list of known quasi-deities with racial origins?



Sep 05, 2007 22:57:12
Has anyone compiled a list of all known quasi-deities, along with their racial origins (the old OC or FC, etc. from the Glassography)?

Zavoda's index seems lacking on this, and I can't think of any lists offhand that include the racial info for Q-Ds (perhaps DMPrata's??).


Sep 06, 2007 8:58:33
Has anyone compiled a list of all known quasi-deities, along with their racial origins (the old OC or FC, etc. from the Glassography)?

Okay, I'll define "quasi-deity" as broadly as possible, to include the various hero-deities, saints, and other personages who are essentially quasi-deities in power or have once been called that. Generally I classified everyone of Aerdi origin as Oeridian. Elsewhere, most post-cataclysmic heroes of nonspecific origin are listed as Common. Charmalaine, Nazarn, and Roykyn have mixed origins (Charmalaine was a halfling sponsored by both the Oeridian god Fharlanghn and the halfling god Brandobaris; Nazarn was a half-orc sponsored by the Suel god Kord; Roykyn was a gnome who abandoned Urdlen to be sponsored by the Oeridian god Erythnul) so I listed them as both their specific race and as Common. I figured the Suel (human) side would be more likely to accept Nazarn than the orcish pantheon - the average orc wouldn't be interested in him, since he's a creature of human civilization (gladiators).

Azor'alq - Baklunish
Cat Lord - Animal
Charmalaine - Halfling, Common
Daern - Oeridian
Daoud - Baklunish
Diancastra - Giant
Gadhelyn - Elven
Gendwar Argrim - Dwarf
Heward - Common
Iggwilv - Common
Johydee - Oeridian
Kelanen - Unknown
Keoghtom - Common
Krovis - Flan
Kuroth - Oeridian
Kyuss - Flan
Murlynd - Common
Nazarn - Suel, Common (Half-orc)
Nolzur - Common
Quaal - Flan
Roykyn - Gnome, Common
St. Bane - Common
St. Benedor - Oeridian
St. Ceril - Common
St. Eleador - Common
St. Kargoth - Oeridian
Tsolorandril - Unknown
Tuerny - Oeridian
Vathris - Flan
Wolf Lord - Animal
Zinzerena - Drow


Sep 07, 2007 0:12:11
Thanks Rip. I was noodling last night on materials for my upcoming MC campaign, and realized that I didn't know of any Suel quasi-deities, hero gods, or demigods.

Looks like your list features at least one, Nazarn. Do you have sources handy for these:

Charmalaine - Halfling, Common
Diancastra - Giant
Gadhelyn - Elven
Gendwar Argrim - Dwarf
Nazarn - Suel, Common (Half-orc)
Roykyn - Gnome, Common
Zinzerena - Drow

I rooted around in LGJ#3, the Glassography, etc., but these don't bells offhand.

Thanks, too :D :D


Sep 07, 2007 11:25:48
Charmalaine - LGJ#3, page 9
Diancastra - Monster Mythology 80
Gadhelyn - LGJ#3, page 10
Gendwar Argrim - LGJ #3, page 10
Nazarn - LGJ#3, page 14
Roykyn - LGJ#3, page 14
Zinzerena - Monster Mythology 64, LGJ#14 (found in Dragon Magazine #298). Zinzerena is also described in On Hallowed Ground and the recently published Drow of the Underdark hardcover.

All of the above, excepting Diancastra, are also described in the Living Greyhawk Deities document: Diancastra is tied to Oerth by virtue of having once matched wits with Lyzandred. She's described as a "Heroine/demigoddess," which is how Zinzerena was also described before LGJ#14 turned her into a hero-deity. Diancastra might properly be described as a quasi-deity, though, since she has no priests.


Sep 09, 2007 13:50:26
Thanks Rip!


Sep 15, 2007 21:50:01
Just for reference, I was asking because I'm creating a new Q-D, of Suel origin :D