Population: Dwarves
Government: Dictatorship
Languages: Dwarven
Trade: None
Alignment: LN, LG, N, CN, LE

The dwarves of Thorbardin have not been seen since the war of the souls when they evicted King Tarn Bellowgranite and shut their doors to the world. Many Hylar dwarves have advised that Tarn try and retake the underground kingdom but he knew that this would cause more bloodshed between the clans, so he decided to wait. To placate those who spoke of retaking the realm he made plans and preparations for this invasion, but many accused him of continued stalling and they were not far off. Tarn was hoping to stall the invasion until after his son was grown. To his despair his son was killed in cave-in when the dwarves were expanding the underground caverns of Pax Tharkas. Tarn led a scout mission into the tunnels leading to Thorbardin that the dragon-armies had used during the War of the Lance, he was never seen again. Occasionally a scouting team is sent to investigate the way into Thorbardin, none have ever returned.


Jun 02, 2007 8:17:47
Darth, I love what you have done, especially with the elves. What happend to the kender?


Jun 02, 2007 17:09:11
The kender are still there. Hylo is going strong and they have infilitrated most of the military unit of the good nations by acting as scouts (spies in disguise, remember the afflicted don't trust anyone), as this allows them to keep an eye on everyone. There are still kender in the Malaghvalos (the desolation) trying to disrupt the control the knights of darkhaven have on the area. And of course true kender still experience wanderlust and are everywhere, but as the world (or at least a major portion of it) is experiencing a time of peace and prosperity most people have a lot more tolerance for the kender's antics.


Jun 02, 2007 20:08:27
So there are no nations of normal kender?


Jun 02, 2007 22:01:33
Well not any completely run by non-afflicted kender. Hylo is administered by normal kender and afflicted kender both. But no there is no other nation that is run by kender.


Jun 03, 2007 10:23:31
I would have hoped that there might have been a cure for the Afflicted condition by this time in the game.


Jun 03, 2007 17:23:03
Hey Darth, do you have any of the important characters (heads of Conclave, Knights, etc) statted out?


Jun 03, 2007 20:25:13
No I am still laying down the bare-bones for the campaign. I just have the Classes, Weapons, and Organization chapters to finish. Some of this stuff I have to adjust as I try to incorporate some rules from a slightly different setting. For istance I love the Vitality, reputation, and class defense systems used in Star Wars d20. I also like the armor as damage reduction system, and for this I need to make sure I have it written out so it is easy to reference. Two other things I borrow from the Star wars d20 system is the NPC class system and the non-hero class take on things. Basically NPC classes don't bestow the full benefits of a hero class (hence vitality points and stuff). The other being that only specific NPCs have hero classes which means that enemies are typically easier to defeat in small numbers and it takes more enemies to equate the same challenge rating as a single character of a given level. For instance a typical goblin encounter might be along the lines of say four 2nd-level rogue, one 3rd-level fighter and maybe a 2nd-level sorcerer four say 6 enemies. But if you take out the hero classes and only use NPC classes that only bestow Wound points rather than vitality points and they pretty much fall down after the first hit, then the fight is over more quickly and the challenge is not really there. But this does allow for the battles to be bigger without extending the time it takes to role-play a combat encounter. You know those situations where the heroes are seriously outnumbered but are still able to survive or even possibly win the fight.

For instance take a look at the fight at the end of the movie "Fellowship of the ring" and try to play that out in d20 D&D rules. I am sorry but the heroe's should have been toast, or at least seriously injured, but what happens? One person is killed and two are kidnapped, the others do not even get a scratch except for Aragorn at the end. The vitality system works this well, for even if you get hit for a massive amount of vitality point damage, the character is not really hit for physical damage it just takes a lot of effort for him to avoid that blow. If somebody roles a critical hit this is when the character is actually hit for physical damage.

So it may be awhile until I can get the main characters done. By putting the campaign so far in the future, nobody can give me any snuff about, "well this character has this ability" or "that character is a dark night but has no knight levels." But give it time and I will be set.


Jun 03, 2007 23:56:06
Good for you