The Lady of Pain



Jan 13, 2004 11:27:41
My D&D group has been twisting my arm to run a Planescape campaign for months now. I finally broke down and agreed to run a campaign in the City of Doors, I have one problem, though.

I can't find any literature on the Lady of Pain. Does anyone know of any planescape supplement books that examine the Lady of Pain in detail. Maybe something that at least talks about when she kill Aoskar and how Sigil changed socially and politicially as a result.

Or you could just explain it to me if the books are out-of-print.


Jan 13, 2004 11:52:04
This thread should make for some good reading.


Jan 13, 2004 11:54:11

I should have searched first. Oh well.



Jan 13, 2004 11:57:25
Woo, another thread about my mistr--er...associate, Her Serenity.

Just a heads up -- if you're looking for something in the line of stats, you're out of luck. There are none. Hopefully, there never will be.


Jan 13, 2004 15:51:40
it may be a good idea to seek out and read the novel Pages of Pain. it may give you some useful ideas on what to do with the Lady in your own personal game, plus there are some wonderful scenes where she 'breaks the fifth wall" and speaks directly to the author/narrorator/GM/camera/mimir.


Jan 13, 2004 18:39:23
There is no material detailing the Lady of Pain, and that's done on purpose. You can get some history that happens to involve her, as well as the sorts of things she does, (specifically, flay those who worship her, maze those who try to threaten her, and generally protect Sigil from everything honestly dangerous, and with total immunity to, well, everything) but the nature of Her Serenity has never been discussed outside of rumor and hearsay. Pages of Pain is a nice book, but hardly cannon.