Gzemnid's Realm



Apr 20, 2007 13:40:17
What ring of the Outlands does Gzemnid's Realm sit in? Beholders have high level spells and I'm wondering if all of their spells work when in that realm.


Apr 28, 2007 7:42:26
I think it is the 6th, but am not certain. My reasoning is that it is mentioned in Dead Gods Chapter 1 or (perhaps 2), at which point the party is on the Outlands and stated to be in the 6th ring.


Apr 28, 2007 11:40:17
Places in the Outlands tend to shift and slide, so they won't always be in the same ring. Gzemnid's realm is more or less in the same place as Dwarven Mountain and Ilsensine's Caverns of Thought - all three realms mingle together. Gzemnid's realm is also very close to Glorium (Sigil and Beyond says Gzemnid is trying to take Glorium over).

Ironridge, which is in the same area, is said to be found anywhere between the fifth and eighth layers, depending on how far it's slid toward becoming a gate-town. We might expect Ironridge to replace Glorium if Glorium slides into Ysgard or Gzemnid steals it.

Gzemnid is a very magical deity, though, and probably prefers magic to work within his realm.