The Emerald Landscape.



Aug 14, 2007 21:07:17
This idea came to me just a few days ago and has been giving me some screwy dreams.

It almost works like seeing into the etheral plane, but the similarity stops there. Perfect for a RL setting if you want to add something new to the madness aspect of the game.

I'm not sure where to place the specific type of plane of exsistance this is on, but it would overlap the exsisting plane. When a person would happen to luckily/unluckily peer into the plane, the surroundings would appear for the most part identical to the same plane before they switched their perception. The environment is washed in a deep green light and the true intentions of people can be read as though the seer had an extremely high sense motive. Or so the seer would think, the true intentsions are warped. Once friendly faces hold contempt and schemes in their eyes. A paranoid person would see this as a boon and slowly every suspicion ever held would be reveled with absolute truth.

How to get sight attuned to the Emerald Landscape could be a curse, a magical means through true tedious fanatical research, or even make this a domain with a dread lord. The last would be interesting, like the domain of nightmares it is not somewhere you can physically enter.


Sep 28, 2007 18:26:35
Sounds a bit like the Emerald Dream, a World of Warcraft RPG plane.


Oct 02, 2007 7:50:54
All I know about Emerald Dream is from World of Warcraft where there is a night elf stuck in what ever it is as the last event in the instance the Wailing Caverns. WoW must be creeping into my subconscious, but I didn't intend for any similarities.