Ideas for a Draji Campaign



May 02, 2007 11:16:01
What ideas do you guys have for a campaign in the draji region, I really like the culture and concept of draji as well as house tsalaxa and I am going to be starting a campaign there soon.

1) House Tsalaxa and the Dedys Consortium enter into a full scale war with the PCs embrolled on either side, when looks as if House Tsalaxa will obilerate the flegling house House Wavir sends aid, also the Dedys Consortium has another ally that they don't even know about, the Veiled Alliance

2) the black sand raiders being to serevely disrupt trade going into and out of Draji stealing vast quanties of silk and hemp, House Tsalaxa or The Templars of Draji hire the Pc's to help stop the raiders.

3) Yardis beings to get even stronger suspicious about the political situation in Draj and hires on the PC's to investigate

4) Some crazy combination of the three!!!!!

Also on another related note, my party wants to have an even more marked distain for elves than the average athasian (two were elven slaves and another is a thri-kreen) but i really want to run in the draji region what elf tribes roam the sandy waste near draji, i know the clear water elves have a presense but I want a tribe more nomadic and less civil.


May 02, 2007 12:20:19
heres what im goins with...

The Draj Campaign

The PC’s are hired by Pandios Arthus (CG Human Rouge 3/ Preserver 4/ Veiled One 3) an agent of the Dedys Consortium to escort a caravan from Ket to Draj; the caravan is laden with profits from Dedys’ silk trade in the north, but also has another extremely valuable asset, Hammylcar, a Dwarven slave who has been trained as a blacksmith. Pandios explains that the Dedys Consortium doesn’t regularly deal in the slave trade but it would be impossible for them to pass up such a lucrative profit as a blacksmith. What the PC’s don’t know is that Pandios is a double agent, not only is he a trader for the Dedys Consortium he is also a Veiled Alliance operative. His mission is to get a Veiled Alliance auxiliary, Hammylcar (LG Psion 3 shaper, Expert 4) to Draji in the most unsuspicious way possible, under the guise of slavery. Once in Draji a Veiled Alliance operative will “buy” Hammylcar at auction, and the Templars will know none the better.
What Pandios hadn’t planned on was House Tsalaxa’s spy’s informing that trading house of such a wealthy prospect as a dwarven blacksmith. Fortunately as of yet Tsalaxa hasn’t become aware of Pandios affiliations with the Veiled Alliance. Still, House Tsalaxa has become aware of the caravan’s great wealth but because of the situation of Dedys’ alliance with House Wavir is hesitant to attack it openly.
This is where the campaign can take a major turn, in one of two plot paths. First house Tsalaxa attempts to bribe the PC’s through an agent who has embedded him self with the caravan. Mal’Hoc’Tex (CE Female Half-Elf Bard 4 Telepath 3) signed on with the caravan with the other PC’s, and about half way trough the trek to Draji she will propose her bribe to the PC who seems most amicable. If they refuse she will attempt to assassinate the PC’s while they are sleeping as are her orders. If they except she will ask the PC’s to help her kill Pandios.
Either way the PC’s will enter a polizarizng position. First if they take the bribe, they will earn the enmity of the Dedys Consortium and the Veiled Alliance. One the other hand if they refuse they will become targets for house Tsalaxa and ultimately the Black Sand Raiders. If Mal’Hoc’Tex escapes after the PC’s refusal she make her way to the Clearwater Elves who have been bribed into assisting house Tsalaxa in this matter. If she is killed the Elves are still contacted and begin to harass the caravan.
Also another facton has learned of the caravans great treasure, the infamous black sand raiders. The raiders are irrespective of the intricate political connotations involving the cravaan they simply desire the amazing plunder and will repeatedly attack the PC’s until they face a significant defeat.
The rest of the campaign is essentially incumbent on the PC’s mid journey decision. Either way once they make it to the city state they will be harried by assignation attempts either by the Veiled Alliance or House Tsalaxa. If the deieded to take the bribe they will be offered membership in the house personally by Yarsha. If the PC’s had decided to remain loyal to Pandios they will be rewarded by an offer to become axillaries in Draj’s chapter of the Veiled Alliance.


