2nd ed. Map Scale for CityStates



Dec 19, 2007 23:07:10
This may not be terribly important, but I am wondering if anyone has looked very hard at the scale of the 2nd edition maps, specifically those of Gulg and Nibenay. They offer a 1 Inch=150 feet scale, which I find to be a bit restrictive for the megalithic structures that are supposed to make up most of these walled cities that house thousands of people.
I realize that you can squeeze many people into a small area if you try, but that raises another point with me. Out of all the Tyr Region, only about (what?) 25,000 'people' decide to live in the safety of a walled city that shields you from the outer elements. Yeah, yeah, I know there are other ways to survive in Athas, but still.
I guess it could be personal taste, but I'm leaning hard toward more of a 12 mile square city (Nibenay) full of hundreds of thousands of various inhabitants.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Point me to the proper place if this has already been discussed? Thanks!


Dec 21, 2007 15:30:11
Ok, so is this question stupid, irrelevant, or just not interesting?

Come one guys, this is a fairly active board. What is the consensus on the average City State size?


Dec 21, 2007 15:39:45
There are arguments supporting the idea that all of the cities are actually populated with more people than the books mention, considering that - let's say - the SKs don't count slaves as part of their population.

If you have problems with size of things, I suggest sending an official request to templarate at lists.athas.org to examine this.