aspect for gods



Jun 04, 2007 23:42:36
Hi folks!
I'm searching stats for aspects (not avatars too powerful for my vision of D&D rpg because I prefer lvl 1 -15) of greyhawk gods. Are they exist somewhere? Because i like the idea of gods involve (but not in their true forms) with mortals like Greek gods. tanx.


Jun 07, 2007 7:44:48
I dont think so.


Jun 07, 2007 14:59:23
The Miniature's Handbook has aspects of Asmodeus, Demogorgon, Bahamut, Hextor, Kord, Lolth, Mephistopheles, Nerull, Orcus, Tiamat, and Vecna, in case you weren't aware (you probably were).