d20/3ed materials?



Jun 20, 2007 18:13:35
I'm told that Planescape/Sigil/etc makes an appearance in a few 3rd edition sourcebooks. Can someone point them out to me?


Jun 20, 2007 20:15:39
Well Manual of the Planes of course. Then there's the Planar Handbook and the newely released Expidition to the Demonweb Pits. I'm not sure what else I'm forgetting.


Jun 21, 2007 5:50:10
If memory serves, I'm told that the Mercykillers (of all people!) are metioned in the adventure Bastion of Broken Souls, and Complete Scoundrel has material the Free League. And, of course, I hear that none less than a certain dashing, witty, and wise Ogre Mage and his employer the Planar Trading Consortium make an appearance in Urban Arcana of the D20 Modern line, marking it as a product of a quality seldom seen these days. ;) :P

Then there are of course the various Planescape-related (mostly faction-based) articles strewn about in Dragon magazine, usually found in the yearly issues that included one article each for old (A)D&D settings no longer supported by WotC.


Jun 21, 2007 14:02:46
Sigil's in the 3.5 version of the DMG. Just a paragraph, but it's there. It's more fully detailed in the Planar Handbook and Expedition to the Demonweb Pits. The latter book has stats for dabus and ratatosks.

Sigil, several of the factions, and many things from Planescape, are mentioned in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss.

The Despoiler of Flesh (originally from Hellbound: The Blood War) is detailed in the Book of Vile Darkness.

The Mercykillers and the town of Rigus are in Lord of the Iron Fortress.

The Free League, Indeps, are fully detailed in Complete Scoundrel. There's a map of Tradegate there, too.


Jun 22, 2007 20:26:40
As the others have said:

Manual of the Planes: A watered down version of the Great Wheel cosmology (if compared to Planescape). But they kept a lot of features from the setting, and even expanded on a few others (Plane of Mirrors, Far Realm). There was a decent measure of both continuity and creativity there, but some aspects were lacking. The tone was different as well.

Planar Handbook: It pays homage to many Planescape features, such as the factions, and goes as far as including the events from the Faction War module in the timeline. However, I find it to be pretty uninspired and bland.

Fiend Folio: Many planar monsters. It's useful, but not entirely Planescape related.

Bastion of Broken Souls: This is also not directly related to Planescape material, but it's a planar adventure. I like it quite a bit. It's fun and creative.

Expedition to the Demonweb Pits: I only skimmed it, so I can't say for sure. You get Sigil and plenty of planar goodness, but from what I did see it appears to be less interesting than Bastion of Broken Souls as far as planar adventures go. And probably not as good as Castle Ravelonft was as far the Expedition series go. But I might change my mind after going through it more thoroughly.

Fiendish Codex I and II: Abyss and Hell. Probably the best material Wizards has put out on the planes. Specially Hordes of the Abyss, which keeps continuity with old Planescape products (and other AD&D supplements) a lot more than Legions of Hell does. And it has no prestige classes, woo!

But really, if you want the good planar stuff, I'd suggest going D20.

Beyond Countless Doorways: This is not D&D, Planescape or Great Wheel. It's its own cosmology. But it's awesome, very creative. And it was written by a number of Planescape authors. It was labelled a 'Planescape Reunion' project.

Also, I have a question. I don't have Lord of the Iron Fortress. How was its take on the Mercykillers? Post-Faction War or not?

EDIT: And we shouldn't forget about Planewalker.com. They're doing the official fan conversion of Planescape to 3ed. It's probably your best bet for Planescape material. And there's only two chapters left before it's finished.


Jun 23, 2007 10:16:57
Well, there's the City of Union, which is like Sigil ON ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER!!!!!, over in the Epic Level handbook.

If you want something a bit lower level, there's Beyond Countless Doorways, which is a reunion of Planescape creators and thier ideas on alternate outer- and elemental- planes. It's not specifically Planescape, but nice.
If you want something both low level and humorous, Google "Sigil Prep". Now THAT's a riot!


Jun 23, 2007 14:30:27
Also, I have a question. I don't have Lord of the Iron Fortress. How was its take on the Mercykillers? Post-Faction War or not?

The Mercykillers don't exist post-Faction War.


Jun 23, 2007 15:20:43
The Mercykillers don't exist post-Faction War.

Other than the Sons of Mercy and the Sodkillers, there was a number of Mercykillers that didn't swear allegiance to neither faction and kept calling themselves Mercykillers right? Of course, being leaderless and in smaller numbers hardly gives them much official status.

But then again, changes are known to occur from module to module. So that was my doubt. If these Mercykillers from the adventure are just the pre-Faction War concept dislodged out of time, if there's a storyline reason given as to why they exist in a post-Faction War timeline, or if the authors didn't bother to explain one way or another.


Jun 23, 2007 16:50:40
Really, now, if the Mercykillers _were_ to exist somewhere after the FW, Rigus doesn't sound half-bad as a pick (though it's also more than possible that the local faction presence transformed themselves into Sodkillers. Sons of Mercy, not so much, given the tone of the place). I'd have noted Vorkehan as a possibility as well, but I suppose what with the adventure stump in which the place gets effectively turned into rubble by Acherai using rust monsters/dragons in Planes of Law, its status is to be considered an unknown quantity.