Hurrah for Dragonlance animated movie



Sep 01, 2007 12:38:32
The "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" first chapter of the Chronicles trilogy is due out in the late 2007.

Here's some overview from along with some fans' comments (scroll down the page).

Also, read what the Gamer_Zero said in his interview with Jamie Chambers at Margaret Weis production: Gamer Radio Zer0 Show #11 (8/30/07):



Sep 01, 2007 15:41:51
Honestly, I'm trying to get excited about this as I was for Disney's The Lion King but I still dream of a live-action version.


Sep 02, 2007 1:01:15
I liked the Lion King when I was 14.

I still watch the spin off series 'Timon and Pumba' with very pleasure.

I think that the DragonLance animated movie will be quite dark and mature in its tone if it wishes to match the books' story as well as draw generic fan interest.

As for a live action version of a fantasy movie,...

"A fantasy movie"???

I want them to do a trilogy of DL films (plural).


Sep 02, 2007 5:15:13
"A fantasy movie"???

I want them to do a trilogy of DL films (plural).

I believe they may, depending on the success of this one

Now they Just need to do the Elminster Series and I'd be set