Old DS Dragon Article



Apr 29, 2007 21:41:32
I am looking for an old darksun article that appeared in dragon magazine, it was on how to play intelligent undead and how to generate them in darksun. Could someone please tell me what issue that was in? Also does anyone know anyway to get a legal electronic copy of it?


Apr 29, 2007 21:52:27
"1,001 Faces of Undeath" from Dragon #209.

Only legal way to get an electronic copy, as far as I know, is to buy the Dragon Magazine Archive.

The second Dark Sun MC has most of the article as an appendix and the role-playing suggestions are in the monster descriptions, so buying that may be the most economical legal solution.


Apr 29, 2007 22:07:06
I got the DS MC2, but I dont find it to be as cool as the dragon article(or at least how I remember the dragon article). I just really like the whole system they had set up.

Anyway thanks for such a quick response I am now off to e-bay to see if I can score the dragon archive.