New to playing DS.



May 08, 2007 16:16:14
Hey, all.
I want to start playing DS as a Thri-kreen psychic warrior. I dont have anything now so I need to know what "material" is must have to begin.
Also, would anyone be interested in an over-the-net type for campaign?


May 08, 2007 16:19:21
All you need to play on Athas can be found in the SRD and Here.

Welcome. There is also a wealth of good material here as well. Look in the Sticky threads at the top. The Archive thread is the one to watch.


May 08, 2007 16:26:29
Hmmm, so it seems that I need the 3.5 rules, Terror of Athas.
Good enough?


May 08, 2007 21:37:21
I would go with these:

And, depending on how much you're into it/how much you want to spend, you can do what I did, which was to take the PDFs to a copy shop(or some places you can even upload your files to their location-specific website and have them printing them off as you make your way up there) have them spiral-bound and have the first and last pages of each laminated so that they don't fall apart.

Sure, I put some money into it, but I don't have to sit at a PC or have a laptop on the table or nearby when playing.

Think about it.



May 10, 2007 14:24:33
I asked WIZARDS and was told that i need Expanded Psionics handbook and possibly the Sandstorm soursebook.
Will I even need the players handbook?
Thanks for your help, all.


May 10, 2007 17:03:48
As usuall, Wizard doesnt know what they are talking about. Dont ask Wizard anything related to Dark sun, they will burn your fun. They are the Wall Mart (or Microsoft) of the RPG genre.


May 10, 2007 20:42:19
As long as you are PLAYING and not running the game, all you would really need is the PHB, XPH, and the DS 3.5 doc.

As cnahumck pointed out, the PHB and XPH (Player's Handbook and Expanded Psionics Handbook, for the unitiated) material can be found in the SRD found here...

and the DS 3.5 doc. can be found at

Also, if you can track down a copy of the 2e book Thri-kreen of Athas, its chalk full of roleplaying suggestions for our mantis friends.

However, if you're going to be DMing the game at some point, I suggest you download all the rest of the material found at You will also probably want to search out a copy of the Dark Sun Revised Box Set, at the very least. Someone else can probably point you to somewhere better, but IIRC you can find it (and the Thri-kreen of Athas) on RPGnow.


May 16, 2007 22:29:45
Sandstorm is useful, but by no means necessary and not designed for the campaign setting, but rather just for Desert themed campaigns.


May 26, 2007 20:34:45
Personally, I'd get a hold of the original first boxed set of Dark Sun, it can be found legit to buy as a .pdf (forget where, think there's link on WOTC site?) and on Ebay at times in print.

Then you'd best decide if wish to go with the offical cannon, or make your own history etc of Athas.
me and a lot of others hate the official cannon dictated by the novels, and frankly, as DM, you are *ALWAYS* better off deciding on how the entire campaign setting runs.
having it dictated by authors of novels blows chunks!

Look at Forgotten Realms, and see how it was ruined for creativity/mystery/fear, because of excessive description and explanation. WHich wiped out the mystery
First FR boxed set ruled, after that, ptoi!

Another point about sticking with 1st boxed set is, that King Kalak is still alive, where as removing him and making Tyr a free city from the start utterly totally screws the game world up, IMHO.

I never got the 2nd boxed set (though I know abotu some of it) so I can't compare directly, but the 1st boxed set had awesome art/graphics that really evoke the feel of Athas, and therefore, are vital tools of gaming


May 27, 2007 1:12:16
I recomending getting the 2nd boxed set, even if you don't follow the "offical" history. It details some nice places that add richness to the setting even if you don't kill Kalak. They have been there the whole time, and it gives players somewhere to go if they want to leave the patch of sand in the first set.

That said, First boxed set = oppressive fight for survival against slim odds.

Second boxed set = regional chaos as all the old rules no longer apply, and the BBEGs that kept other things out aren't there, so PC's must now fill that role.

The choice is style and direction. My advice, find something fun. That's the whole point.


May 29, 2007 0:12:24
Another point about sticking with 1st boxed set is, that King Kalak is still alive, where as removing him and making Tyr a free city from the start utterly totally screws the game world up, IMHO.

I completely agree!
I hadn't played DS in a long time before starting up again recently as DM. I was looking through the second boxed set and Beyond the Prism Pentad books, and I noticed a very restrictive sort of New World Order that felt nothing at all like the DS I had played years ago.