Mystara stuff in future Knowledge Arcana?



May 01, 2007 14:36:58

I asked if the Board fan mag Knowledge Arcana would accept OOP world material like Mystara stuff or if that was outside the scope for KA. Part of the response was:

I don't know that it's outside the scope. We try to stay current and topical, but, I suppose if a good enough OOP submission showed up, we'd give it just as serious a consideration as we would for anything else.



May 01, 2007 15:34:40
Would this be interesting to our community? Could it be a way to showcase our setting, especially with the demise of the Paizo mags? Or should we just go about our business and leave KA for the the "current and topical" folks...

IMO, the Vaults are the appropriate venue for fan-created material about Mystara, since (1) everybody knows Mystaran stuff is collected there, so things aren't lost in a miriad of irrelevant articles (KA is not even only about D&D!), and (2) there are IMO better ways to showcase our setting (e.g., complete, typeset and illustrate the Newbie Guide).

The only real interest could be in making the setting known to people who wouldn't know of it otherwise.