Greytalk chat, tonight! Come on by!



Jan 08, 2004 14:38:34
Weekly Greychat, tonight:
Thursday , January 8th, 2004
8 PM Eastern Standard Time / 1am GMT (friday) til whenever!

Come chat about any and all things Greyhawk, or whatever
else is on your mind (within reason of course, it is a Greyhawk chat
after all) in the world of gaming. How can we keep this setting alive or
is that just blowing proverbial smoke?

We're there all night, so don't let being late scare you off!

As usual, the chat takes place on the irc server, and there
are two basic options for those wishing to come by:

Point your irc client to:
Port: 6667
Channel: #greytalk

Irc clients are advanced chat programs, such as mirc, pirch, trillian,
etc. Visit if you don't have an
irc client and would like to download one for free.

If you don't have an irc client, and have
joined forces to make the chats accesible to you! Visit to use the handy Java

Once the applet loads, just replace -guest- with your desired nickname
for the chat and select -greytalk- from the drop down channel menu. Then
click the -Connect Now!- button and voila, you're chattin in Greychat!

Look forward to seeing everyone there!