Crazy Dark Sun Stories



Jun 14, 2007 11:04:58
The mention of Dark Sun Gnomes reminded me of this story and I was wondering if you guys had some funny Dark Sun stories.

Funny story about Gnomes and Dark Sun.
The party found a Mirror of Life Trapping; it was full.

One of the original Dark Sun Party wanted to break the mirror ooc so he could escape but the others didn't want to b/c they were afraid (yes afraid) of what could be inside it. When the PC was trapped by the mirror, they covered it and it was stored. He had to roll up a new character. Now, I randomly (by blindly picking pages out of the monster manuals) added monsters to this mirror several years before this particular battle.

Later, one of the PCs got into a feud with a senator of Tyr and sent her the mirror hoping to trap her inside. She was not fooled but some of her minions were trapped, thereby forcing some of the occupants to be expelled. The first one out was a humanoid of slight build about 5'5" tall and 110 lbs. The creatures skin was jet black. OOC, it was of course a drow elf, but no one in the senator's court knew what is was, so they attacked and killed the hapless drow. The next creature to pop out of the MoLT was a gnome. This odd creature really took them back and the assault continued. They killed the gnome but another yet another minion was sucked into the mirror. The third creature was a triceratops! The room was only 30x30.

The triceratops smashed the mirror and released all the occupants in the order they were trapped. The elf, gnome, and triceratops were crushed by a Tarrasque! The PC got away after taking significant damage from the crazed beast who torn a swath of destruction through Tyr!

Sadly, the gnomes body was never recovered! :D


Jun 15, 2007 11:34:09
Not really stories, but there are 3 amusing situations that come to mind (all from 2e, BTW):

1) The group got ahold of a cursed hat that dropped the wearer's Int to 7. Of course one of the preservers ends up taking it, and goes on a mad defiling spree that "he just can't seem to explain." As I recall they had to threaten him with violence in order to get the item away from him.

2) While fighting a mated pair of Braxat, one of the preservers polymorphed one of them into a labbit (lizard version of a's a running joke in my DS games). To this day there are rumors of "the most foul, cruel, bad-tempered reptile you'll ever set your eyes on!" living somewhere to the northeast of Tyr.

3) One of my favorite 2e spells was Random Casualty, so I of course would cast it on PC weapons as often as possible. In one instance the maul-wielding half-giant gladiator was affected by it, and on the first swing afterwards (which normally is the "I've been Random Casualty'd, dispel stat!" attack) scored a critical hit on the group's thri-kreen. We used hit locations, and in this case it hit the poor kreen's head...which was already pretty messed up. The resulting watermelonesque splat has never been forgotten.


Jun 15, 2007 14:33:21
One of my very first forrays into creating my own adventure scenario is the setting for my funny/crazy scenario.

The idea was to kill the crazy defiler.

Unfortunately, for reasons lost to history, I was ill prepared when my group showed up. I'd drawn out a graph paper map (with absolutely NO negative space LOL ), decided I'd people some of it with indignant hedgekin but... other than that, the rooms were completely empty. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Also, since my players lacked a cleric, I placed a semi conscious dwarven earth cleric at the entrance of this hollowed out butte to fill the role. He was injured so they had to bring him up with a potion fruit.

Anyways, I started them through. Each room I described as impeccably clean with rolled up bedding at the foot of each of many cots. I figured my defiler planned on building an army and was merely caught before he started his recruiting drive.

The most odd thing happened however. Discribing these rooms seemed to build tension and paranoia to the degree that... before they were half way through the very first level... the rogue backstabbed and killed the npc cleric.

*blink, blink*


Jun 17, 2007 20:10:09
We had a reasonably diverse group when it came to TSR settings. I had FR, my friend had Darksun, others had Spelljammer, Planescape, Ravenloft and Birthright.

I ran Darksun after a Spelljammer game that started out on Faerun. We didn't have much in the way of source material often only the boxed set. We didn't know you couldn't Spelljam to Athas.

They filled up a tradesman with metal 2 handed greatswrods they purchased off a Dwarven asteroid home and set sail (flight?) for Athas. Anyway they set down in the desert near a road and opened up a trading emporium. They were all level 14 or so and they thought they were safe from random marauders and the like. While true they weren't safe from thje Dragon since they had several hundres thousand cp's of metal just sitting there.

