Varient Classes



May 04, 2007 6:12:33
I thought I would start a thread about varient classes. Several WotC books have alternative class features and I would like to discuss if anyone has used them in the Dark Sun setting or could recommend any changes they would make to classes in Dark Sun.

Players Hand Book 2.
This book has varient abilities for various classes. I don't think I would have trouble letting PCs pick different features from this book to tailor their PC a little bit.

One of my PCs took the Druid varient found on page 58 of Unearthed Arcana. Basicvally you trade in your armor and shield proficiencies and wild shape for various monk and ranger abilities. We figured wildshape wouldn't be as useful on Athas as other worlds since more than a few animals and dire animals either don't exist (dinosaurs)or are very rare/virtually extinct (Lions). Also Druids with the Natural spell feat tend to be overpowered and I informed my player I was going to be strict on what types of animals he would be familiar with to wildshape into.

Assassin (houserule)
Gains 8 skill points a level
Loses all spells.
I've never been a big fan of the spell using assassin. Also an assasin using magic on Athas doesn't really fit IMHO.

Fighter (houserule, can of worms)
Gains good will power save.
Loses. Nothing
Theres been alot of threads on the classes boards saying fighters suck. While slightly over exaggerated after level 6 or 8 Fighter do tend to lag compared to other classes -particuly spell casters and psions. Divine Power turns the Cleric into a quasi fighter and its hard to be a heroic champion when you tend to get knocked out of combat by a hold person or monster spell. Spell DCs scale faster than saving throws. I won't mention dominate effects but more than one PC wizard has been damn near killed from a full attack form a fighter guarding him who just failed a will save. I would almost be tempted to give them 4 skill points a level and tweak their skill list. As written Fighters are the only class virtually useless outside combat. One would think that on a Psionics rich world a trained swordsman would be trained to resist mental attacks- ie a good will save. At high levels Mordenkainens Disjunction also hurts a fighter more than any other class and its a will save to resist or have your items disjointed.


May 04, 2007 14:39:37
I use the variant non-casting ranger from CW. Also, while I am not sure whether it is a variant or different class, I use the erudite.


May 04, 2007 17:46:48
I use the variant non-casting ranger from CW. Also, while I am not sure whether it is a variant or different class, I use the erudite.

I liked that varient and it seemed better for DS than the normal rager.