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This is going to be a little pet project of mine and hopefully anyone else on the boards here . The goal is to create an online resource for the board members here incorporating rules you've worked on or whatever so feel free to suggest anyting evenif its only a single feat or spell. This thread is a work in progress so I'll be editing it to add extra content. I've added a few houserules that I'm working on form my own campaign.


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Chapter 1 Races.

Crystal Born
Crystal Born are artificial lifeforms constructed by Psions of great power. Their origin is unknown and they have only recently appeared in the Tyr region after Free Year 15. Very little is known about them.


Crystal Born tend to be very unemotional and distant and seem to lack empathy. Once they spend time around other races they tend to emulate them to some degree. They are capable of experiencing human and demihuman emotions however although they seem to learn them from whatever cultural group they are currently with. Well traveled Crystal Born tend to be as complex as any member of other species. While not overly emotional they tend to become quite passionate about individuals, quests or interests. Most Crystal Born seem to have dim racial memories of a yellow sun and fields of grass and fertile land. It is unknown if they are lost in time, survivors of a previous age, or have some ability to dream or see into the past. Then again the Athasian sun may have driven them mad.

Physical Description

Crystal Born look like humans with lightly tanned skin tone and tend to be attractive specimens of that species. Some would even say they look as if they have been sculpted. What sets them apart is the colour of their eyes and lack of pupils. Crystal Born eyes look like crystal or perhaps glass and are usually amythest, emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, in colour. Rare specimens have metallic coloured eyes. In all cases hair colour also matches the eyes. Psiforged internal skeletons are made of a crystal like substance that matches the eye colour. While they are a living construct they can perform any biological function a human can they are infertile. They can enjoy any physical sensation a human can but sometimes see no need to do so- eating for example.

Crystal Born simply have no opinion on other races and treat each individual as an individual. Most races assume they are some sort of new race and have no particular attitude towards them. Halflings and Kreen however find Psiforged to be totally inediable.


Crystal Born tend towards neutrality in alignment although they may be of any alignment. They have a slight tendency towards law over chaos.

Crystal Born Lands

Crystal Born have no known lands and are rare in the Tyr region and unknown before Free Year 15. They are more commen north of the Tyr region. Rumors have reached Kurn of a Crystal Legion . This unit of Crystal Born appear to be carving out a small empire north of Lava Gorge

Crystal Born have no religeous beliefs There are no known Crystal Born Clerics of Druids although this is from lack of interest from the Crystal Born rather than lack of talent.

Crystal Born have no racial language. They know one or more languages usually commen although they tend to use archaic forms of it and speak rather slowly and in a formal style.

Crystal Born tend to have human like names . They don't seem to care to much and often have Dwarven, Elven or other races names or even combinations of names.


Racial Traits

*+2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence. Psiforged are intellegent and agile.

*Medium Size. Psiforged have no penalties or bonuses due to size

* Crystal Born base speed is 30 feet.

*Darkvision 60 feet. Crystal Born can see in the dark.

*Endure Elements(ex). Crystal Born are immune to extremes of weather. Treat this as the spell of the same name on page 226 of the Player's Handbook

* Timeless (ex)Crystal Born are immortal. They appear as mature humans in the prime of their life. They suffer no adverse effect form aging and gain no bonus or penalty due to the aging process. They are immune to spells and effects that age a creature.

* Living Construct. Crystal Born are living constructs. Rules for living constructs can be found on page 23 of the Eberron Campaign Setting,page 215 Monster Manual 3 and page 40 of issue 354 Dragon magazine.
Automatic Language: Commen Bonus Languages: Any
Favoured Class: Psion
*Level Adjustment +1. Crystal Born are more powerful than normal races and advance slower.


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Chapter 2 Feats.

Hopefully will have initiate, heritage and regional feats along with ther types of feats.
General Feats.

Dodge (General PHB Errata)
You are adept at dodging blows.
Prequisite: Dex 13.
Benefit: You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your armor class.
A condition that makes you lose you Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose your dodge bonus.
Special: A fighter may select dodge as a bonus feat.

Prerequisite: BAB +1
Benefit: When fighting with a 1 handed weapon and nothing in the other hand you gain a +1 bonus to hit and AC.
Special: A fighter may select Dueling as one of his bonus feats.

