What do you recommend me?



May 05, 2007 10:36:49
For a campaign, I have to transport between 3 and 5 "tourists" (players) and I already have my helmsman NPC.
The guy should have a small ship of little importance... our voyage will be from Earth to Falx. I need something small, that can land in both places... what do you recommend me for the guy to have?
I still don´t have spelljammer, that´ll change soon, could you help me while?


May 05, 2007 14:34:10
I'd go for a dragonfly, eel, mantis, or marlin.


All are 20 tons or less, and small enough to be handled by a reasonably small crew, but have enough space so as not to be too crammed.


May 05, 2007 16:16:28
uh... isn't the mantis the 60 (or is it 70?) ton orc ship?

anyways, if you're looking for fairly small and easy to pilot, i'd probably go with the dragonfly also. it's big enough to support some passengers, only requires 1 person in addition to a helmsman to crew (note that spelljammer doesn't seem to account for the fact that 2-3 helmsman are a basic necessity for travel, however, unless you're going to travel only half the time)


May 05, 2007 16:57:51
Check out the 4th link; its Andrew's mantis, not the scro version

For travel without helmsmen, pick up Hackjammer and use the Splendid Sails of Hackjamm'n, which allows you to travel (fairly cheaply) without needing an active helm.


May 07, 2007 11:15:38
Thanks, I´ll go for the dragonfly.


May 07, 2007 16:45:41
Thanks, I´ll go for the dragonfly.

Good choice. You might consider adding 1 more deck under the main "body" of the ship, roughly the same size as the big oval that is the body, to get a little more internal space if you don't want your PCs to feel crammed (an arguement I make is that given the height of the ship, there should be another deck in there, at least ).