ToA - the Baazrag?



Jun 23, 2007 9:42:56
I just read over the description of the Baazrag in ToA, then looked at the original Terrors Beyond Tyr for a picture and noticed that not only does the picture not resemble the description in ToA, but the ToA description doesn't even come close to the description in Terrors Beyond Tyr. The Boneclaw is closer to the ToA Baazrag... but still not the same.

Why such a big change?


Jun 23, 2007 10:00:07
What the blarf is the ToA???????


Jun 23, 2007 10:07:32
Terrors of Athas


Jun 23, 2007 12:50:23
I think the ToA version comes from descriptions in the Prism Pentad.


Jun 23, 2007 13:09:07
ToA describes it as a humanoid with "600 pounds of fur and muscle" that can be played as a PC, while the original 2e entry doesn't mention fur at all - it just says it's covered with a hard bony shell. The normal Baazrag in 2e is size Tiny, only 2 feet long. The boneclaw variant is described as basically a rare random mutation of the normal Baazrag, standing about 6ft tall. The ToA version is 9ft tall when standing upright.

These are pretty significant differences between the ToA version and the 2e version - it's like an entirely different creature!


Jun 23, 2007 15:17:40
It's just a huge mix up. Personally I can do without the humaniod Baazrag, even if it is mentioned in the PP.


Jun 23, 2007 15:25:34
Maybe it should be written up with a non-humanoid variant, and a humanoid variant...? And why isn't the boneclaw version in ToA?


Jun 23, 2007 19:30:58
It's not a mix up at all. 2e was inconsistent in its naming conventions in that there were two different creatures called baazrag. For ToA, we made the hulking humanoid from the PP the baazrag. We named the bony quadruped the boneclaw, of which there are two varieties, a Small one and a Large mutation (which is described as "taller than an elf", in keeping with the 2e size of "more than 8 feet tall"). Both the lesser and greater boneclaw are described in ToA.

(Incidentally, a 2' long creature falls on the boundary line between Tiny and Small. We went with Small for the lesser boneclaw. You can easily make it Tiny if you so wish without any great repercussions.)


Jun 23, 2007 19:48:56
eh, I guess I need to open my eyes a little more - I should have seen that :P

Incidentally, any idea when an update for ToA might be released?


Jun 24, 2007 7:25:52
No idea - I'm retired from now. I do know that revisions and artwork were handed over for incorporation, but I'd guess that there are more pressing projects on the burner at the moment. Plus Gab, who was doing the ToA work last that I knew, is taking time out to do his thesis. I'm sure Jon will step in if I am off-base here at all, but that's how I understand things are right now .