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May 22, 2007 18:36:46
Hi all -
This is a repost of one I started at, which has a couple posts already, but nothing that is helping to get this moving.

Hi all –
On my site, someone did a conversion of the Wars! Campaign for Greyhawk and set it up like Castle Risk – he divided the Eastern portion of the Flanaess – mainly the Great Kingdom area – into Risk like states.

With Monopoly selling out to NFL, The Simpson’s, Shrek the Third getting its own Monopoly, and even a VegasOpoly and Ohiopoly (what could possibly be in Ohio that people would want to declare that they own 3 properties with hotels?), I figure it’s high time Greyhawk received it’s own Monopoly conversion.

Here’s just a start and here’s to hoping that other people take up the call and we make this work. These are quick ideas and in no way set in stone – so many people have much deeper knowledge of Greyhawk that they’d have better opinions.
But in the end, I’d like to post this on Greyhawk Online. Maybe even be able to make new Property Cards and Community Chest and Chance cards as well. Of course, Money gets converted into Platinum, Gold, Electrum, Silver, and Copper (so what if 3e doesn’t have much Electrum, Greyhawk does!).
Also this could be done almost twice. Once for Cities/ Nations and another for Modules and locations. Like a property would be a nation like the Sea Princes or Yeomanry and others could be major cities such as Niole Dra, Dyvers, and Greyhawk City. Or you could have EX 1 and EX 2 be the Baltic properties, Tomb of Horrors as Boardwalk, and White Plume Mountain as Park Place, with the Lich from ToH being the jail, and S3 being the utilities (since they have the technology).
But I think a hybrid of cities, nations and some module’s being properties would be best. Heck, who would not love to own the Keep on the Borderlands? Sure, I know the B series doesn’t officially belong to Greyhawk, but it’s iconic.

Playing Pieces: Dog – Choochee? / Boot – Greyhawk Night watchman / Car - / Cannon - / Horse - / Thimble – spell book /
Houses / Hotels – Taverns / Inn’s
Cards: Community Chest and Chance – Treasure Chest and Isis’s Fortune
Jail – Pomarj or Dakorra / Just Visiting -
Go – Adventurers Guild (although I know there is no "official AG") / what about RJK's Green Dragon Inn? Remember the old coloring book {us old-timers do!}
Income Tax ($200 or 10%) – Tax Collector / Bandit Kingdoms
Utlities – Electric Company – Greyhawk Wizard School / Water Company – Nyr Dyv
Luxury Tax ($75) – Same / Bandit Kingdoms
Rail Roads – Circle of Eight, Greyhawk’s Oligarchy, Depotrix of Hardby, Kimbertos Scotti, Nyrond’s ruling family – Major Political Groups – that if you owned all 4 you’d be pretty powerful. Or even something like The Giant Series, Demonweb Pits (original series), the Malachite Throne, Iuz’s throne, the Basilica, or other iconic locations/ temples/ thrones.

Baltic / Mediterranean Property – 2 Pomarj cities – or one would be the Pomarj and the other could be Turosh Mak.
Light Blue – Giant Series for each, or something like Sea Princes, Yeomanry and Sterich
St. Charles block (purple iirc) – one would have to be semi-important because a card can send you there. So I’m thinking something like Keoland / Veluna region with Hoccoch module or Temple of Elemental Evil as the main one. If so, then Kimbertos works well as the railroad card. I think the card should take you to the village of hommlett, which would of course take you to Verbobonc.
Next is the New York area (orange) – very popular area in monopoly, and I’ve always pictured Nyrond as being Orange. Also, it’s right next to the Free Parking, which I think might be a good Dragon Horde, but what else is in the area that would promote FP? I know in my “house” rules, we always put our tax money and jail money into FP and when you land on it, you get the jack pot. We always put $100 to start as well. This is why I like the Dragon Horde.
Red – Illinois area – this area also has a card that sends you there – but with Illinois and Ull so close, I think this one needs to be called Ullinois. And isn’t there a famous artifact in this region? Something that also be a property? But then Furyondy needs to be represented someplace and this seems like the perfect area.
Yellow - The Water company separates this area, so if we went with the Nyr Dyv I’d think that the Shield Lands, Lands of Iuz, maybe even the Nomads might fit here. Nyrond, Urnst States, Cairn Hills, man so much around that area.
Green – North Carolina, Pennsylvania area – Because this is the 2nd most expensive area, I’d think the former Great Kingdom would be represented. Maybe even one of the properties could be Ivid the Undying, while the other two could be the other two rulers of the GK. I’m just throwing something here, because I’ve not added much in the way of modules.
Park Place and Boardwalk – Park Place has to be Dyvers. Dyvers was once the Jewel of Furyondy, the capital of the Western Flanaess, until that upstart Greyhawk City elected that crazy arch-mage mayor. If Greyhawk is Boardwalk, maybe Free Parking isn’t a dragon horde, but Greyhawk Ruins.

What do you think? I’m not too sure this would be hard to do. Heck, if we can do some of this off board, we might even be able to convince Duicarthaian to let us print it in the Oerth Journal. Heck, if we could get someone that could draw to help with a board we’d be all set. We could even change the rules a bit, since it is still Dungeons & Dragons, that if you land on a property that is owned by someone else, and they don’t have a tavern / inn in place then you could do a roll-off to avoid paying rent. You’d have to be real lucky, like win 3 roll-off’s to be able to take control of their property – but that is combining a little bit of Risk in the monopoly and isn’t exactly what I was thinking (but optional rules!).

I know the people of CanonFire! and WotC’s boards can come up with better properties than I alone can. Let’s make this happen.

Theocrat Issak
P.S. – I must be slipping, I didn’t even propose a Theocracy of the Pale or Church of the One True Path of Pholtus region. Wow. Hmm, maybe that will have to be on one of the Community Chest or Chance cards – Inquisition, move forward 3 spaces to hide for Community Chest and Inquisition - lose a turn for chance.

I hope someone can help with this, I think it would be a very fun experience and would really help people new to GH to learn a bit about the background of it all. But we gotta pay homage to old and new stuff, so it couldn't be all 1e modules, although most of the 3e stuff is too generic.

Thanks for your thoughts,
Theocrat Issak


Jun 15, 2007 22:01:06
You could have the properties be modules or adventures, so that Baltic and Mediterranean would be low-level all the way up to Queen of the Demonweb pits for Boardwalk. Kinda like taking a character on an adventure once around the board.

The tokens could be character classes - minis. Or people could use their own mini in a game.

The houses could be taverns or inns, but the hotels should be castles/towers.


Jun 20, 2007 19:30:39
Community chest should be a visit to the cleric's church. Chance should be a visit to the wizards tower. The railroads should be 4 significant dragons. The Jail should be the Dungeon.

Really its not a hard conversion.


Jun 20, 2007 20:25:48
Hi all -
Nice ideas with Church and Wizard Towers. I think the dragons could be an interesting idea. Either that or modules if you do nations.
I never said it would be hard. The rules all stay the same, it's just determining the nation/module/whatever to use. That and getting the Greyhawk Community to agree to anything more than "we can't agree to anything!"
Be Well. Be Agreed Well.
Theocrat Issak