Greyhawk Information Sources



May 10, 2007 20:45:59
I was wondering, is there a website for Greyhawk online that is set up like aka Dragonlance Nexus is set up? I like how they have the pod casts set up etc etc, is there anything online that is dedicated to Greyhawk in that way?

Guess what I am saying is, is there an online source of Greyhawk information that is what MOST folks use for there Greyhawk needs?

Also looking for Greyhawk podcasts if any exist online.


May 11, 2007 0:07:33
I am not aware of any podcasts, although there may be. Your best bet would be to head over to It is by far the best Greyhawk website out there.
You could also search for the Living Greyhawk sites in Google or Yahoo and go from there. I would suggest just going through canonfire, and if you cant find it there, it probably has a link in the messageboards, or links to what you may be looking for.
Hope this helps!
Have fun in Greyhawk!