Campaign Journal



Jun 14, 2007 0:32:57
Gawain VII asked that I post an online journal of my Karameikos campaign, so I have decided to post it here.

For the first adventure, we have four characters

Mahler, Karameikan (Thyatian) Fighter
Ashira, Karameikan (Thyatian) Cleric of Chardastes
Vallis, Elven Rogue
Bindi, Gnome Beguiler

All the characters are first level and from Specularum, the Rogue and the Beguiler are associated with the Kingdom of Thieves, but are far from real members.

The adventure starts in the Nest on 1 Felmont (Beast's Day) AC 996 and the characters are enjoying the festivities. Bindi the Gnome is performing as a street performer until two military recruiters arguing over the relative leisure of duty at the Castellan Keep and Guido's Fort.

As the recruiters are driving off the audience, the party becomes restless, the party sees a nervous individual looking uncomfortable beside an alley. Deciding to watch this individual, they are surprised when another individual greets a well-dressed youth walking down the street. In some sort of combination of bear-hug and bull-rush, this second individual pushes the well-dressed youth into the alley. When the party arrives at the alley, they realize that there are three thugs trying to shove the said youth into a sewer. Although the party attempts to subue the thugs, all goes wrong when a fourth thug appears on the roof of a building and dies as a result of a sleep spell that causes him to fall off of the roof.

With two corpses, unconscious enemies and a rather scared young aristocrat who is offering them a sizeable sum to protect him until the following morning when he gets on a boat. He gives them his name Julius (actually it is Justin but he lied, ce la vie) and is rather evasive about any other facts.

The party posts guards (two a shift - one outside and one inside) for the night. In the night, the Elf sneaks up on to a pair trying to sneak up on him (Warriors) and a fight breaks out. The Elf single handedly defeats the two who tried to sneak up on him, while the Gnome put two others sneaking up from the other side to sleep. The rest of the party did stuff - sleep, "protect" Julius, wander around the inn, you know stuff.

After this fight, the party managed to loot these individuals, finding a few coins and four iron rings on the infiltrators. The game ended as they woke up the next morning.


Jun 14, 2007 8:37:28
Don't worry, this is a completely appropriate thread. It takes place on Mystara so by all means go right ahead and post here. Maybe you might even give some of us some ideas for our own campaigns.


Jun 16, 2007 20:21:46
I dont know, some powermad junkie has blacked the entire post out so how is anyone epected to read it?

Oh! thats how, very sneeky...

OK I think it sounds interesting, hope you intend to keep it going.