Greater Dueling
Prerequisite: Improved Dueling, BAB +8
When fighting with a 1 handed weapon and nothing in the other hand you gain a +1 bonus to hit and AC.
Special: A Fighter may select Improved Dueling as one of his bonus feats.

Improved Dueling.
Prerequisite. Dueling, BAB +4
Benefit:When fighting with a 1 handed weapon and nothing in the other hand you gain a +1 bonus to hit and AC.
Special: A Fighter may select Improved Dueling as one of his bonus feats.

Improved Weapon Finesse (General)
Using your natural grace you are adept at running an opponent through.
Requirements: Weapon Finesse
Benefit: You may add your dexterity bonus to any damage rolls (in addition to your strength bonus) you inflict with a light weapon or any other weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse. Creatures immune to critical hits or to sneak attacks/skirmish are immune to Improved Weapon Finesse.
Special: A fighter may select Improved Weapon Finesse as a bonus Fighter feat.

Insightful Strike (General)
You know how to strike a foe where it hurts.
Requirements:BAB +3
Benefit: You may add your intelligence bonus to any damage rolls (in addition to your strength bonus) you inflict with a light weapon or any other weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse. Creatures immune to critical hits or to sneak attacks/skirmish are immune to Insightful Strike.
Special: A fighter may select Insightful Strike as a bonus Fighter feat.

Regional Feats

Regional feats can be used as flavour to reflect the region of Athas you grew up in. You can only select regional feats at level 1 and you can only have one region. Races with muktiple feats at level 1 such as Humans can only select one regional feat. At the moment I will be concentrating on the following regions. Each race would also count as a region.

Slave Tribe

Your people are often prepared for any situation.
Prerequisite: Elf, Slave Tribe, Tyr
Benefit. Chose a cross class skill. You gain a +2 bonus with that skill and it is now treated a a class skill for you.

You have great skill in one area of your life.
Prerequisite: Dwarf, Mul
Benefit. You gain a +5 bonus to one skill of your choice.

Desert Survivor
Your people are used to living in the deep desert.
Prerequisite: Elf, Slave Tribe
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves and Survival checks

Ex Gladiator
At one point of your life you have fought in the arena.
Prerequisite:Balic, Draj,Gulg, Nibenay,Raam,Tyr, Urik,
Benefit: You are proficient in a martial weapoin of your choice. In addition you gain a +1 bonus to hit with that weapon.

You have had training with professional soldiers.
Prerequisite. Balic, Tyr
Benefit. When using a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other hand you gain a +1 bonus to hit and a +1 bonus to AC.

You come from a region of Athas well known for its strength of arms.
Prerequisite: Draj,Urik
Benefit: You gain proficiency in all martial weapons.

Merchant Prince
Your people are known for their commercial success.
Prerequisite: Balic, Nibenay
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Appraise,Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks.

Tenacious Body
You are well trained in shrugging off blows.
Prerequisite: Dwarf, Half Giant , Mul
You gain 5 extra hit points.

Your people are known for being sneaky and using hit and run tactics.
Prerequisite: Gulg, Halfling
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on HIde, Move Silently and Spot checks.

Stubborn Will
Your people refuse to submit to authority and are known for being strong willed.
Prerequisite: Halfling, Slave Tribe
Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus on Willpower saves.

Initiate Feats

Initiate of Hamanu

Prerequisites: Templar level 6, Hamanu as your King
Benefit: You gain martial weapon profiency. In addition you may add the following spells to your spells known.

2. Spiritual Weapon
3. Lions Charge
6. Blade Barrier
8 Lions Roar

Initiate of Lalali-Puy

Prerequisites: Templar Level 1, Lalali-Puy as your Queen.
Benefit: Add Hide and Move Silently to your class skills. In addition you may add the following spells to your known spells.

3.Plant Growth
5.Wall of Thorns
8.Control Plants

Initiate of Nibenay

Prerequisites: Templar Level 9, Nibebay as your king.
Benefit.You gain a +4 bonus on any attempt to dispel magic. In addition you may add the following spells to your spells known.

5. Break Enchantment
6.Anyspell Greater
8. Antimagic Field

Initiate of Oronis

Prerequisites: Templar level 9, Oronis as your King.
Benefit. Avangions Grace, you may add your charisma bonus on all saving throws. In addition you may add the following spells to your spells known.

