-King's Favored- Feat



May 12, 2007 20:08:37
After posting on the High Templar PrC thread, I figured I'd put this idea into words. Derived heavily from the -Favored in House- feat from Eberron.

[smallcaps]King's Favored [General][/smallcaps]

You are an influential member of your city-state's templarate, known (and feared) because of you are favored in the eyes of your ruler.

Prerequisite: Templar of a living Sorcerer-King; level 5

Benefit: Beyond the scope of the Secular Authority ability, you can call upon favors from citizens in your city-state. By making a favor check (see below), you can call upon contacts to access information without wasting the time required from Gather Information checks. Favors can also be used to borrow money and equipment.

To make a favor check, roll a d20 and add your level bonus (+1 at 1st-2nd; +2 at 3rd-6th; +3 at 7th-11th; +4 at 12th-15th; +5 at 16th+). The DM sets DC for the check based on the scope of the favor sought; 10 for simple requests, 25+ for illegal or dangerous ones. The player cannot take 10 or 20 on a favor check, and cannot retry a failed check for the same request.

A character can call upon a number of favors per week equal to half their templar level (rounded down, minimum one). No more than one favor can be asked of a single contact per week. DMs and players should flesh out the character's known contacts.

Favors should advance the plot of the adventure, not circumvent it. The DM must carefully monitor the use of this ability to ensure it is not abused (as with secular authority). The DM can deny any favor if it will cause difficulties with the adventure storyline.


May 12, 2007 21:18:06
I do not see how this is really any different from a weaker version of secular authority or even a benefit to a templar - why whould they need a favor if they can requisition any and all poperty from basically anyone within their city-state?


May 13, 2007 2:55:06
Yeeeaah... the intended flavor is a bit different than secular authority, but they do seem to overlap a bit. The big thing is the property requisition doesn't come into play until 14th level!

How about something along the lines of:

+3 to diplomacy and intimidate checks within the city-state, and counts as 2 ranks higher on the secular authority table.