May 03, 2007 16:32:43
Hey, gang, thought I'd let you know about a new class on the Nexus: the Mystic-Druid.

Here's a sample version:

Ferilleeagh 'Feril' Dawnspringer

My favorite part is the domain. It not only keeps the mystic feel, but it's also tied to a type of terrain.

Kudos to Clive Squire on a job well done. Enjoy!


May 03, 2007 19:33:46
I read it and I dont really like it. It contradicts what Holy Order of the Stars said about druids and their relationship to the gods.


May 03, 2007 21:17:12
I think there is room for more than one interpretaion of a druid. Like it don't, like it at your pleasure. Everyone's mileage is different.


May 03, 2007 22:16:30
It certainly is an interesting take on the druid.


May 04, 2007 11:54:58
OMG - one of these posts really surprises me!!!


May 04, 2007 12:42:36
Now Cam mentioned possible balance issues on, at least when compared to the mystic. Why play a mystic now? The mystic is a bit underpowered, so you might be able to get away with giving it another domain at 5th level or so to balance it out.


May 04, 2007 13:42:02
It seems more powerful than even the regular druid.


May 04, 2007 16:01:23
It's the normal druid abilities that this class has that raise my concerns about how balanced it is in comparison to other classes, especially other spontaneous casters. This class loses medium armor proficiency but gains proficiency in scimitar. It has 2 fewer skill points per level than the druid, but this is the same as the mystic, and it shares the mystic's hit die, BAB, saves, and spellcasting. Although it doesn't have the potential for any cleric domain, the way the mystic does, it gets many of the better ones (elemental domains, etc) and some potent terrain-based ones. Mountain, for instance, grants DR 2/-- at 1st level, which a barbarian won't get until 10th level. And, it gains an animal companion, wild empathy, trackless step, and wild shape.

Simply giving the mystic another domain at 5th level won't balance the two classes out. The mystic doesn't have the potential to equal this mystic-druid, especially given that (unlike the cleric vs. druid) the mystic does not possess additional abilities like turn undead to strengthen its position.

One possible avenue to pursue, which Clark Valentine and I discussed over IM this morning, was shifting some of the druid abilities to new druid-like domains. Not every mystic-druid would gain wild shape, or an animal companion, etc. Another option is to give them the spells per day/spells known of the bard, rather than the mystic, which reduces the number of spells they can cast but which is probably balanced out by their other class features.



May 04, 2007 19:10:26
Why not re-do the mystic?