May 06, 2007 17:47:29
Major Npcs

Pandios Arthus, Dedys Consortium Trader and Veiled Alliance Operative
CG Human male Preserver 4/ Rouge 3/ Veiled One 3

Tor The Invincible, “Slave” Gladiator and Pandios’ Bodyguard
LN Mul male Gladiator 5

Mal’Hoc’Tec, Moon Priest of Draj and Provost of Ket
LE human male Templar 4/ Psy Warrior 2

Katuu Duskflower, House Tsalaxa Spy and Smuggler
CE half-elf female bard 6

Grimic Bonegnasher Wandering Shaman
CN Halfling Male Druid 5

Quezital, House Tsalaxa Merchant Supervisor
NE Human Male Rouge 15

Commander Azeletar
LN Human Fighter 7 Jaguar Knight 5

Org, Mal’ Hoc Tec’s Slave “muscle”
E(L/N/C) Half-Giant Female Brute 5

Anaruu Graystar, Clearwater Raider and Scout
CN Elf Male Scout 5/ Soul knife 4

Mutami Silverleaf, Clearwater Merchant Princess
CG Elf Female Lurk 10

Random Draj Area Encounters
1-Black Sand Raiders (1d10 +1 leader)
2-Gith (1d20)
3- Cinderspawn (night only)
4- Sand Hunter Pack (1d12+4)
5- Belgoi (1d12 + 1 Fire Cleric and 1 telepath)
6- House Tsalaxa Caravaan (1 Trader Rouge 6, 1d4 Half Giant Brutes 2, 1d8 Mercenaries Fighter 3, 1 Seer, 1d20 Slaves)
7- Clearwater Elf Raiders- (1d12 Scouts2/Rouge1, 1d6 Archers Fighter 3, 1 Soulknife Leader 6, 1 Nomad or Wilder 4)
8- Dune Reaper Hunting Pack (1d4 drones, + 1 Warrior)
9-Desert Mastyrial
10- Tembo
11-Draj Military Patrol (1 Jaguar Knight, 1d12 Warriors, 1d4 Scouts, 1 Kiniticist, 1 Earth Cleric)
12- Dire Vultures (1d6)
13-Chekryans (1d2)
14-Psionic Giant Wasps (1d4)
15-Daggoran Pack (1d4)
17 Clearwater Elf Merchants (1d6 Runners Rouge 2/ fighter 1, 3 1d4 Merchants elf Rouges 5, 1 Nomad)
18- Gaj
19- Krenshar Pride (1d10)
20- Slig Warband (1d 20 Sligs+ 1 Brute leader)


1- Dune Hag Defiler 3 (Night Only)
2- Dune Twister
3- Tarek Squad (1d12+2 Tareks, 1 Earth Cleric 4, 1 Brute 5)
4- Dracktar* (new monster, will post)
5- Wild Kank Herd (1d20 Kanks)
6- Dustblights (1d4)
7- Scorpion Swarm
8- Air Elementals (1d6 medium)
9- Dessiciator Gang (5)
12-Jann Tribe (non-hostile)
13- Ether Scarab Cluster (1d6 +1)
14- Braxrat
15- Psionic Ankylosaurus
16- Earth Elemental, Large
17- Efferet Bottle (1 Efferet)
18- Cactus Patch
19- Dune Stalker
20- Giant Trapdoor Spider (Psionic)

1- Sand Storm
2- Flay wind
3- 4- Dune Collapse (in sandy region only)
4- Extreamly Hot Day (140- 180)
5- Tyr Storm
6- Avalanche (mountains only)
7- Quick Sand (near mud flats only, i.e. Ket or Draj)
8- Fire Storm
9- Extremely Cold Night (-10 – 32)
10- Roll Again and Combine two logical effects
12- Whirlwind


May 06, 2007 17:49:46
also i changed the spy from Mal' Hoc' Tec to Katuu Duskflower