FYI - Dungeon and Dragon magizines are no more :(



Apr 19, 2007 21:58:56
I just found out and thought I would share. I have been a subscriber for years, so I am a little shocked, but what is one to do.

Check the link to find out more.


Apr 19, 2007 22:03:45
I smell a pay-to-use-website on the horizon.


Apr 20, 2007 1:09:32
What the hell Dungeon has been the best its been in years if not ever.


Apr 20, 2007 5:58:37
I smell a pay-to-use-website on the horizon.

I for one refuse to pay for Web-Based gaming materials. Just doesnt feel the same.


Apr 20, 2007 6:35:53
Yeah, crazy move. I transferred my Dragon and Dungeon subscriptions immediately over to Paizo's new Pathfinder book and bought some more of their Gamemastery line to show support. There's no way I'm signing up to any paid website from WotC. Never mind the fact that I don't want my main gaming support material to be electronic (or printed out on crappy looseleaf sheets), I'm also not supporting an initiative that is responsible for bringing an end to two genuine gaming icons.

Bottom line - WotC know that Paizo have outstripped them at their own game, and now they're throwing a sulk and taking their toys back. Idiots.


Apr 20, 2007 6:54:44
Yeah - I am going to get the first two issues of the Pathfinder with my excess subscriptions - it is a pretty good deal seeing as how you get the hardcopy AND the PDF - w00t!

It does seem like a strange move for WotC though - from reading some of the comments on the message board, Dungeon and Dragon mags were doing well, if not even expanding, so it seems a bit odd that they would do this.


Apr 20, 2007 7:24:01
Well, not really all that strange. WotC weren't publishing the magazines anymore, Paizo were, under license from WotC. WotC will have gotten a licensing fee from them, but little more. And yes, the magazines were doing better than ever, and improving all the time, much to WotC's chagrin. Basically, Paizo had become a serious competitor and the magazines were their flagship products. With WotC trying to move back into the adventures market this year, both Dragon and Dungeon were competition worth worrying about - especially Dungeon, which was able to offer three sold adventures a month at a price that WotC simply couldn't match. Monte Cook has a very interesting insider's perspective on this move over at his board on the Malhavoc site. Personally, I don't think that WotC reckoned with the bad feelings that cancelling the magazines would cause, nor with the lack of interest that many people have in an electronic subscription service. As cool and handy-dandy as the internet is, gamers like books and shiny magazines and won't be ready to give them up in a hurry. Well, this gamer won't at any rate... ;)


Apr 20, 2007 7:39:14
I always wanted to convert the Age of Worms to Darksun. The Savage Tide was shaping up nice as well.


Apr 20, 2007 9:27:37
Yeah - I do not think I will be going with the on-line thing either - I liked the mags. It is just a shame - Dungeon and Dragon magiziens are just iconic D&D material.


Apr 20, 2007 10:24:44
Yeah - I do not think I will be going with the on-line thing either - I liked the mags. It is just a shame - Dungeon and Dragon magiziens are just iconic D&D material.

I agree. I still have my very old Dragon magazines before the 200 issue) stacked in my library.

Cheers and long live to Dragon



Apr 20, 2007 18:51:53
What do you guys think of the Pathfinder thing Paizo is launching? Normally I would go meh but Paizo has been doing a great job lately with Dungeon magazine and has been outperforming WoTC material as well.


Apr 21, 2007 2:04:38
If the online solution includes an option with access to an archive with all previous adventures published in Dungeon and articles from old Dragon magazines indexed, coupled with a good search function (campaign world filter would be nice), then it could draw my attention. Imagine access to all published DS-related material in Dragon and Dungeon with a couple of clicks. Of course, they could have done that without cancelling the paper edition of the magazines.


Apr 21, 2007 8:21:50
If this new online endeavor incorporates e-tools (which WotC had also taken back some time ago) in some way it might have some merit


Apr 21, 2007 17:51:10
I haven't been subbed to Dragon and Dungeon for a number of years (haven't played D&D for over a year now, so had no use for the subs and other more pressing needs for the money), but while subscribed, I found Paizo was doing a bang-up job on the mags.

When I (hopefully) can find a local group and get back into gaming, I was going to renew my subs, but now..? Honestly, I don't buy electronic products at all. I find them far too inconvenient and clumsy to use. I prefer hard copy. Flipping through pages, the physical artifact. It has things electronic products just don't.


Apr 22, 2007 18:03:22
Well then, looks like it's up to and the rest of us to produce new and good content.


Apr 22, 2007 23:47:50

Another piece of the old days gone. Whether or not the new online thing'd be worth the electrical signal it's delivered through aside, it just wouldn't be the bloody same.


Apr 23, 2007 8:51:24
I agree with the sentiment. I deal with electronic media if I have to, but I prefer to have a bound product in my hands than to flip through sheets I had to print myself (or rather beg someone else to print for me - and hope they didn't read the file afterwards ruining their genuine surprise).

I recently started running a Deadlands campaign (old west meets horror/sci-fi for those not knowing about it. Think Wild Wild West or Brisco County Jr. with zombies, undead, or werewolves).. and I picked up most of the library in pdf form. But when it came to running the game, stacks of printed copies of the books were just a mess to keep flipping through, and they take up so much more space unless you print doublesided and hope the ink doesn't bleed. . anyway, I have since been hunting ebay for printed copies of everything I own, and more.

The same goes for my D&D. I have several of the books in pdf form, and while it is okay for home reference, it makes it very difficult to use that material at the game table. I deal with material in that format because it is the only way I can get it, and my love for Dark Sun is enough that I am willing to be abused by loose sheets of ToA or ToDL flying all over during one of my bi-weekly campaigns.

Though I was not a subscriber - I did enjoy the magazine when they weren't trying to ruid my Dark Sun. It shall be missed.


Apr 23, 2007 17:28:21
Personally I'm not at all interested in this Pathfinder thing. After reading the information on it, it's $19.99 minus 30% if you subscribe ($13.99), plus shipping.... that's what? Like $180 a year?

For that you get a 96 page soft cover book, that is essentially like the adventure paths they have been running in Dungeon with some of the supporting material they have been running in Dragon and all of these adventure paths are going to be set in some as yet unrevealed campaign setting that Paizo is coming out with, that you will surely have to buy the books for as well.

A subscription to both Dungeon and Dragon Magazine costed like $120 dollars a year and delivered a much wider variety of content for a variety of setting and included comics and advertisements (which I actually appreciated greatly).


Apr 24, 2007 12:00:53
Wow, I feel like this is the passing of an old friend.