Sep 04, 2007 20:46:42
Hey guys,

I was reading about Murlynd the hero deity (makes it sound like he was a Paladin), but in the Expedition book his younger alternate self is a Wizard. What was he back in the 1e days, anybody know?



Sep 04, 2007 21:05:35
In the World of Greyhawk boxed set's Glossography (p. 35), Murlynd is listed as being a 12th level paladin, 12th level magic-user and 12th level illusionist.


Sep 05, 2007 6:53:46
I also stumbled over that part in EttRoG and also over the anti-Kelanen and anti-Zagyg.

As for Murlynd in 1E:

In 1e, Murlynd was a Paladin 12/Magic-user 12/Illusionist 12, by the way. In 3e I'd probably make him a paladin/artificer/archmage to reflect his affinity toward technological devices (not just his guns) and his experimental approach toward magic in general - archmage let's him create lots of interesting spellhacks.

It might be better to give him some d20 Modern class, however.

Murlynd also had some powerful, but completely unpredictable, psionics, so he could reasonably have wilder levels, but it might be best to ignore the 1e psionics aspect of the character, as that's what happens to most other 1st edition psionic NPCs.

This version of Murlynd is decent, but I'd personally try to work in the Technomage class from Urban Arcana, or something equivalent.

In The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, Murlynd was presented as an 18th level wizard with no other classes, which is probably closest to how he was when he was Don Kaye's PC.

from Mirtek's excellent Kelanen, the Prince of Swords on dicefreaks.

I quite like Mirtek's take on Murlynd the White Paladin except that he needs to be given a Divine Rank of 1 as he's definately ascended from Quasideity to Hero deity now. The thread also has a thorough dicussion of Murlynd in older editions as well as some links to interesting fiction featuring Murlynd. (Definately check out the fiction!)

-Dragon 71 (March 1983) lists him as a Lawful (good) Paladin/Magic User/Illusionist, 12th level in each
-EX2 Land Beyond the Magic Mirror (1983) lists him as an 18th MU; given his shoes of Fharlanghn, it's likely that this version of Murlynd is N or NG
-WOG box set (1983) lists him as a LG 12th Paladin/MU/Illusionist

I list these in likely order of publication: EX2 was definitely published prior to the 1983 box set, and Dragon 71 was likely written first, given how early in the year it was printed. Given that, it's odd that Gygax chose to present Murlynd as an 18 MU in EX2, but he was originally an MU in the Lake Geneva campaign, so that's truer to the PC's roots.

from this thread about Murlynd on canonfire, discussing Murlynd's history.


Sep 05, 2007 7:52:06
Wow, great info. Thanks very much!


Sep 05, 2007 9:44:12
He was also in Dragon. From wiki:

Gygax, Gary. "Greyhawk's World: Quasi-deities." Dragon #71 (TSR, 1983).


Sep 08, 2007 23:20:22
The version in Dragon aligns generally to the one published in the Glassography, but the version in EX2 differs (MU 18) and is closer to the original portrayal of Don Kaye's PC in the original GH campaign (he was a wizard).