PC Lupin Character (help me... please)



May 14, 2007 11:10:57
I'm starting a new campaign shortly that will begin in the Wendar region. While talking to one of the players about racial options, I commented on the Rakasta and Lupin. These are two Mystaran races that I am making an effort to place IMC that I've never really utilized before. We did some research and he is loving the concept we have built so far:

Using info from the
Rakasta Breeds thread, we came up with a Doggermann Lupin from Heldann (he likes Doberman Pinschers). His parents came from Hattia to settle in the newly conquered Heldannic Territories, along with many other Hattians who were offered land grants as a way for the Knights of Vanya to increase stability. Thus, his character was born in Heldann.

Right now we have his background as herders, with some action repelling rebel attacks, and other various 'protecting their livestock' scenarios. I plan to have him enter Wendar tracking down Lycanthropes that have preyed upon their herds several times in the last couple months. Oh, and we're thinking about having him a barbarian class; generally well disciplined (as his Hattian upbringing has taught him) but prone to his more feral natural instincts when cornered, seriously threatened, etc. We think this would be great to roleplay.

So, I'd like to hear from anyone with any experience or ideas on playing Lupins.
Do you think they would follow a more traditional Lupin Immortal or Vanya/Thyatian Immortals or both?
Would their culture be different then the Hattians?
Any behavioural traits common to most Lupins that should be considered?
Anything else...?

Thanks for any help.


May 14, 2007 12:48:51

if you wish to use the new Heldannic Order gaz, I spoke briefly about lupins in Heldann. They/their parents were hired out as mercenaries to deal with a particularly rough period of rebel attacks. Some stayed in Heldann afterwards. While I personally down play the breed distinctions, I do mention that doggermen were among those brought to Heldann.

There are barbarians in the south and extreme west and north - though this is a cultural rather than class designation. If your player wants a lupin doggerman-barbarian, you can go with either breed=bad-temper approach or assume that he was adopted by native Heldanners (perhaps mistaking him as a mere pup :D ).

Since you want lycans and easy access to Wendar, Hayavik and points west are your best starting locations.

On lupin faith: some follow the traditional lupin patrons, some follow Vanya (Let Slip the Lupins of War!! :P ), and some couldn't care less. If he was adopted by native Heldanners, he could even be a follower of Frey, Freyja, or Frigg. (Odin and Thor are less followed here).



May 14, 2007 13:10:09
Thanks OD! I will indeed be using the Heldann gaz but I haven't as yet had the chance to read it through. It's great to know the Lupins are discussed. I've read the Wendar gaz last week and that is where I came up with the lycanthrope connection.

Mercenary activity sounds like a good idea too, with them staying and settling in during more peaceful times. As for the barbarian aspect, it is more to reflect his toughness and ferocious potential rather than lifestyle. At present we plan on him being rather disciplined and civilized; normally, that is.

...some follow Vanya (Let Slip the Lupins of War!! )

I think he'll really like this! He plans on utilizing two-weapon fighting using a light flail and handaxe. I think they are appropriate weapons for the region.


May 14, 2007 14:18:14
Do you think they would follow a more traditional Lupin Immortal or Vanya/Thyatian Immortals or both?

Lupins do have traditional Immortals, but they also integrate easily in human society. Note that several Lupin Immortals are quite young, so they might be recent additions to the various pantheons. Saimpt Loup and Saimpt Renard are the older ones -- note that they might be known under other names in different areas, e.g., in Norwold I'm using the names Valdyr Myrkrveidhar and Skauf-halli respectively. Here is a quote from my campaign document -- it doesn't include Doggermen, since it's mostly for an Heldland-southern Norwold campaign, but it should give an idea:

The Foxfolk
These white-furred Lupins look remarkably like humanoid foxes. While they have absorbed civilization from the neighbouring elves and humans, their strong druidic faith keeps them close to nature.
A friendly folk learned in the way of the forest, the Foxfolk hold the path of the druid as the highest, deferring all major decisions to the leader of the local druidic circle.
The Foxfolk druids are Balancers, worshipping a pantheon composed of Zirchev, Skauf-halli (Korotiku) and the Night Hunter (Saimpt Loup).

The Heldann Shepherds
These brown-black Lupins are the most common breed in southern Norwold, eastern Wendar and in the Heldannic Territories. Their original specialization, herding, is still the primary activity for most Norwold clans, while in the southern regions the Shepherds have easily adapted to many different jobs -- from guards to guides, mercenaries, and constables, especially in service of the Heldannic Order.
Heldann Shepherds tend to follow the local human religions. The more primitive tribes of Norwold worship Valdyr Myrkrveidhar (Saimpt Loup) as well as Frey and Freyja of the Norse pantheon.

Would their culture be different then the Hattians?

Not that much. Doggermen are natively Hattian, and their ancestral origin is in the Hattian Footmen (working mostly as barrack guards/military police), so Vanya and Thanatos may well figure in their pantheon, as well as a large dose of Hattian culture (names, foods, weapon choice, etc.)
Note that Doggermen perform well as investigators, police officers and the like, thanks to good intuition and their intimidatory appearance.
Also, they have a very orderly mindset, so they probably don't have many barbarians (also, having lived in Thyatis for generations, they're probably very civilized compared to other breeds).

Any behavioural traits common to most Lupins that should be considered?
Anything else...?

There is one major issue that creates a rift between Lupins -- whether one favors divine blood or personal strength/merits in gauging the worth of other Lupins: followers of Pflarr are in favor of rule by a caste of Hutaakan-blooded nobles, while others don't accept this criterion. This is causing a major fracture in the Renardois society, and may have similar effects among other Lupin communities.