Spelljammer Miniatures



Jan 07, 2004 15:55:45
Hi everyone,

I’m considering running a new Spelljammer campaign with my current D&D group. My current group uses a lot of miniatures so I’ve started looked at figs that would work for the Spelljamming races.

Reaper has some good candidates:
Mizma the Stone Golem (#2597) has an uncanny resemblance to a Giff.
They have 2 Bathalians (#2116 and #2568) which are identical to Mind Flayers.
The Eye Beast (#2712) is a good Beholder.

WOTC released a pewter Beholder and Underhulk with the 3rd Edition but they’re no longer available. I’ve yet to pull a plastic Umberhulk from the new randomized mini packs although I do have a plastic Mind Flayer.

Does anyone have suggestions or advice on other minis that will work for Spelljammer? I’m particularly interested in miniatures to use for Neogi, Umberhulks, and Arcane/Mercane.

- Mobius

Note - I'm cross-posting this to the Miniatures form, and thus I apologize if you come across it twice.