Homebrew Strahd Skeleton and Strahd Zombie



Jun 06, 2007 6:12:59
I'm updating a home brew 3.5 Ravenloft based as closely as possible to the original AD&D versions.

I'd be interested in any feedback on them, particularly the Persistent Animation special quality of the Strahd Zombie.

Download the doc. file here.
(Scroll to bottom of page and click on link indicated by flash red arrow)


Jun 06, 2007 7:01:35
Oops! Added some extra changes.



Jun 09, 2007 21:13:48
Nice! I'll print it out and see if I can run them through a "hamburger" session this Sunday.


Jun 09, 2007 22:25:18
Nice! I'll print it out and see if I can run them through a "hamburger" session this Sunday.

Thanks!!! I don't have any gaming buds at the moment, so it's all theoretical. Let me know how the Strahd zombie goes!


Jun 28, 2007 15:37:53
The file appears to have vanished from the download. Fortunately I have a printout from a while back... sorry this took so long to get to!

The original Strahd skeleton actually took half damage from all cutting and bludgeoning attacks. In order to do full damage, an attack had to be magical and bludgeoning. I don't know if you want to replicate this, but if you do, then it would be best to bump up the DR to 5/magic and bludgeoning.

For the Strahd Zombie, I like your interpretation into 3rd ed. The use of Persistent Animation is interesting, but I would suggest you look into the Van Richten's Guide to the Walking Dead and go with Autonomous Body Function. That functions slightly differently from the old function of the Strahd zombie.

Basically, it states a random body part falls off after the zombie loses half its hit points. That means the undead will usually only lose one body part in any given combat. Legs can't move and they can only trip within their reach. Arms and hands can crawl along at 5' and attack for 1d4 plus half the Str bonus. The head can roll at half the host's normal speed (15' for humans) and can bite them for 1d4 plus half the Str bonus.

This increases the CR of the creature by 1/2, which seems in keeping with the normal zombie's CR of 1/2. Thus your Strahd Zombie CR of 1 is fine.

I'm not sure how to figure the Strahd Skeleton's magic+bludgeoning DR into its CR though. It seems a tad tough for a lowly skeleton, but then again the DR is only 5 so it is not as though a normal fighter/barbarian PC has no recourse against it.