Legend of Huma Comic - Ashcan Edition



Jan 07, 2004 21:40:21
Devil's Due has put out some new ashcans - one side being G.I.Joe, and the other being The Legend of Huma. My understanding is that most retailers have received a few copies.

Be sure to stop by your local comic shop and pick up one of these ashcan editions. Not only is it a taste of what's to come, but it will make a nice collector's piece.


Jan 07, 2004 23:13:09
yup, got mine =)


Jan 08, 2004 10:55:19
I'm a retard, so please fill me in...What is an ashcan edition and where the heck can I get one if my local CB Stores don't carry it (which they don't, I already checked)? Thanks for the help.


Jan 08, 2004 11:52:54
It's basically a black and white preview. The book is about 3/4ths the size of a standard comic, with LoH on the front, and gi joe on the flipside. the book has the first four pages of the LoH comic, and looks really pretty =)

My comic guy gave it to me cause he knows i love DL.