Atzetuk's Ritual



Jun 15, 2007 22:56:19
I've lurked around these boards before, and just registered. I've searched the threads for reference to Atzetuk to see if this has been discussed. It might have been... but I couldn't find it.

What ideas did people have for the reason behind Atzetuk's regular sacrifices?

Now, I know Atzetuk isn't popular, and the Paizo revision isn't popular (I did find that out from the search function ). I thought Atzetuk should have remained a puppet, it made no sense for him to overpower everyone. I also want my City-States to have their SKs, and not have all but three killed like in the Revised setting.

But, with all that said, the Aztec stylings suggested in the Paizo Revision of Draj are intriguing enough to me that I thought I might utilize that idea at least, even if I ditch Atzetuk. The original king's name Tectuktitlay is rather Aztec in sound, so I was thinking of just keeping him around. But, I'm a little strapped for original ideas... What did you think (Atzetuk) was doing when you read the description?

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Jun 15, 2007 23:19:08
Check this out


Jun 16, 2007 1:02:59
thanks man...

I've visited a lot recently while gearing up my version of Dark Sun... and somehow I missed that file. I went back to the home page to see if maybe you just knew of some super-secret backroom hiding place.... but, alas, it turns out I just can't see.



Of course, I'm also interested in other ideas people might have...


Jun 16, 2007 3:08:42
I for one like what they done with Atzetuk in Dungeon/Dragon magazine.. Next game is likely to be set in FY 1000 or so and he will be a Dragon King (ducks). In that furture timeline each city will once again have a Sorceror King.


Thought making Sadira a Sorceror Queen as a side effect of the Pristine Tower transformation would be interesting as she would be the only non Dragon Sorceror Queen.


Jun 16, 2007 3:09:08
I think he personally does it out of true belief. He has been told just like every other Draji(?), that the sacrifices are needed to appease the elements.

The templars and psions probably know there's nothing to it, but keep their mouths shut knowing how importat the sacrifices have become in holding the people together.


Jun 16, 2007 15:20:04
He could be gathering the energy from his sacrifices to cast powerful magics as well.


Jun 16, 2007 16:19:11
I really get the impression from the download City State of Draj, that the Sacrifices are just to keep the masses in line, and that there is nothing to it.

But, in that booklet, it says that the blood pools at the base of the pyramid. But in the Dungeon, it says that the blood flows in "channels carved into [the ziggaraut's] sloping walls that extend throughout Draj, so that after a particularly large sacrifice, blood rushes in a veinlike pattern across the city." [pg. 68] To me, this makes it sound like there is a purpose. And the last sentence of the beliefs section says The druids and other rebel cells in Draj would very much like to know the real reason for Atzetuk's state religion" [pg 68]. If the purpose was a) just to keep up pretenses, it does nothing, or even b) he's performing sacrifices to become a dragon king... that's just anticlimatic. The first, cause there's nothing to the mystery, the second cause that would kind of be expected. Summoning demons is also pretty cliche. That's why I was wondering if anyone else had any interesting, different ideas for what he was doing... Even as a cliche, I've thought of a particularly powerful summoning... There are no gods allowed on Athas, but there are demons. A very powerful lord of an Abyssal layer, under Atzetuk's control (presuming the carvings are binding wards) would make him pretty much the most powerful person on the planet. [shrug] like I said... cliche.



Jun 16, 2007 17:29:38
Don't remember who originally came up with this theory, but I've always liked the concept of Atzetuk really being Tectuktitlay reincarnated via the mind seed psionic power.


Jun 17, 2007 9:26:41
Going with the theory that he is gathering magical energy from the sacarifices (because it would be a waste not to), what sorts of spells could he be preparing to cast? Or what other purpose might he have for the energy? What other benefits might the sacarifices have to the city?

It's possible that he is merely storing up energy for the defense of his city. If he gathers it through these public sacarifices then he never needs to kill people when he casts his spells, or defile his lands. Does Draj even have an Trees of Life? It might actually be necessary to have this source of energy.

There are plenty of other powerful spells that a Sorcerer King might wish to cast besides the Dragon Transformation and the aforementioned summoning of Demons. Perhaps he is preparing to empower a champion like Nibenay presumably did with Dhokjat, or create a massive fortification, or create powerful artifacts for him or his warriors. Along these lines he could be preparing for war with another City-State.

As for other purposes that the energy might have. It might be being used to power an ongoing enchantment that really does keep his people loyal and dedicated, or protect it from the influence of outside forces.

:D Or maybe he just likes blood!!!!

Other purposes that the sacarfices serve, could include population control, cauling the weak, and elimination of enemies, oh and of course watering the Blood Grass.


Jun 17, 2007 21:27:15
Oooo... He might not just be storing energy but the blood too. Maybe he's feeding that blood grass... or *shifty eyes* maybe... feeding trees of life with it! *gasp!* Or... perhaps, he's making blood clot golems... erm...

Seriously, what do you think would happen to a tree of life that was fed blood steadily. Bet it's something bad.


Jun 18, 2007 0:02:19
Keep it simple. Probably Sorceror King or Dragon and needs alot of life energy. That or crappy TSR plotline ripping off the Aztecs.


Jun 18, 2007 18:31:45
Corrupting the Spirit of the Land? I have no idea to what ends or why but it's a thought.


Jun 18, 2007 22:58:54
I can think of about 27 things to do with a corrupted SotL.

Hmmm... make that 28....