Risus... and Gladiators' graveyard found in Turkey!



May 02, 2007 14:57:04
Cool news story about a gladiator burial ground they found in Turkey! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6614479.stm
Should give some inspiration for some Dark Sun games.

Has anybody ever tried playing the Dark Sun campaign with the Risus "RPG Lite" rules?

My girlfriend made the following character:

Klaktung, Father of the Land

Elemental cleric of earth (4)
Insensitive, elf-eating thri-kreen (3)
Weaponsmith (2)
Vehicle engineer (1)

There isa certain elegance to Risus's simplicity.


May 02, 2007 15:00:04
On second thought, is there a more insect-centric term for "father" that a kreen cleric might metaphorically use?


May 04, 2007 2:22:34
Thanks for the link Sonja. It's interesting to think about how gladiatoral combat may have been different according to region. Even though modern-day Turkey was part of the Roman Empire at the time, I wonder if they didn't have a differing set of practices and customs revolving around gladiators.

It was interesting to read about the killing blow being a blade through the throat into the heart. I always thought that the final blow was delivered from behind, severing the spinal cord and killing the kneeling gladiator that way. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that the thumbs down gesture originally intended to mimic the hand position on the sword when you struck the final blow.

Sorry I can't give you any feedback on RPG lite. I am still trying to get my mind around the third edition rules...