Mystara d20 - A Resurection and a Revolution



Jun 07, 2007 1:11:50
This information was thoughtfully posted on my behalf by Shawn Stanley as a follow up to another thread, but I wanted to make sure it came to the attention of everyone who might be interested. It is intended to let everyone know two things:

1) The Mystara 3E web site, which has been down for almost a whole year, is back up at

2) I'm in the slow process of resurrecting the conversion efforts that many of us worked on and which went into this site. However, I'm taking a decidedly different tact this time around: Essentially, I'm staging a coup over the "old guard" where I was the BD (Benevolent Dictator) and have declared myself to be OGL (Our Glorious Leader) instead.

The new project will effectively be managed as a Liberal Autocracy - many participate but final authority lies with a single individual. Ergo, I want (and, in fact, encourage) other Mystara-philes to participate in the project because good ideas are more likely to become great ideas when developed, reviewed and constructively criticised by interested and knowledgeable people, but this time the game will be played in my sandbox and, at the end of the day, the bucket and shovel go home with me. (Or, in other worlds, the insight, advice and suggestions from anyone with a love for Mystara and an enjoyment of the d20 system will be welcomed gladly, but what is eventually posted on (what will eventually become) the Mystara D20 web site will, ultimately, be determined by my choices.)

Anyone who is interested in participating in the resurrection of a Mystara to d20 conversion and who is willing to do so under the rules of my new "regime" can make a membership request at the new Mystara d20 Group ( I hope I will hear from a few of you, especially those of you (you know who you are) who were especially involved in the original project.

Jenni Merrifield
OGL, Mystara d20 Project