Keeping Time in Sigil... how?



Sep 05, 2007 12:16:07
I cannot for the life of me remember where (if anywhere) in the Planescape canon the system for keeping time in Sigil is mentioned. I know that on a scale of years it's measured by factol reigns and the hours of the day are measured by peak and anti-peak - but what about the scale in between?

Does Sigil have a week? A set of months?

I've got just about the whole library in a mixture of hard-copy and RPGNOW pdfs, so just point the way, ye sages of the Setting.


Sep 05, 2007 13:30:54
Use this one -->


Sep 07, 2007 17:43:11
Thanks rip... here's another question for you, though this one's more for my own curiousity than for anything else... where can I find the 'official' chant on the Pillar of Skulls? I thought it would be in Planes of Law's Baator book, but I'm looking and looking and not finding.


Sep 07, 2007 17:59:46
That one was in the adventure anthology "Well of Worlds", more precisely in the somewhat misnamed "To Baator and Back". It doesn't really tell you anything that "Planescape: Torment" does not about it, though, more than giving a few more suggestions for what the pillar's heads might charge for their answers.