Preludes II



Jan 02, 2004 16:03:54
Has anyone read Preludes II ?


Jan 02, 2004 16:55:02
Is that Flint, The King, Riverwind, The Plainsman and Tanis, the Shadow Years?

If so, Flint the King is a good read, made me look at Flint's distaste of Gully Dwarves in a different way.

Riverwind, The Plainsman is a fantastic read. It's the best of the Trilogy and one of the best non-H&W DL books out.

Tanis, the Shadow Years isn't very good. Bit too outlandish.


Jan 03, 2004 15:00:21
If you mean Preludes volume II, then it is Kendermore, which is not a good book imo.
But if you mean Preludes series II, that includes Riverwind the Plainsman (good book), Flint the King (good book) and Tanis the Shadowyears (bad book).