Dark Sun Monster Inspiration



May 24, 2007 15:07:38
I've just come across the online portfolio of an artist whose images I find very inspiring for Dark Sun fauna. Just thought I'd share it... ;)


I wish we could ask him to draw some more lizards for us. We have to think of a plan


Does anyone else know some nice art sites I could enjoy in my breaks from being stuck with work? :D



May 24, 2007 16:52:04
One of my friends is a professional tattoo artist and he is quite good with his art. Doesn't have a website but I was talking to him yesterday and hopefully I can talk him into a picture or 2 that I can post here.


May 24, 2007 18:56:17
I've found conceptart.org is a great place to set up camp, especially when you aren't artistically bent (like I am) and want to add that extra *umph* to your DMing. Some artists, whose work I've found to have the DS flair, would be Marko Djurdevic, Aleksi, Android, Tinfoil, Dougbot, Prostate Sunrise, Vance Kovacs, Justin Sweet, and Jason Manley (not limited to those, they're just the ones I can think of at the moment). They incorporate a "gritty" feel into their art that I feel fits DS.

By the by, there's a revived thread for a Guild Wars expansion that has some nice beasties, landscapes and costume art that may be of use to you.


P.S.- Was looking around for linking rules and I don't believe this breaks any of them (let me know if they do), but I do ADVISE you checking out that website while at home, not work.


May 25, 2007 4:39:40
hi! wow - that's a great site, indeed! there is some work that looks straight out of Dark Sun! and how good i work from home at the moment! ;)



Jun 01, 2007 19:25:02
GR8 Artwork. my DM likes to use em for the area west of the kreen lands, hated it at first now its kinda like that old Dinotopia show, but better. impressive work