1. Protection From Evil
3. Create Food and Water
5. Rejuvenate
6. Create Oasis

Initiate of Water

Prerequisites: Cleric level 1, Pact of Water
Benefit. Water breathing. Due to the blessing of the water elementals you can breathe underwater and in water based liquids and will never drown. In addition you may add the following spells to you spell list.

1. Animate Water
4. Wall of Water
6. Extract Water Elemental
7. Elemental Body


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Chapter 3.

Classes and Prestige Classes.

Fighter/Gladiator Revision
I'm not a fan of the Gladiator class. In my games I have eliminated it and replaced it with a revised Fighter class. I have always thought that it should be a profession and not a separate class. Most Gladiators would be fighters and rogues (or multiclass ones) with perhaps the rarer Ranger, Barbarian and Scout, Psi Warrior perhaps as well. Any class could almost be a gladiator.
The skills below should let you build almost ay type of Fighter type from fantasy archtypes- swashbuckler, pirate,knight, swordsmen etc.

Anyway fighter revision (as per PHB)
Lose: 2 skill points/level, fighter skill list.
Gain: 4 Skill Points/level. The following skills are now Fighter skills. Balence, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Escape Artist,Handle Animal, Intimidate,Jump, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Swim, Tumble, Use Rope.

Templar As Cleric

Some people might want to run the Templar as a Cleric of a Sorceror King I would recommend the following domains from the spell compendium based on the information known about each king or the culture of the city they rule over.

Abalach Re. Charm,Greed, Lust
Andropinis. Travel, Trade, Wealth
Borys. Destruction,Dragon,Wrath
Daskinor. Inquisition,Madness, Suffering
Dregoth. Deathbound,Planning, Undeath,
Hamanu. Courage,War, Strength,
Kalak. Domination, Tyrany, Hatred,
Lalali-Puy. Animal, Community,Plant,
Nibenay. Knowledge,Magic, Spell,
Oronis.Liberation, Purification, Renewal,
Tectikulay (sp?) Protection,Retribution,War


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Chapter 4
Spells and Magic

New spells, rules on clerics and wizards and domains as well. New magic items belong here.


Note the following rule changes uses the Spell Compendium for domains and spells. Clerics on Athas use the same rules as the the PHB except as follows. On Athas the alignment restriction on spells is removed. The elements have little concept of alignment and don't care if a good aligned cleric uses evil spells or an evil cleric uses good spells. Alignment violations still apply depending on the use of the spells. Most spells with the word divine in them are called something else on Athas. Divine Favor for example is called Elemental Favor while Templars refer to it as Kings/Queens (or Hammanu's/Kalak's etc)Favor while Druids call it Nature's Favor. The same rule is applied to the divine feats.

Elemental Pact
.Clerics gain their power through a pact with the elemental powers. It is assumed any 1st level Cleric has survived making a pact and can gain spells from their chosen element. A Cleric can only cast spells from his chosen element.

Elemental Clerics
Air: Air,Celerity,Travel,Renewal*,Windstorm,
Earth: Cavern, Earth,Plant, Protection, Renewal*
Fire: Destruction, Fire, Purification, Renewal*, Suffering
Water: Cold,Community, Healing, Renewal*, Water

Paraelemental Clerics
Magma: Destruction, Earth, Fire,Magma ,Madness,
Rain: Air,Renewal*, Storm, Water, Windstorm
Silt: Destruction,Earth, Silt,Travel,Water
Sun: Air,Destruction, Fire,Glory, Sun,

*: Replace the 5th level Atonement spell on the Renewal domain list with Rejuvenate from the DS rulebook.

New Domains.

Granted Power: You gain fire resistence equal to your cleric level.
1. Magic Stone
2. Heat Metal
3. Protection From Energy
4. Blindscorch**
5. Elemental Strike
6. Move Earth
7. Earthquake
8. Transmute Rock to Magma
9. Meteor Swarm

Granted Power: Silt breath.You no longer suffocate in Silt.
1. Sand Pit**
2. Curse of the Black Sands**
3. Sand Spray**
4. Sand Trap**
5. Sand Flow**
6. Disintegrate
7. Destruction
8.Horrid Wilting
9. Silt Wave*

*As Tsunami but applies to Silt instead of water.
** Found in the DS rulebook.

If you have the Spell Compendium add the following spells to the Templars spell list. Also adds ome spells to their list often used in various Darksun novels and source material.