Turns out a Spelljamming ship is alot faster than The Dragon but packing things up takes time. They abandoned their cargo on Athas and vowed never to return. Expensive lesson for them.

The party also had an Templar of Kalak and we only had the original boxed set so we didn't kow about the prism pentad. He used the kings gift/stipend or whatever it was class feature of the Templar to throw lavish parties in Tyr for the Templarate/Nobles. Kalak turned up at one of them a bit miffed his money was being wasted. I think that players next character was a half giant dual wielding Greatswords via Combat and Tactics rules or maybe the Complete Fighters handbook.


Jun 18, 2007 11:50:13
I recently had my players encounter a Guardian that had levels of the Elocator PrC. Funny, Funny stuff. Players trying to hit a black ball that shot them with lightning and fire, and stayed floating 20ft above the ground. Seeing the halfling leap up and try to hit it with a sword was amusing.


Jun 18, 2007 13:36:35
Back in 2e I ran a two person mini-campaign which consisted of a half-elf wild mage and a half-giant fighter. During of one their adventures, the duo were beset by a pack of hungry thri-kreen. Those that remember wild mages will recall how wild magic worked back then and the random wild surge table from the original Tome of Magic. Well, the wild mage attempeted to cast some mass damaging effect, but ended up getting a wild surge result instead. The resulting effect casued the kreen polymorph into naked human females. Needless to say, the half-giant made short work of them in record time.


Jun 18, 2007 23:52:09
Needless to say, the half-giant made short work of them in record time.

This can be taken in a variety of ways...


Jun 19, 2007 7:24:23
This can be taken in a variety of ways...

True enough....


Jun 19, 2007 19:27:11
This happened this weekend. Our party was in Tyr where we had to infilrate the Zigguart and stop an alliance being formed. We made it into the Zigguart by old underground passage ways that ended up in the courtyard. Made up to the top with no problems at all. Then at the top OF! moment, 8 hvy armed warriors, 2 defilers, 3 templars, and the SK of Tyr himself (huge and dragon-ish) in his throne. We all got hit right away with disjunction both magic and pisonic versions making us all lose alot of our powers. My character a half-giant barb. was last on the order. By my turn 7 of the 8 warriors were dead, the defilers were blasting away, while defiler flowers caused chaotic problems to anyone near them and templars doing there normal bit. Finally at my turn I charge into the center of the top level of the Zigguart getting blast by the flowers twice, and used the power of the Sliencer that I rarely use. Earthquake 45ft cone that would hit all the enemies but the SK. I had hope to collapse the floor there on, WRONG instead the whole Zigguart crumbled and was destoryed ( 1/5 of Tyr). It took the DM 20 mins to figure out how to handle this. In the end after freeing ourselves from the rumble and finally killing the SK of Tyr, I realized that my character would have crapped his pants b/c of leveling the Zigguart and killing all those templars and defilers in one round.


Jun 26, 2007 11:46:37
Thanks for the stories; here is another.

One of the 1/2 giants got bored and decided to do a little scouting in a boulder field south of Tyr. He encountered a lovely verdant garden filled with amazing statues of alarming detail. He did not return. A day went by before the other 1/2 giant went searching for him. He followed his trail and also found the verdant garden. This 1/2 giant did not return either.

The rest of the party was perplexed. Where were the 1/2 giants? They were ready to head out but their fighters were missing.

After a long discussion, with the 1/2 giant players staying out of it but with big grins on their faces, the party decided to NOT go looking for the lost party members!

Probably a good thing since they were both turned to stone by a Beholder who enjoyed his garden! Now this was 1st edition, so the save was different than it is now, but for both 1/2 giant fighters to miss that save was unbelievable.


Jul 01, 2007 12:24:56
This is a story from when I played Dark Sun twice at GenCon in London:
During the first game, my low-level halfling cleric got a massive critical on the main baddie during the opening scene, and basically made his head explode. So he was dead and the DM was a bit at loss what to do with the rest of the adventure...
In the second game, I played a female mule gladiator who also rolled a stupidly high critical and, with the help of Great Cleave, managed to cut through nearly an entire attacking party with one strike. Considering I normally have bad luck on dice and play characters who are crap at fighting (at least with weapons), I thought this was hilarious!

Lastard >8)