Blood Wars CCG & Planescape



Jan 02, 2004 13:32:44
As I get ever closer to running my first 3.5e Planescape Campaign (and my second PS campaign ever), I'm looking for some advice on something:

I have the Blood Wars CCG (soon will have over 700 cards, in fact) and was curious if and how anyone has tied these cards and the CCG in general into their Planescape campaigns.

I have a few ideas of how to use the cards for random encounter generation, and possibly as serious battles going on that influence the campaign as a sort of series of unrelated sidequests, news the players might here in their travels, etc. Still, I was curious if anyone has done anything more with them, especially with more detail, or if there's any particular reasoning as to why you DIDN'T try to tie in the CCG and the RPG.