Newest Greyhawk Novel!



Apr 20, 2007 16:12:00
I am so excited. A package just arrived from Chapters books for me. In it is a reprint of Andre Norton's novel Quag Keep. This book was first publish in 1978 and is set in the World of Greyhawk.

The second part of this small treaure was the sequel Novel Return to Quag Keep, Published last year. It's going to be a nice weekend :D


Apr 20, 2007 19:01:25
Interesting thigs about Greyhawk in the Novel QUAG KEEP, that point to the difference between the Greyhawk we Know, and the Greyhawk of Gygax (possibly)

In the Novel, Greyhawk, while being a Free City, is not situated near the Nyr Dyv (No mention of that great Lake). Instead, to the north of Greyhawk lies the lands of Grand Duchy of Urnst, and to the north of that lay the lands of the Great Kingdom of Blackmoor (The map that is reference in the novel has Greyhawk situated on the far right of the sheet of parchment, no mention is made of Lands to the East of Greyhawk).

The Far west of Greyhawk lies the Dry Steppes where only the Nomad Riders of Lar travel. To the southwest lay the lands of the Duchy of Geofp, locked in a civil war, and a haven of Evil (refered to as Chaos).

While character levels are mentioned in the novel, they are not done the same way as Rose Estes. Instead, characters are refered to as being of the lesser ranks of the Druidic Order, of possessing of knowledge of the Lesser and Greater Spells of so-n-so.

There is no mention of Mordenkainen, or Rary or others of note, and the only God of note is one of the characters is a Priest of the god Landron. An example of how 'levels and such' is refered to in the novel, when the cleric is introduced it is done thusly:

By his robe of gray, faced with white, Deav Dyne was a follower of Landron-of-the-Inner-Light, and of the thrid rank.

So, while we know Deav Dyne is of the 3rd rank, what does that mean? Third Level? Maybe but unlikely. One of the Party members was a Bard (and seeing as the novel is from the 1st edition days), a Bard would be around Fighter7/thief 3/bard 1, perhaps the whole thrid rank means merely his place within a church Hierachy.

Still a great read for nostalgia, and I honestly do reccomend the book.