Stats for Mak



May 15, 2007 0:28:53
Does anyone know if stats for Turrosh Mak ever been published in 3rd edition? I'd like to use him as a villain in my campaign, but I'm pressed for and hoping to avoid having to build a High Level NPC from scratch, since he probably won't be as potent if I rush it together.


May 15, 2007 2:56:21
Here are the relevant Zavodex entries:

Turrosh Mak [3eF16][NPC]
DRG#191 - 67,68
DUN#73 - 59
FTAA - 7,21,34,41,47,76
FTAC - 45,57
GW:ADV - 15,18,28
LGG - 15,42,80,86,87,88,121,152,156
LGJ#2 - 31
LGJ#5 - 4,9
LOG - 15,27,41,109
PGTG - 10,26,59,61
RTO8 - 32
SLV - 2,6,18,31,54,60,62,63,71-73,75-78,82-84,86,89
TAB - 4,6,19,35,62,69,79,100
TAB:AM - 3
TSB - 5
WGQ1 - 2,3,5,6,8,9,10,11,13,14,16,26,27,29
WGR5 - 5
SEE ALSO Theg Narlot

Theg Narlot {Turrosh Mak}(Half-Orc)[F7/As7][F10/As12][NPC]
A1-4 - 109,110,121,122
A4 - 20,22
SLV - 2,93,105,122,123

I think Ftr16 is a bit unimaginative a conversion for his 1E stats (where multiclassing worked differently).

Duicarthan converted him to epic levels (Rog7/Ftr8/Asn8) here:

The attributes and equipment are a bit over the top imho though. I'd probably peg him somewhere in between. You could let him stay at 3E official CL 16, but give him another build. Ftr4/Rog4/Asn8 for example.

The problem with the Assassin prestige class is that it has spellcasting in 3e, which makes it very different from the 1E Assassin class. A 1E Assassin is probably best modeled with 1 or 2 Fighter levels lots of Rogue levels and only optionally with a few Assassin levels.


May 15, 2007 6:15:17
Yeah I think I set my baseline at level 12 for 591 CY based on the fact that he was 12th level in Slavers. The spell-casting and Fg16 'official' build led me to Fg9, Rog1, Asn2 but really his levels should depend on pc levels if they are likely to conflict. You could make up a feat like 'Thrall of the Earth Dragon' and give him a prestige class that might be more reflective of the abilities you want to give him as the ruler of the Orcish hordes.