Legonds of the five rings



Sep 05, 2007 9:01:20
hey we all now that wizerds bought l5r i for one loved that setting ok so 3ed edtion gave it a few pages in orental advencurs but it disrevs more. i think a l5r setting would be great


Sep 05, 2007 9:16:25
I´m sorry, but if I don´t mistaken the copyrights about L5R/Rokugan are propiety of Alderac Entertainment Group. Moreover, WotC have Kara-tur from Forgotten Realms setting. Why bothering with other setting for Oriental Adventures?


Sep 05, 2007 15:15:14
Yeah, AEG owns the rights to L5R and Rokugan.

Their system fits the game far better than D&D does anyway.

A new, non-FR Oriental setting could be good, but Rokugan is, and should, stay with AEG and their tender, loving adoration for the setting's rich history and machinations.