Which Era?



Jan 08, 2004 13:32:00
I want to know from the DMs: is your game beeing played during which era of Dragonlance? I mean, my game is during th War of the Lance (a classic!), but what about the rest of you guys...

k, thats all...



Jan 08, 2004 13:45:22
my current game is right before the chaos war.


Jan 08, 2004 13:53:27
I'm running a campaign in the post-War of Souls era, 6 months after the battle in Sanction between Mina's forces and the Solamnic Knights. It takes place along the eastern coastline, and started with the Sylvan Key adventure in the DLCS.

The characters are:
Palad, 2nd level afflicted half-kender favored soul of Habbakuk
Kiro, 2nd level human abjurer
Katja, 2nd level human fighter
Amara, 2nd level Kagonesti elf barbarian
Vanyala, 1st/1st level Silvanesti elf fighter/ranger
Etharion, 1st/1st level human fighter/rogue

They've all gone up a level, actually, although I don't have the specifics about what they did with their 3rd level of advancement. It's a fairly well-rounded group, if a little light on the spellcasting. But that fits right in with Dragonlance.



Jan 08, 2004 14:37:07
My current campaign is set one year following the War of Souls. It has begun on the Southern Shore of Estwilde, but they are just about to make their way south to the Nalis Arlen (Lake of Death) so the wizard can take her test there.

The current players are:
Rouge Oakleaf, 3rd level wizard (Transformation specialist)
(Qualinesti elf)

Theana Oakleaf, 2nd level rogue/1st level mystic
(Identical Twin Sister of the wizard)

Thaylin Chaosmoon, 3rd level ranger

Telbin Shadowchaser, 1st level sorcerer/1st level rogue
(NPC kender - destined for the Kender Nightstalker class)

Unbeknowst to them they have caught the attention of Chemosh becuase of a very valuable artifact that has just attached itself to the Ranger and bears the family crest of the twins. It's starting to get fun...


Jan 08, 2004 16:05:00
Six months after the War of Souls. Starting in Pashin, concentrating on Silvanesti.

The characters are (I only know one name):
Kyris de-Athak, NG Male Minotaur Ranger5 of Habbakuk (deserter, member of the Legion of Steel, my character)
???, LG Male Silvanesti Abjurer4 of High Sorcery1
???, CG Male Half-Elf Swashbuckler5
And then there's a fourth character whom I know absolutely nothing about.


Jan 08, 2004 16:29:26
My most recent game took place about 10 years after the War of Souls. The first DL I ran was 6 months after the War.


Jan 08, 2004 17:18:30
Amara, 2nd level Kagonesti elf barbarian

What does the name 'Amara' mean again?


Jan 08, 2004 17:36:20
Originally posted by pddisc
What does the name 'Amara' mean again?

In this case? It doesn't mean anything. My wife (who is playing Amara) just likes the sound of the name.

It's Latin for "loved", of course, but that's something else.



Jan 08, 2004 17:38:34
My campaign takes place 20 years after the War of Souls.

The characters are

Kaylan, Q. Elf Clr5
Kelendros, Q. Elf Ftr4/KotC1
Galdor, Minotaur Ftr5
Tasselhoff Burrfoot, Kender Rog1/Sor1/Wiz3 (Actually named after teh Hero)
Kyla Denford, Human Mnk5
Phais Lynn, Human Drd5

There will be a Human Sorceror joining soon

Currently, the PC's are trying to stop Hobgoblins from raiding caravans bound for Solace and Gateway. But, they are learning that someone else is behind this very organized operation.


Jan 08, 2004 21:21:46
As far as I can tell, I am the only one who does this, but... My problem is that I can't decide what era to play in, as I love both the Fifth Age and the Fourth Age. However, thanks to a certain magical device, I can play in either era, based on which age I feel like adventuring in at the time. At least, when I get a group together (which is in the works), this is what I plan to do... For a while.