1st Level: Blessed Aim,Conviction, Delay Disease,Dispel Ward,Heathful,Incite, Inhibit, Rest, Resurgence, Sign,Resurgence, Summon Undead I, Vigor, Lesser,Vision of Glory,

2nd Level: Aura Against Flames,Body Blades, Close Wounds, Curse of Ill Fortune,Dark Way, Deific (Kings/Queens) Vengeance, Divine Insight,Divine Interdiction,Divine Protection, Energized Shield Lesser, ,Flameblade, Ghost Touch Armor, Hand of Divinity, Healing Lorecall, Infernal Wound, Living Undeath, Mark of the Outcast, Protection From Negative Energy, Protection From Positive Energy, Quick March, Shroud of Undeath,Spawn Screen, Spell Immunity Lesser, Stabilise, Stone Bones, Summon Undead II, Veil of Shadow, Wave of Grief

3rd Level: Aid Mass, Air Breathing, Align Weapon Mass, Anarchic Storm, Axiomatic Storm, Blade of Pain and Fear, Blindsight, Chain of Eyes, Checkmates Light, Circle Dance, Cloak of Bravery, Conviction Mass, Corona of Cold, Darkfire, Downdraft, Energized Shield, Energy Vortex,Fell the Greatest Foe, Ghost Touch Weapon, Grace, Knights Move, Know Opponent, Know Vulnerabilities, Lightning Bolt, Mantle of Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Nauseating breath, Rejuvenate Corpse, Resist Energy Mass, Resurgence Mass, Ring of Blades, Safety, Shield of Warding, Skull Watch, Slashing Darkness, Sonorous Hum,Spark of Life, Summon Undead III, Suppress Glyph, Tremor, Unholy Storm, Vigor, Vigor Mass Lesser, Visage of the Deity (King/Queen), Wall of Light, Weapon of Impact, Weapon of the Deity (King/Queen)

4th Level: Assay Spell Resistence, Blindsight Greater, Castigate, Consumptive Field, Contingent Energy Resistence, Delay Death, Glowing Orb, Make Manifest, Negative Energy Aura, Panacea,Positive Energy Aura, Recitation, Resistance Greater, Revanance, Shadowblast, Sheltered Vitality, Shield of Faith Mass, Sound Lance, Spell Vulnerability, Summon Undead IV, Undead Bane Weapon, Wall of Chaoe/Evil/Good/Law, Wall of Sand, Wrack.

5th Level: Aura of Evasion, Blistering Radience, Contagion Mass, Crawling Darkness, Curse of Ill Fortune, Death Throes, Divine Agility, Doomtide, Incorporal Nova, Lifes Grace, Revivify, Righteous Wrath of the Faithful, Sanctuary Mass, Stalwart Pact, Summon Undead V, Symbol of Spell Loss, Triad Spell, Vigor Greater, Vulnerability, Wall of Dispel Magic, Zone of Respite, Zone of Revelation

6th Level: Bolt of Glory, Cold Snap, Cometfall, Energy Immunity, Ghost Trap, Hide the Path, Lucent Lance, Make Manifest Mass, Opalescent Glare, Planar Exchange, Rejection, Revive Outsider, Spider Plague, Resistance Superior, Vigorous Circle, Visage of the Deity, Zealot Pact.

7th Level:Bestow Curse Greater, Blood to Water, Brain Spider, Brilliant Blade, Consumptive Field Greater, Energy Ebb, Evil Glare,Fortunate Fate, Radient Assault, Renewal Pact, Restoration Mass, Spell Resistence Mass, Symphonic Nightmare, Withering Palm

8th Level: Brilliant Aura, Death Pact, Death Ward Mass, General of Undeath, Heat Drain,Veil of Undeath, Wall of Greater Dispel Magic.

9th Level: Plague of Undead, Undeaths Eternal Foe, Visage of the Deity (King/Queen) Greater


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Chapter 5 Psionics

New Psionic powers and items belong here.


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Chapter Six Epic Levels in Athas
Anything epic belongs here. PrC, epic spells, epic feats etc.


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Capter 7. Cosmology of Athas

Material on the planes belongs here.

