Blackmoor: The Grim Winter



May 31, 2007 7:17:44
Hi all,

Since our long-running Play-by-Post game, The Grim Winter,
Is about to start into what will be the heroes’ last and probably most dangerous adventure,
Our group invites everyone who is interested to join us in this last quest!

The Story So Far:

In more than one sense, The Duchy of Ten is a dying nation.
Not only have the Afridhi enslaved its people and left the land devastated,
Now even darker forces seem to plot the destruction of humanity and all living thing.

Ran the Lich has descended from his otherworldly exile and now commands his demonic servants to the attack
against the other kingdoms of the Northern Marches…
At the same time, Baron Bascomb Ungulian, who has been revealed to be a servant of the Lich,
leads a considerable army of Thonian knights against Starmorgan, ahead of an even
greater force supposedly lead by King Uther himself…

Within all this trouble and warfare, the Company of the Maiden, our band of heroes,
has stranded at a lonely beastmen camp somewhere far away from in the Wilds of Ten.
Together with their friends, it is their task to embark on a journey that leads them on the search for the mythical Well of Souls,
the mighty artifact that once was the dark god Zugzul’s favourite toy and now seems to have fallen under Ran's power…

How to join:

If you are interested in participating in this fourth and possibly last episode of the Grim Winter campaign,
please contact me at [email][/email]

Apart from that, all you need to do is to roll out a 4th-level character of your choice
and send it to me. (Recommended Chargen: )
Alternatively, you can check our message board over at the official Blackmoor Forum
and read about our newest adventures:

Hoping to have sparkled your interest,