Jan 08, 2004 16:03:30
Talk of the moons has got me wondering. How much boring real life physics do ya'll like to have in greyhawk. In my opinion, the more magical things are the better. For example:

The moons glow because of Pholtus, not reflection from the sun. Their phases come from his rigidness and regularity, not due to any relationship to the sun in the sky. For that matter, the sun glows because of his will.

Stars are the souls of dead priests to Celestian, not far away suns.

Clouds are ephemeral material upon which the giants live, not water vapor.

It rains because Beory wants it to, not convection/condensation.

Spontaneous generation is a common occurrence, especially among abberations, animals, and vermin.

Gravity is a matter of Beory wishing to keep her children close to herself, nothing to do with matter attracted to other matter.

The winds blow from the wishes of Atroa, Sotillon, Telchur, and Wenta, not due to any oerthly rotation.

Heck, all the elements are the oerthly representations of the elements of the inner planes, of which there are only four true ones, not a periodic table.

Plate techtonics, erosion, etc. had little to do with the face of the Oerth. Magic is what formed the world's surface. I just wonder how many DMs out there feel that Oerth is little more than a copy of our Earth, using their earth science books to see how things work.