Heres some rules I've been working on . I've tried to update the planes in 3.5 format while not contradicting any 2nd ed sources. Essentially I made Athas have its own cosmology but the Great Wheel can be reached if you can breach the Gray. Essentially the gray surrounds the planes of Athas cutting off divine conduits and access to the great wheel. Athasian elemental planes are also different than the Great Wheels elemental planes and seem tied to the fate of Athas itself. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the elemental planes having a dominant trait as they are described a bit differently in 2nd edition than the elemental planes of the Great Wheel cosmology of the core D&D multiverse.

Athasian Cosmology

Athas has its own cosmology and is separate form the Great Wheel cosmology that unifies the traditional D&D universe. The Athasian crystal sphere is cut off from the rest of the universe and Spelljamming ships are unable to reach Athas. The following planes are known to exist.

1.Prime Material

Transitive Planes
2.The Black
3. Astral Planes

Inner Planes
4. Elemental Plane of Fire
5. Elemental Plane of Earth
6. Elemental Plane of Water
7. Elemental Plane of Air
8. Paraelemental Plane of Magma
9. Paraelemental Plane of Silt
10. Paraelemental Plane of Sun
11. Paraelemental Plane or Rain

Outer Planes
12.The Gray

Demi Planes
13.The Hollow
14. The Void

Athas has no true outer planes. The Gray surrounds the Athasian cosmology and impedes travel in either direction. To penetrate the Gray a spellcaster or psionic character must find an area where the Gray is weak and the walls between realities are thin. Such a search takes 3d6 days and requires a DC 30 knowledge: planes check. Once such a location is found a spell or power like Planeshift or Gate must be used and a DC 40 spellcraft or psicraft check must be made to breach the Gray. Failure indicates the character is stuck in The Gray. Success will allow a character to appear either in the Astral or Ethereal plane of the Great Wheel cosmology. The positive and negative planes do not exist but sections of other planes are either positive or negative dominant and this energy may be drawn upon by Athasians. In general positive dominant areas are found on the elemental and paraelemental planes while negative dominant areas are found in The Black and The Gray.

The Black.
The Black is similar to the Plane of Shadow in the regular DnD cosmology. The Black is more or less exactly that- a plane of darkness and shadow. Spells with the shadow descriptor draw their energy from The Black. Parts of The Black are either major or minor negative energy dominant. While very rare small pocket of the plane are positive energy dominant. Plant life although not really recognizable to Athasians does exist here and Athasian wizards can draw on that energy to power their spells. Hidden at the bottom of The Black is the Hollow which is an impenetrable cocoon and it forms Rajaats prison. Another section of The Black is known as The Void and it shares the same traits as the Negative Energy Plane as described on page 157 of the Dungeon Masters Guide.

Planar Traits
Subjective directional gravity.

Magically morphic. Certain spells (those with the shadow descriptor, those that draw on the Black) modify the base material of the Black. The utility and power of these spells within the Black make them particularly useful for explorers and natives alike.

Cold aligned: The dark nature of the Black brings numbing cold to all who visit. Without proper protections, creatures within the Black must make a Fortitude check every round (DC 20). Those who fail their save take 1d4 points of Strength damage, 1d6 non-lethal damage, and are numbed for one round. Those that make their save take 1 point of Strength damage, and 1 point of non-lethal damage. Creatures immune to cold, and those that have cold resistance of 10 or greater do not need to make these checks.

Mildly neutral-aligned.

Enhanced magic. Spells with the shadow descriptor are enhanced when within the Black. Such spells are cast as though they were prepared with the Maximize Spell feat, though they don’t require the higher spell slots.
Furthermore, specific spells become more powerful on the Black. Shadow conjuration and shadow evocation spells are 30% as powerful as the conjurations and evocations they mimic (as opposed to 20%). Greater shadow conjuration and greater shadow evocation are 70% as powerful (not 60%), and a shades spell conjures at 90% of the power of the original (not 80%).

Impeded magic. Spells that use or generate light or fire may fizzle when cast within the Black. A spellcaster attempting a spell with the light or fire descriptor must succeed on a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + the level of the spell). Spells that produce light are less effective in general, because all light sources have their ranges halved within the Black.

Astral Plane.

The Athasian Astral plane is identical to the Astral pLane described on page 154 of the Dungeon Masters Guide. However it is even more empty than the Great Wheels Astral plane with inhabitants being very rare. A few small outposts of Githyanki have managed to cross the planar barrier of The Gray and are essentially marooned in the Athasian Astral cut off form the Lich Queen and they have no red dragon mounts with them. A few Githyanki have reached Athas and are currently looking for a remote area to establish a fortress so Githyanki young can reach maturity since the Astral is ageless. Defiling and preserving magic does not function on the Astral and plant life is rare. However the planar energies of the plane seem to allow wizards to be able to cast spells here.

