The Night Parade



Jun 15, 2007 13:51:41
I'm about to the end of this novel and am quite impressed.
It is a Forgotten Realms novel writen by Scott Ciencin and is the forth book in the Harpers series. I wholely suggest anyone that loves RL to pick it up, because it could fit into just about any metropolis setting in the realm. It just has that horror feel to it not seen much in FR.

The basis of the story is that there is an army called the Night parade of roughly 6000 abominations that call Calimport their home. Each of the members is utterly twisted and vile; the people of the city refer to the Night Parade to as just myth and to scare their children to behave or they will come for them. The unfortunate people that know the truth of their exsistance are considered mad and perhaps for having such knowledge, they are. The shadows are their strength and move between them with ease haunting the nightmares of the citizens to feed off their fears. The have also expanded their operations elsewhere in the world infaltrating the Black Network and many other organizations with their dopplegangers.

It seems though every decade or so a great storm hits Calimport and all the new born children go missing. I will spoil nothing further, but I was just curious if anyone has ever seen any 2nd edition mods that have adverntures dealing with the Night Parade? This would make an amazing addition to any RL game if something like this was made with afew conversions to 3rd edition.