Local maps of Flanaess???



Jan 08, 2004 12:57:46
I've scanned most of the map threads and didn't find an answer, so I'll start this thread then.
I've got the LGG but I would like a wee bit more detailed map of the areas than what's included.
I know many of the small towns have been removed in order for DM's to make their own, but some general geographical positioning of the major towns mentioned in the LGG would really help alot.
Are there any such maps? If not, have any of you DM's out there made any yourselves that you'd like to share?


Jan 08, 2004 13:53:09
Obviously a great place to start would be on Canonfire! as that site has tones of info, not sure if it has the maps you're after but its a good start.

Also, at the risk of upsetting a few people, might I suggest looking at the LG websites for some of the areas you are particularly interested in as many triads have produced detailed maps of their regions. I know Onnwal and Sunndi have, the two regions I see most of, so many others are likely to have too.


Jan 08, 2004 17:43:51
If you can find one, get a Darlene map found in the '83 boxed set and "From the Ashes." Still the best.

There have been maps for Furyondy/Highfolk/Nyrond in "The Marklands", the Empire of Iuz in "Iuz the Evil", the Great Kingdom in "Ivid the Undying" (available for free on the WotC web site), the Tilvanot peninsula/Amedio/Hepmonaland in "The Scarlet Brotherhood", and the area surrounding Greyhawk in both "The Adventure Begins" and the Greyhawk City boxed set. Many adventures have included the immediate locality, especially "Return to the Tomb of Horrors" with a nice map of Sunndi.


Jan 09, 2004 1:26:59
Thanx a bundle guys.
Although I have no living chance in the Netherrealms to find any of those modules and boxes, I did find some stuff on Canonfire.


Jan 09, 2004 3:44:38
They crop up on Ebay here in the UK every so often but can be quite expensive


Jan 09, 2004 10:26:11

The fold-out map included with the LGG presents the vast majority of cities and towns that have been established in the Flanaess. What it doesn't include are villages (and smaller settlements), or the myriad castles, etc. AFAIK, no details were removed from this map. Rather, features have been added to it since the original Darlene maps, e.g. the FtA reprints added a number of townships.

Probably the best way for you to access these details is to visit Canonfire.com, search for Eric Anondson's maps, and download the ones pertinent to your campaign.

Eric has endeavored to include in his maps every detail ever noted in a module, later sourcebook, et cetera. Additionally, his maps are beautifully rendered.

While he has not mapped all of the Flanaess, beyond being highly useful themselves, the available maps should help you understand what additional detail might be out there.

Good gaming!