The Elemental Planes
The elemental planes of Athas reflect the world of Athas itself. They appear to be in retreat and are threatened by the paraelemental planes. Here and there parts of the planes are positive dominant or very rarely negative dominant. Like Athas itself survival here can be difficult. Plant life adapted to the enviroment does exist in some form on the elemental planes but the DM can rule in particuly harsh conditions plant life may not exist to power arcane magic.

The Elemental Plane of Fire.

The Elemental Plane of Fire shares the same traits as described on page 156 of the Dungeon Masters Guide. However the Athasian Elemental Plane of Fire isn't as vibrant as the normal one. The flames here are a dull red in colour and rivers of liquid magma and flame are sluggish. The terrain is reasonably bleak and featureless although gouts of flame shoot up from the ground. In the distance great fires the size of mountains flare up but burn off in a day or twot. The plane eventually gives way to the Paraelemental Plane of Sun and rivers of surging magma threaten to swamp the plane near the border with the Paraelemental Plane of Magma.

The Basalt Fortress.
The Basalt Fortress is exactly that. It is a series of massive black keeps stretching over five miles in length perched on the side of a range of mountains. A particuly intelligent primal elemental has gathered a huge army of elementals here and is preparing for a metaphysical assault on the Paraelemental Plane of Magma. The elemental has made an alliance with a similar being on the elemental plane of earth. It is only a matter of time before the alliance launches a massive assault on the Paraelemental Plane of Magma. The war should shake up the elemental planes themselves as vast quantities of proto elemental matter are hurled against each other.

Elemental Plane of Earth.
The Elemental Plane of Earth shares the same traits as described on page 155 of the Dungeon Masters Guide. There is no Great Dismal Delve however and visitors have no risk of suffocation. The Elemental Plane of Earth is a vast desert full of massive mountains and jagged outcrops of rock. Strange rock islands some the size of small continents float in the sky and are perhaps home to fortresses of elemental creatures. The ground is riddled with tunnels and it is rumored in the deepest holdings guarded by elemental creatures veins of metal ore may be found. The planar borders are slowly melting from the advances of rivers of magma or the encroaching ocean of silt.

The Iron Pit

The Pit of Iron is a large open cast mine worked by several hundred slave. Iron is rare on Athas and only one known mine near Tyr exists on the planet. With the fall of Kalak several of his former minions fled Tyr and ended up on the Elemental plane of Earth by mistake via a one way portal now buried in the Ringing Mountains. Lead by a Templar who calls himself Steel (LE Dwarven Male Tem 16) they managed to locate a vein of iron ore and have established an iron mine here run by slave labour. The slavers numbering around 100 have finally managed to gain the ability to return to Athas with their first exported cargo from the Pit.

Steel has regained his spellcasting ability and claims to be Kalaks heir as he is the only Templar Kalak grants spells to since his demise. It is unknown if it is actually Kalak granting Steel his powers or if it is another Sorceror King perhaps Dregoth posing as Kalak. Perhap Steel has found a way to channel the remnants of his Kings power. In any even he has struck a deal with the powers that be of the Elemental Plane of Earth and is supplying them with magic for the upcoming offensive againt the Paraelemental Plane of Magma.

Elemental Plane of Water

The Elemental Plane of Water has the same traits as described on the Compared to Athas the Elemental Plane of Water is a paradise. The plane is a vast shallow ocean full of sandbars and small verdant islands. However out of all the elemental planes the water one has been worst effected by its link with Athas. The shallow ocean is all that is left of what should be an entire plane of water. Only in the few remaining underwater trenches does the water reach more than several hundred feet deep. Powerful clerics, druids and preservers are known to have made their homes here seeking a way to restore the plane. Aquatic creatures long extinct on Athas also make their home here and the realm bears a resemblence to the Blue Age of Athas. The planar borders are being choked with silt or give way to the violent storms of the Paraelemental plane of Rain.

