Original DL modules - Dragons of... series



May 03, 2007 5:57:20
Hey guys,

I have been thinking about actually running the Dragons of... series that covers the War of the Lance. Not knowing too much about the modules, I have a few questions. Whenever I've run my own DL campaigns, they have been ones that I've written, as opposed to printed modules.

Do these modules follow the novels closely, and if so, are the following a problem for players:

1. If the players have read the novels, will they feel as if they already know exactly what is going to happen?
2. Do the PC's 'have' to play the Heroes of the Lance?
3. Does the adventure flow in a manner that is basically linear, or is there a wide chance for free choice?

Any help is appreciated, including any word on the new versions of the modules.


May 03, 2007 7:34:12
They do follow the books pretty closely. However I would not limit my players to being either the Heroes or to follow the story verbatim. Let them make their own characters and be their own heroes and forge Krynn in the direction that they want to.