M'ke and night runners final bout



Apr 19, 2007 19:12:33
ok here's the deal. I'm going to play one 8+ hour session that will end the adventure. The PCs are in Raam, timeline pre dregoth post everything else. The night runners and house M'ke have gone to war. The PCs aren't exactly sure,(me neither) but could be the elves have found the location of one of house M'ke's caches or ar ejust trying to increase their territory and influence, thereby getting ever closer to have Raam be controlled by elves. The PCs are caught in the middle, having killed a night runner and having kidnapped a high ranking M'ke. they delivered the M'ke to the elves as peace offering but someone in the tribe doesn't want their help. haven't decided yet if this elf is a traitor or has other ulterior motives. one of the PCs is an undead although others don't know about it, and he was created by house M'ke's lead wizard. He's considered the 'beta' version and they have the final draft ready to unleash as a secret weapon against the elves. house M'ke also has access to a deadly poison which saps your strength permanently.(the elves tried to steal it but at that time the PCs were working for the M'ke)

The elves have numbers and a hostage as advantage. the hostage is Truvo M'ke(M'ke's leader)'s niece.

House M'ke has the poison and an undead nightmare(similar to a vampire minus the sunlight fearing and steals energy instead of blood).

PCs include a member of the night runners who might play a cleric(which may or may not betray the other PCs. She's up for anything. She wasn't part of the adventure before.), a thri kreen psion, a halfling bard and an elf from another tribe who was captured and turned undead. he's a psychic warrior. he doesn't yet know he was created by house m'ke.

They are all lvl8 except the kreen because of the lvl adjustment.

anyway I'd like some creative input to help me finalize my adventure and make this a kickass conclusion. any ideas?


Apr 23, 2007 19:34:43
Maybe you could pose some more specific questions. What are you having trouble with?


Apr 24, 2007 18:48:59
well no trouble really, just looking for some ideas on how you would end the session and the adventure.

It might go like this: the PCs, siding with the elves, join the tribe as it clashes with house M'ke on the streets of Raam. In this chaos, Truvo spots the PCs and, obviously ****** that they kidnapped his niece, brings out his 'secret weapon' a little early. The undead(which by the way found on these boards and is called a Naefolitan if I got the spelling right) attacks the PCs which makes this their last 'boss fight'. Depending on the outcome and time it takes them, the huge and chaotic street fight might be nearing it's end and then.. maybe a group of elves are seen entering a building which has one of House Mke's cach├ęs hidden in an underground lair, which the PCs must fight the elves to keep, as the elves wouldn't honor their 'alliance' since they're not tribe members...I think since elves are WAY more numerous, this would be an escape rather than a fight.

Anyway this is just one scenario. I'd like to hear some other ideas and maybe I can combine my ideas with others', so as to make this last session truly remarkable.

See I know there are many DMs out there and there are a wide variety of ways to run an adventure. I'd like to try and get good things from many different ones. Some DMs really go in depth, some prefer hack and slash. I'd say I'm a little bit of both, although I lean a little more on the hacking... Maybe some help in making the adventure something that would really grip the PCs and really get attached to their characters as it dies or escapes for its life.