Thelasku-Kor is a large town of around 5000 inhabitants on a island in the Elemental PLane of Water. It is a strange looking organic town situated along an atol. Over 3000 years ago Rajaat drew upon the power of the sun to empower his champions for the upcoming cleansing wars. The sun changed colour and became the dark sun familar to modern Athasians today. In Thamasku a powerful cleric of water and prophet named Rimmu-Sal had dreams about the destruction about to be inflicted on Athas. Gathering his followers which included some powerful life shapers he opened a gate to the Elemental Plane of Water he founded Thelasku Kor. In the intervening millenia due to the more benighn enviroment the halflings have managed to rediscover aspects of their lost life shaping arts. While still a pale shadow compared to their blue age powers the halflings of Thelasku-Kor are more advanced than the their kin at Thamasku. In many ways the Halfings of Thelasku-Kor live as their ancestors did in the Blue Age of Athas although they don't have the ancient Halflings power and they lead a simple life.. Lifeshaped boats travel the seas surrounding Thelesku-Kor. Powerful lifeshapers have grown residences for themselves on the reefs. Thelasku-Kor is one of the most serene places in all of the planes.

Elemental Plane of Air
The Elemental Plane of Air has the same traits as described on page 155 of the Dungeon Masters Guide. The elemental plane of air is a vast void of nothingness filled with clouds and gentle breezes. Ever now and then the plane manages to bring the winds up to hurricane levels before slowing down into almost a still torpor. Elemental matter from other planes is rare here but decent size islands of elemental earth float through the infinate sky along with solid cloud islands. The subjective gravity of the plane can let beings fall to another island and land safely. It is believed the Wind Mages managed to hide some lost lore here hidden in a storehouse on a flaoting island somewhere on this plane. The plane gives way to rainclouds and the a vacumn of eternal sunlight.

Azarians Hold
Azarian was a former apprentice of Rajaats who was dismissed as his master had no further use for him. A powerful preserver he was a mentor for wizards of that type and founded several magic academies during the Age of Magic on Athas. He was also a mutated by the Pristine Tower and while he looked like a normal human he was ageless and looked like a man in his early forties. He was a founding member of the Wind Mages and survived Rajaats preserver purge in the lead up to the Cleansing Wars. During the Cleansing Wars he retired to a fortress known as Azarians Hold on the Elemental Plane of Air. Azarians hold is a duplicate of Dasaraches perched on a floating outcrop of rock. He tried to oppose Rajaats champions form here in a subtle way manipulating events from afar. Towards the end of the wars he realized he had failed and went to confront Rajaat in the Pristine Tower as he believed he knew his former master well enough to defeat him. Azarian never returned but he may have weakened Rajaat enough for the his champions to defeat him when they revolted against him.

Before he left he sealed his hold behind him. It is currently enclosed by a permanent cyclone on the Elemental Plane of Air. The cyclone has several elemental monoliths bound to it to guard Azarians Hold. Even if one manages to reache the Hold it has been warded so that psionics and spells don't work here without a token that negates the wards. Finally Azarian left a guardian here a man called Jorak Kandrell. Jorak is a level 10 Fighter/14 Planar Champion and is a veteran of the Cleansing Wars and wields weapons and armor of that era. Like Azarian he appears to be immortal and he has a token that allows him to use his abilities in the Hold. He guards Azarians revenge on Rajaat and his Champions. Sealed in an extra planar space behind heavy wards in the depths of the fortress lies Azarians greatest secret. His hold contains magically preserves corpes and body parts of all of the cleansed races suitable for cloning or if intact raising or ressurection. Should Athas ever be restored it was his intent to repopulate the world with the cleansed Races.

The Paraelemental Planes

The Paraelemental planes are quite hostile to normal life. Normal resources are scarce and the elemental nature of the planes themselves are quite hostile to most material plane life. The DM may rule that defiling and preserving generally don't work due to the absence of plant life except perhaps in rare circumstances.

The Paraelemental Plane of Magma

The Paraelemental Plane of Magma has the following traits. Traits are found on page 147-150 of the Dungeon Masters Guide and have been shortened below.

Earth and Fire dominant.
Enhanced Magic. Earth and Fire.
Impeded Magic. Water and Air

The Paraelemental Plane of Magma fits the classic image of hell although the average Athasian has no concept of hell. The plane is an endless expanse of volcanoes vomiting rivers of magma while poisonous gases fill the air. Vast seas and oceans of liquid magma surge across the landscape Any visitor has to contend with suffocation due to the unbreathable atmosphere assuming one could survie the relentless heat of the plane. Native life is rare and is limited to elemental creatures able to survive here. The only real reason to visit is because the plane is reasonably rich in mineral wealth if someone can somehow extract it or trade for it. Arcane magic using life energy doesn't work here except in rare locations where visitors have been able to create pockets of terrain similar to the prime material.

