Preserver Metamorphosis



Jun 21, 2007 19:32:04
I'm looking for information on the Metamorphosis seed used in the Preserver Metamorphosis epic spells. I can't find a description of it anywhere.


Jun 21, 2007 20:12:32
That's because the seed hasn't been published yet. ;)

You'll have to wait for when Legends of Athas, the epic Athasian rulebook comes out. A few more months...


Jun 21, 2007 20:19:15
whoa, I didn't realize an epic handbook was in the works! awesome! Oh well though...hope they publish it before my darksun party gets to epic


Jun 22, 2007 0:32:04
How long do you have until that happens? That way we know how fast to work

just don't say tomorrow :P


Jun 23, 2007 17:03:47
You can check out the project status on the website. It has been updated today.