The Paraelemental Plane of Silt

The Paraelemental plane of Silt has the following traits.

Earth and Water dominant
Enhanced Magic Earth and Water
Impeded Magic Fire and Air

The Paraelemental Plane of Silt looks like the Sea of Silt on Athas although its an unending ocean of silt. The surface of the plane is effectivly an air pocket and only in the silt do you need to worry about the risk of suffocation. The silt however is thicker than on Athas and one can swim in it if you could overcome the problem of suffocation. Thankfully if you're not in the Silt breathing isn't a problem although solid land is rare here. Small outcroppings of rock break up the silt. Scattered through out the silt are rare islands that are often quite fertile and are home to various creatures that would typically live on similar islands on Athas itself.

The Paraelemental Plane of Sun

The Paraelemental Plane of Sun has the following planar traits.
Air and Fire Dominant
Subjective directional gravity
Enhanced Magic Air and Fires
Impeded Magic Earth and Water

The Paraelemental Plane of Sun is a great sky filled with a golden carpet of clouds whose eternal sun is bakes the air. Wind doesn't dare disturb the clouds and the sun shines down on the clouds and you can actually see the golden rays. The plane is quite inhospitable and there only solid surface is the clouds. The intense heat here tends to immolate or drive off visitors without magic protection against fire or a natural immunity to fire. There are no plants here to draw arcane energy from. The rare visitor to this plane has reported sighting of a castle floating in the clouds of ancient design although none have returned who have gone to investigate it.

The Paraelemental Plane of Rain

The Paraelemental Plane of Rain has the following traits.

Air and Water Dominant
Subjective directional gravity
Enhanced Magic: Air and Water
Impeded Magic: Earth and Fire

The Paraelemental Plane of Rain is a plane of eternall strorms. Violent winds lash rain onto the ground below while lightning strikes blow crater sized holes in the mud. Here and there the water has pooled into vast seas with raging hurricanes whipping through them. Athasian planar experts and Cleric of Rain have a theory that the Cerulean Storm is actually planar energy leaking from the Paraelemental plane of rain. If true the Cerulean Storm may be Athas salvation or final destruction if a planar rift engulfs the planet.

The Gray

The Gray is Athas plane of the dead, here spirits go to linger before finally they merge with the plane itself. Undead are also common on the plane due to the nature of the plane. Necromancers are fond of the plane due to the amount of negative energy here. Visitors here find it impossible to draw upon life energy to cast arcane spells here and either have to have an alternate power source or use magical items. The quick witted may make DC 25 spellcraft checks to learn they can power their spells using their own lifeforce here. Casting magic in this way deals 1 hit point of damage per level of the spell used. Any spell that requires the ethereal plane on Athas taps into the Gray instead although the spell functions normally. The Gray impedes planar travel and it is quite difficult to bypass. Those who make it past generally end up in either the ethereal plane or astral plane of the great wheel cosmology. The Gray impedes travel both ways however and Athas can only be reached from the Great Wheel cosmology by using the relevent spell or Psionic power at certain points in the Astral and Ethereal planes. It is also believed that the Planar Gate beneath Giustenal is also capable of breaching The Gray.


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Chapter 8: Campaign Journal

The Athasian Timeline. Lets advance it beyond Free year 11.


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Chapter Six Epic Levels in Faerun

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Didn't you mean Athas?

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I like the idea behind the regional feats. It reminds me of the Starting Occupation from d20 Modern, which really helps diversify the characters.

I'm trying for around 4 regional feast for each region although lot will overlap. I assume you would like more?


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Level 1 Human Templar of Gulg
Dex 14 (+2)
4 Ranks Hide and Move Silently
Stalker Feat (+2 Hide/Move Silently)

Thats +8 right there on hide and move silently. Throw in the 2 martial weapons Templars get say short bow or long bow and a melee weapon and thats not a half bad skirmisher/sniper.


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I'm trying for around 4 regional feast for each region although lot will overlap. I assume you would like more?

Squidfur is doing some work with regional feats, several good ideas developed already... Might be good to talk to him.


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